During this time, several divers went to the wreck gathering everything from hand rails and decking to portholes and interior effects. Prawdziwie podłą zbrodnią spowodowanych przez tych ociekających humanitaryzmem naziorków było podstawienie pod angielskie bomby statków z więźniami już w pierwszych dniach maja 45. Najlepszym osiągnięciem DAF było stworzenie Kraft durch Freude, które zapewniało pracownikom urlopy, wycieczki, imprezy kulturalne i pobyty w sanatorium. Ze względu na liczbę ofiar, 6 razy większą niż podczas katastrofy Titanica, zatopienie tego niemieckiego statku, stało się największą tragedią w morskiej historii. Charges that Marinesko had violated the laws of war have arisen from time to time, but they’ve been difficult to sustain. Indeed, most of the ship’s actual crew was trapped in the forecastle, behind watertight doors that had locked automatically upon impact. Who struggled onto a lifeboat with this blanket during that fateful night, whose occupants were subsequently taken on board and rescued by a German torpedo boat, which I have been made aware of by his son. Zaolzie to ziemie rdzennie polskie zagarnięte przez Czechów korzystających z wojny polsko-bolszwickiej. I can't leave. LUKSUS NA WYCIĄGNIĘCIE RĘKI. W tej roli zasady były jasno określone. Pierwsza niezależna biografia" Sławomir Grabias, Wyd. Atak był uzasadniony czy nie? I got the plaque from workers of Tosmares shipyard about a year ago. Oczywiście znajdowały się tam również wielkie sale z parkietem do tańca, restauracja i kryty basen. I want you to know that, everything remains as I found it, clean and tidy. collection. The script is also visible on the other side as a mirror image. Rejsy wycieczkowe zakończyły się jednak wraz z II wojną światową. along the coastal town of Leba, Poland, roughly 50 miles SE of the wrecksite. to nie katastrofa!!! He will find it soon enough. Statek musiał być przemalowany na biało, z widocznym czerwonym krzyżem na boku, a na pokładzie nie mogła znajdować się broń. Tytuł kapitana i odznaczenie otrzymał dopiero pośmiertnie w 1990 roku. The local “Reichs Defense Commissar,” Gauleiter Eric Koch, was an ardent Nazi who didn’t want to appear weak in the eyes of the Führer. Hallways that were only 5 or 6 feet across were virtual barricades with humans acting as the obstacles. Rosjanie dobrze wiedzieli, że "Gustloff" jest transportowcem wojskowym i że płyną na nim na nim załogi okrętów podwodnych z gdyńskiej bazy. It has a 4" wide interwoven red stripe positioned near each end. By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. Statek przechylił się na prawą burtę, potem na lewą i z powrotem na prawą. which I express my thanks a thousand times. During the years, he kept it stowed away and when he died of cancer, it was inherited by his son. Gerhard Grasshoff was already on the ship as a sergeant since November, 1944. The timing of everything is suited for a Shakespearean play. Even for those who could get off the mortally wounded ship and seek safety in the open water, the sheer number of passengers far exceeded the capacity of the life rafts. NA SŁUŻBIE. piece from the wreck which was transformed into a Madonna, Will Both the side edges of the blanket have the typical, tightly woven, interlocking, reinforcement threads to prevent fraying. It is amazing how well silverware can cope underwater. Kriegsmarine blanket saved from the sinking, When the torpedoes from the S-13 exploded against the, , passengers began the stampede to escape the sinking liner. but needs a big score to mitigate his misdeeds while on land. Most of the Gustloff’s estimated 10,000 passengers—which included U-boat trainees and members of the Women’s Naval Auxiliary—would die just hours after they boarded on January 30, 1945. W skrócie statek miał zapewnić luksusowe wakacje wszystkim Niemcom, niezależnie czy był to robotnik, czy pracownik na wysokim stanowisku. Sadly, his father - the owner of the blanket - died some years ago due to cancer. 