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Jérôme Bonaparte

Giuseppe Bezzuoli, Jérôme Bonaparte. Ajaccio, Musée Fesch.
Giuseppe Bezzuoli, Jérôme Bonaparte. Ajaccio, Musée Fesch.

Jérôme Bonaparte (1784–1860) was Napoleon’s youngest brother. He joined the navy in 1800 and shortly after married, unbeknownst to his brother, a young bourgeois American, Elizabeth Patterson. On Napoleon’s request, the marriage was annulled in 1805 (although the couple had a child, called Jérôme Napoléon in honour of his father and uncle) and Jérôme married Catherine of Württemberg, the daughter of King Frederick I, and was immediately after named King of Westphalia by his brother.
He accompanied his brother on the Russian Campaign and, after the One Hundred Days, to Waterloo, but he did not distinguish himself in either of the expeditions.
At the fall of the Empire, he lived between Italy and Austria until 1848, when he returned to Paris and, with the ascension of his nephew, the future Napoleon III, was restored all of his posts and honours and named First Marshal of France and then President of the Senate.