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Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, monumental stair
Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, monumental stair

Walls of silk, light veils and metallic splendour lit up by the glow of candles in the precious rooms of the Bonaparte family: wherever they found themselves for more or less long periods of their lives, whether by choice or by destiny, their indispensable companion was the search for beauty.
So it was for Napoleon, even in the residences where his spent his days of exile: on the island of Elba, by then ex–emperor, he dedicated himself to constructing a small reflection of his empire, starting from his own homes. So it was for Élisa, in all of the cities under her power, in all of the palazzos of her cities, which she transformed with an eye toward Paris. So it was for Pauline, who created on the shores of the Viareggio sea the perfect space for her last great love.