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Itinerary Province of Lucca

Bagni di Lucca (Lucca), Villa Ducale
Bagni di Lucca (Lucca), Villa Ducale

This evocative route crosses the territory of the Province of Lucca; it gradually finds its way into the typical Tuscan landscape, from the hills to the sea, with scenic views of rare beauty.

We begin at Bagni di Lucca, a spa town that was already known in Roman times, and has grown over the centuries also thanks to being located on the Via Francigena that led the pilgrims to Rome, pilgrims who exalted the curative reputation of its waters. It became an important spa for the aristocracy and the European bourgeoisie, a role which was enhanced when Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi purchased the Palazzo alla Villa and the spa was developed.

We continue along the Serchio toward Marlia, to visit the beautiful Villa Reale, chosen by Elisa as her country residence, the charming Parco della Villa, which was the object of special attention by the princess.

From Marlia it takes about 40 minutes to reach Viareggio, taking the highway A11. One of the main European seaside resorts, Viareggio is particularly well known for its allegorical Carnival floats. A must, in addition to the famous promenade, is Villa Paolina, built at the behest of Napoleon's sister in 1822, embellished and decorated in the French style of the time.  Today it houses the Civic Museum (C. Blanc Archaeological Museum, C. Ciuffreda Museum of Musical Instruments and Monumental Rooms of Villa Paolina, Atelier A. Catarsini).


Palazzo alla Villa

Bagno alla Villa

Bagni caldi, Docce basse, S. Giovanni

Bagno Bernabò

Villa Demidoff

Cappella Demidoff

Ponte Demidoff


Villa Reale

Parco di Villa Reale



Villa Paolina