504-528-1944. Soviet planes circle in the sky, bombing defenseless refugees. Life is so hard and cruel, I wish it was all over. One of our contacts in Germany, who is also a, collector, purchased several pieces for his personal collection. Joint Wreck Expedition to the Baltic Sea. February 11, , 1945, someone discovered some of her debris washed up Na pierwszy rejs wraz z pasażerami Wilhelm Gustloff wypłynął 24 marca 1938 roku. Soon the nearby Soviet submarine S-13, under the command of Alexander Marinesko, who was in a tenuous position with his own chain of command after his mission was delayed by his land-based alcohol consumption habits, spotted the large, illuminated ship. The recorded numbers contradict one another, and we probably never will know how many people were on board the ship. An estimated 9,000 passengers were killed in the sinking, making it the greatest maritime disaster in history. The death toll from its sinking numbered in the thousands, some put it as high as 9,000, far eclipsing those of the Titanic and Lusitania combined. Three years later on January 30, , 1948, the piece was presented to One thing is certain. News of the loss of large passenger liners like the. The province of East Prussia, soon to be partitioned between the Soviet Union and Poland, bore witness to what the Germans called Operation Hannibal, a massive evacuation effort to ferry civilians, soldiers and equipment back to safety via the Baltic Sea. P.S. Three of them hit home, striking Wilhelm Gustloff on the bow, stern, and amidships. Very good condition. Fighting forces turned into forces of occupation, working to maintain a fragile peace while living amongst former enemies. My home Cottbus. Anno/data – Year/date: LUGLIO 2004 – JULY 2004 German civilians seeking an escape from the advancing Soviets converged on the port city of Gotenhafen (now Gdynia, Poland), where the former luxury ocean liner Wilhelm Gustloff was docked. The beds and linen are gone; everything seems to have been taken along, only all the, dishes, and some sofa cushions and the furniture are there. – SUBMARINER BARRACK SHIP (EX LINER K.d.F.) Survivor Horst Woit, who was just 10 years old, saw people—many of them children—trampled to death in an effort to get up the stairs and on to an available lifeboat (the ship was tilted toward the port side, so none of the lifeboats on the starboard side were accessible). Letter written by a sailor fleeing Gotenhafen - 26.2.1945. purchased this The Soviet advance south of them had cut off land routes; their best chance at escape was on the Baltic Sea. Jej motto zakładało, że wypoczęty pracownik to dobry pracownik. Statek dysponował 8 przestrzennymi pokładami, każdy o wielkości prawie 5000 m2. Natomiast babka ze strony matki, z domu Liebke, była rodowitą Niemką. Marynarze z okrętów podwodnych tam mieszkali. But whatever category those Wilhelm Gustloff victims fit into—U-boat trainees, Women’s Naval Auxiliary Members, Hitler Youth, reluctant conscripts, German civilians, mothers and children—they were part of a maritime tragedy that has yet to be rivaled in scale. Once again, the figure depends on the initial figure for those on board. grateful memory of our meeting with my lifesavers. “Here was comparative safety inside the boat, on the other side certain death.”. Od września 1939 do listopada 1940, na statku Wilhelm Gustloff leczono 3151 rannych i chorych żołnierzy. Do akcji włączyli wszystkie swoje statki będące na Bałtyku, z Wilhelmem Gustloffem włącznie. The silverware in the RMS Republic museum photo fared even better than this for having been submerged for twice as long. Two of the most graphic images relating to the, The last three photos come from the Belgian - German diving expedition that recovered the tile mosaic. Snow, sleet and wind conspired to challenge the crew and sicken the already beleaguered passengers. World War II is filled with events that can only be described in superlatives: the biggest, the bravest, the fastest, and so on. Krew mnie zalewa jak czytam te łzawe teksty o uchodźcach cywilnych. As Wilhelm Gustloff steamed slowly to the west, Marinesko shadowed it, then, at 9 pm, fired a spread of four torpedoes. Recovered before diving limits were imposed upon the wreck, these, along with several other artifacts were divided up by said divers. The Gustloff was soon the scene of a mad scramble for survival. Niemcy próbowali ratować z Prus Wschodnich nie tylko swoich żołnierzy (rannych, zdrowych i chorych), ale także uchodźców uciekających przed Armią Czerwoną. is now 92 years old and suffering from dementia in a nursing home on January 27. sister, Mrs. Anni Trommler, has filed an application for her husband's declaration of death having gone down with the, ou are requested to make an affidavit that your brother-in-law was aboard the, Georgi Family Documents from the Wilhelm Gustloff Sinking. In little over an hour, Vollrath wrote, the Gustloff had “dragged love, hope, and wishes down to the bottom of the sea.”, Continue This may be partially attributed to the sheer pace and staggering death tolls