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The busts of Lucien Bonaparte and Christine Boyer in Leghorn

At the Giovanni Fattori City Museum in Leghorn one finds a pair of marble busts only recently recognized as portraits of Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon’s younger brother, and his first wife, Christine Boyer, who died in 1800 at only twenty–nine years old. The two works, the provenance of which is unknown, were part of the Leghorn civic collections in 1920 and were identified only after the discovery of two alabaster busts of the same subject identical to those of the Fattori museum and attributed to Bartolini.

The busts, which portray their subjects dressed in accordance with classical canons, might have been made by one of the many copyists who made numerous versions – copies – of works by the most famous sculptors, like Bartolini, adopting not only their nature as official portraits but also their character as icons for circulation that the portraits of the imperial family assumed during the Napoleonic age. The busts remained in the Leghorn Pinacoteca until 1943. After the war they were placed along the staircase of the Villa Fabbricotti, later passing to the Villa Mimbelli.

’Giovanni Fattori’ City Museum
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