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The Abbey of Sant’Antimo in Piombino

The church was erected in 1377 by the Pisan master Pietro del Grillo commissioned by the Pisan Lord, Pietro Gambacorti. It was built on the foundation of an ancient religious site dedicated to Saint Michael and was then dedicated to Saint Augustine. In 1806, when prince Felice Baciocchi decreed the suppression of the existing religious communities in the Piombino State, the archpriest church of Sant’Antimo was transformed into a civil and military hospital and the church of Sant’Agostino took its place in function and titles. The new Archpriesthood, by then a Cathedral, was submitted to the complete architectural renovation of the interior and was decorated with a cycle of frescoes and paintings that celebrated Napoleon and the ruling Princes.

The church of S. Antimo was conferred the title of Abbey ad honorem in 1960.

Co–cathedral abbey of Sant’Antimo
via XX Settembre, 15
Piombino (Livorno)

Diocese of Massa Marittima–Piombino
Tel + 39 0565 32036