happening across the European theater. Eventually, he. Łódź podwodna Marineska wróciła na dno morza, gdzie przeczekała ataki kilku bomb głębinowych. First of all, my deepest condolences on the gravest loss of your parents and son-in-law, Do carry your pain with pride; you too gave your best for our port. Despite their small, fluffy nature and their propensity to do as they please, even cats had a place in the military. It presented an easy target for a commander who could use a boost to his reputation. Unsolved History: Wilhelm Gustloff World's Deadliest Sea Disaster. home even if there were refugees in it, it was a sin, it will not happen that way. Wręcz przeciwnie – został zdegradowany za swoją przeszłość i odszedł z marynarki. Z drugiej strony statek miał status okrętu wojennego. POCZĄTEK. Weeks later, the General von Steuben was also sunk by Marinesko (the credit he sought was slow in coming—his reputation didn’t recover in his lifetime, but he would be posthumously celebrated for his wartime actions.) Full-fledged panic is erupting in East Prussia. Dla zamaskowania tego wzięli na pokład uciekinierów cywilnych i rannych żołnierzy. Get the best of Smithsonian magazine by email. Below decks, the situation was far worse. California Do Not Sell My Info On Ticket for access to Gotenhafen during WWII. Those who had not been killed by the initial blast or by the chaos on board after the attack froze to death in the icy Baltic. Działał też zwiad lotniczy. An estimated 9,000 passengers were killed in the sinking, making it the greatest maritime disaster in history. *Mr. Georgi wrote a letter to his parents in Gotenhafen in February, 1945. the hopes that someone out there may know more about the Madonna and be able to The current count for the casualities for the. By the time the Soviet Union advanced on Germany’s eastern front in January of 1945, it was clear the advantage in World War II was with the Allies. Justice Robert H. Jackson’s opening statement at the Nuremberg Trials remains one of the most famous and influential oratories in the canon of international law and criminal jurisprudence. 17th Annual Photo Contest Finalists Announced. At right is said blanket which we acquired for our. Was it a war crime? NIEJASNE ZASADY ATAKU. Yet neither side—a Nazi Germany near defeat, nor a Soviet Union on its way to brutal victory—had an incentive to widely broadcast the deaths of so many citizens. Matka Donalda Tuska wspomina, że jej mama i babcia chciały uciekać po wojnie do Niemiec, bo "w końcu były Niemkami" (Donald Tusk. Zmienił barwy na moro i został zakotwiczony w gdańskim porcie. Jak do tego doszło? , under the command of Alexander Marinesko, who was in a tenuous position with his own chain of command after his mission was delayed by his land-based alcohol consumption habits, spotted the large, illuminated ship. Nazi Party officials haggled with the Navy over who was in charge of Hannibal, about the precise start date, even about who was to be rescued first. A few minutes later, the, disappeared forever beneath the Baltic waves. “The Gustloff was just another casualty of war along with the countless other large ships sunk on the German side.”. Naval Document Centre                                                                                                        (21a) Minden i.W., den November 22nd, 1946. Gustloff był bazą II dywizji szkoleniowej U-bootów i był na etacie okrętu wojennego. “He thought he would be a real hero for doing it,” says Cathryn J. “And then he let go and slide after his dead wife and his children across the icy, snow-covered deck, and over the side,” Schön recalled. Learn more about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff in this article. W środę 5 maja 1937 roku odbyło się pierwsze oficjalne wodowanie statku Wilhelm Gustloff w hamburskim porcie. Privacy Statement Furthermore, the Gustloff, though its toll is considered the highest, was not the only ship to go down in the Baltic during Operation Hannibal. Without a reliable passenger manifest, the exact number of people onboard during the sinking will never be known, but what is beyond doubt is that when this vessel—built for less than 2,000 people—pushed off at midday on the 30th of January, it was many times over its intended capacity. As the ship listed, he managed to climb into a lifeboat with the blanket wrapped around him and was lowered into the freezing sea. 1940s Newspaper Article on the Sinking of the General von Steuben, 1968 navigation chart of the Baltic Sea with