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The Chapel of the Madonna of the Citadel of Piombino

The Chapel of the Citadel was built between 1465 and 1470 by Andrea Guardi on commission by Jacopo III Appiani. During the Napoleonic period, the building underwent some reorganization in the general context of the work to transform the fortified structure of the Citadel into a true royal palace. When the Baciocchi princes arrived, Élisa, together with the officials of her Principality, spared no effort to ensure that new religious furnishings, paintings and silver would arrive from Lucca to enrich the interiors, further wanting to confer the religious building with a private aspect, changing its historical name from The Chapel of the Madonna di Cittadella to “Palace Chapel” or “Imperial Chapel”.

The building, which has a single nave, has a marble façade and a pediment with a ten–ray rose window. The entrance door hosts a lunette with a depiction of the Madonna and Child; , while inside the white marble plutei are decorated with the Appiani coats of arms, serving to separate the area reserved for the princes from that for the courtiers. The chapel also houses a polychrome terracotta Madonna and Child by Andrea della Robbia.

Chapel of the Madonna di Cittadella
piazza della Cittadella
Piombino (Livorno)

The chapel is a religious site and open during the daytime