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Military sites

Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti, The Battle of Monte Negino
Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti, The Battle of Monte Negino

The Napoleonic battles marked the territory and the collective imagination, in an epic of great clashes hosted by one thousand lands and one thousand faces portrayed by painters, engravers and chroniclers.
Napoleon began his triumphal course as a commander and as a commander he lived until the end of his life. As a commander of extraordinary ability he crossed over Italy, scaling the mountains and passing through the valleys sheer to the Ligurian Sea for the conquest of power. As a commander in temporary repose, before he became a commander defeated, he settled on the island of Elba, preferring the inseparable frame tent to the luxurious rooms of his palazzos.
A destiny of war that marked the nineteenth century and repeatedly unhinged the area: other members of the Bonaparte family, in the middle of the century, would want to be the new protagonists.