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The Italian Campaign in the territory of Savona

Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti, Dego
Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti, Dego

Dego, Monte Negino and Montenotte, Cosseria: a sequence of places in which even the trees and the clouds appear to continue to murmur the spur to struggle, the battle cries, the shout of victory. Towns and summits that contribute to the construction of the Napoleonic myth.
Today we can walk along picturesque paths, through enchanting landscapes, and follow the unfolding of the history of these events. Starting from the sea at Porto Vado, on 11 April 1796 the French arrived at Monte Negino, where the brigade captain Rampon made his troops swear to death before surrender. On the 12th generals Massena and LeHarpe launched an attack in Montenotte and on the 13th it was Cosseria’s turn. On the 14th, in Dego, general Bonaparte reversed the fortunes of a battle that was headed for the worst. On the 15th, finally, Napoleon received the flags of the defeated enemy in Millesimo.
On another natural stage, harsher and turned toward the sea, at the end of 1795 another great moment of glory was achieved, a prelude to the rise of the Corsican general: the Battle of Loano. The clash between French troops and the Austro–Piedmontese erupted on 23 November after three months of waiting and ambushes in the grip of a harsh autumn. There was an endless sea of men, 25 thousand French against 40 thousand Imperials, they fought for three days between Loana, Toirano, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, the Scravaion Pass and Mount Lingo, where the hero of the battlefield was the general from Nice, Massena, the man who from his “Observatory” studied the theatre of combat in detail and won with the risk–taking that distinguished his role at the side of the future commander Bonaparte.

All of these sites can be reached by comfortable walking trails