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The Princess’ Road between Piombino and San Vincenzo

The provincial road called ’la strada della Principessa’ (SP 23, ’the Princess’ road’) is a suburban road in the province of Leghorn that connects Piombino to San Vincenzo and winds tranquilly along the costal dunes and pine forest screen. It was originally called the ’strada dei Cavalleggeri’, or ’the Road of the Light Cavalrymen’, because it was patrolled daily by soldiers in charge of controlling the coastal towers. During the period of Napoleonic domination, the road was expanded and completely rebuilt in record time in order to welcome Élisa Baciocchi, proclaimed by her brother Princess of Lucca and Piombino in 1805. From that moment and specifically in honour of Élisa, the old Road of the Light Cavalrymen became known as the Princess’ Road.

Fleeing from the Island of Elba after Napoleon’s departure in 1815, Pauline Bonaparte arrived at one of the coastal towers on the Princess’ Road on board a small boat. Pauline, accompanied by Charles Mounier, stayed only one night, setting out the next day for her beloved Viareggio.

Despite the fact that it has always been an important road, it remained a dirt road until the 1950s.

The Princess’ Road

section between Piombino and San Vincenzo (Leghorn)