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Palazzo alla Villa a Bagni in Lucca

Bagni di Lucca (Lucca), Villa Ducale
Bagni di Lucca (Lucca), Villa Ducale

In 1811, the Baciocchi Princes acquired the Orsetti property in Bagno alla Villa with the intention of creating a prestigious residence in an area rich in hot springs. The choice of the site was motivated by the desire to provide the residence with a private spa, a practice much–loved by Élisa. The renovation project was launched on the designs of architect Marchelli. The intervention resulted in the regularization of the interior spaces, which were further enriched with flagstone pavements and decorated with wall paintings. Outside, a monumental stair was added, built on the adjacent land of the Citadel so that the princes could more easily reach the spa. This sizeable project was completed just one year after the purchase, in 1812.

Today, while maintaining the original plan, the building has been subdivided into a number of units for residential and commercial use.

Villa Ducale
via Monache, 1
Bagni di Lucca (Lucca)