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The project

Bonesprit. Bonaparte and his spirit, his sweeping reformer impulse that changed the territories and people of Europe, experienced through a project that seeks to illuminate the traces that the great Corsican and the exponents of his family left in their wake. Works and profound changes (social, cultural, urban and legislative) rediscovered through a series of cultural tourism itineraries that valorize the important Napoleonic heritage of Corsica, Liguria, Sardinia and the coastal provinces of Tuscany.
Bonesprit is in fact financed by the European Union’s Italian–French programme “Marittimo 2007–2013” which is focused on the vast and rich territory of the Upper Tyrrhenian and has the strategic aim of improving cooperation between the cross–border areas, with the goal of increasing competitiveness, cohesion, employment and sustainable development.
The project Partners are: the Provinces of Lucca (Project Head), Livorno, Massa Carrara, Pisa and Savona, the Villas of Ajaccio (Corsica), the Society “Città di Sarzana – Itinerari culturali Scrl” and the Consortium for the development of tourism in the Municipality of Carloforte (Sardinia).