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Year 1808. Elisa Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon and wife of Felice Baciocchi, was appointed Grand
Duchess of Tuscany.
Her keen intelligence combined with a particular ambition, transform Lucca in a capital city,
placing it in competition with others big european cities.
The Principality of Lucca is tied to a process of transformation and innovation, intended to modify
the functional and formal city.
Routes offered by Luccaintuscany are a journey through time, to discover the extraordinary work
of beautification and numerous changes made in the public interest under the regency of Elisa
Bonaparte, a real fresh breath of fresh air that will be perceived in this paths.

Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Places of interest: LUCCA (Old Town); BAGNI DI LUCCA


Day 1:
09:30 am Meeting of participants in the city center (Piazzale Verdi) and beginning of guided tour following the route: Piazzale Verdi – Piazza Napoleone (history of the construction of the square and the statue of Maria Luisa) - Palazzo Ducale (historical up to Elisa Baciocchi, hints architecture year 1800, Staircase Nottolini, Carrara Court, District of the Throne) - Cathedral - Botanical Garden - Porta Elisa (explanation great project of Elisa Bonaparte therein Palaces Froussard and Matteucci)
01:00 pm Lunch.
02:30 pm Guided shopping tour in the city center: visit inside the silk craftsmanship, visit of an art gallery antique Empire style, visit inside an ancient perfumery with olfactory journey inspired by Elisa Bonaparte. At the end of the tour hotel accommodation in the city center. Overnight
In the evening, following the schedule of the season, to participate in cultural events and entertainment. Overnight.

Day 2:
9:00 am Meeting of the participants in the historical center (Piazzale Verdi) and departure to Bagni di Lucca. Transit from the Devil's Bridge (historical notes, legends). Transit and stop from the Chain Bridge (by L. Nottolini).
10:00 am Arrival in Bagni di Lucca and visit the following places: Circolo Forestieri and Academic Theatre, the Palace Villa (Ducale) and Stables, Villa Ada, Spas, Royal Casino.
12:30 am Lunch.
03:00 pm Departure to Lucca. Along the way stop for a guided visit of Villa Reale (Marlia). Brief history and secular history
acquisition, ownership by Elisa Baciocchi, visit of the garden.
05:00 pm Arrival in Lucca and endof the tour.

Price per person: € 185,00
(Minimum 15 participants - rate refers to the period of low season)

The price includes:
- Overnight in city center hotel in double room breakfast included
- Guided full day tour in the historical center of Lucca
- Guided shopping tour including places of interest mentioned in the program
- Guided tour to the major points of interest in Bagni di Lucca
- Guided visit of Villa Reale
- Two lunches in restaurant
- Transfers to / from Lucca 16 seats in minivan