the location of the, Personal document for Mrs. Josefine Dammeyer, who was aboard the. Despite having earlier been prohibited from fleeing, German citizens understood by the end of January that no other choice existed. Two have been completely erased by the seawater, one is badly faded, and the final scene of a windmill is still intact, but damaged. Playbill for Nacht fiel über Gotenhafen - 1960, World War II was now over but the Soviets soon turned their eye to the wreck of the. W ciągu kolejnych 4 lat służył jako statek koszarowy dla załogi niemieckich łodzi podwodnych. (The officer who found the infant would adopt and raise the boy). An emotional piece which was on board that night and survived the worst sinking in history. Learn more about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff … In context, the Gustloff was another tragedy in a war full of losses. “I think there was that inability to look at the humanity of people who were the foe,” says Prince. He ran out of bullets when he put the gun to his own head. After years of total war, the fall of the Third Reich meant that German civilians also found themselves on the other side of a Manichean divide. After cutting the ropes with a knife he had taken from his uncle’s uniform, Woit was one of the lucky few on a boat moving away from the Gustloff. No help was at hand. Ponieważ płynął on bardzo wolno, dowódca Marinesko zdecydował ścigać go na powierzchni wody. This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions. Prince, author of Death in the Baltic: The World War II Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Trzy lata spędził nawet w gułagu. “He thought he would be a real hero for doing it,” says. Only one known survivor emerged from the floating graveyard—an infant wrapped tightly in blankets aboard a lifeboat, surrounded by deceased passengers. Jednak stał się sławny z innego powodu. Można by było nimi obsadzić jakieś 30-40 U-botów... "Gustloff" stał w porcie przez parę lat. Februar 1936 in Davos, Schweiz) war ein deutscher Nationalsozialist und Landesgruppenleiter der NSDAP-Auslandsorganisation (AO) in der Schweiz. Była tam załoga łodzi podwodnych transportowana do walki w innym miejscu. Sam Adolf Hitler uczestniczył w ceremonii chrztu statku, który pierwotnie miał przyjąć jego imię. To the many refugees streaming toward ports in the Danzig, escape to the West is the only hope of avoiding certain suffering and death. W styczniu 1945 roku miała miejsce największa ewakuacja w historii. Very good condition. is also threatened, where my parents are I do not know at the moment either. By then, “there was a stigma about discussing any sort of German suffering during the war after everything the Nazis did to the rest of Europe,” Edward Petruskevich, curator of the online Wilhelm Gustloff Museum, writes in an e-mail. Napaść na statek Wilhelm Gustloff jest postrzegana różnie. He didn’t know he was looking at a refugee ship, and at any rate the presence on board of some 1,000 naval personnel, along with a couple of quad anti-aircraft guns, made Wilhelm Gustloff a legitimate target. Lying in wait in the dark waters of the Baltic Sea was the Soviet submarine S-13 under Captain Alexander Marinesko. It would be the last speech Hitler makes and before he signs off, he states, "However grave the crisis may be at the moment, it will, despite everything, finally be mastered by our unalterable will, by our readiness for sacrifice and by our abilities. There is one large hole and several small ones (whether caused by moths, age, or from the sinking is unknown.). While officials argued, refugees kept pouring into the port, until by mid-January, Pillau was bulging with some 100,000 desperate civilians. We shall overcome this calamity, too, and this fight." The first international war crimes tribunal in history revealed the true extent of German atrocities and held some of the most prominent Nazis accountable for their crimes. Wiele osób na miejscu zabił wybuch torpedy, pozostali utopili się po zamknięciu grodzi wodoszczelnych. The stories of the survivors and the memory of the many dead were largely lost in the fog of the closing war, amid pervasive devastation and in a climate where the victors would be little inclined to feel sympathy with a populace considered Nazis—or at the very least, Nazis by association. When trains arrived from Danzig with the families of 500 high ranking Nazis in the civil administration, Koch wanted them prioritized for the evacuation ships, but Dönitz refused. A kmdr Marinesko, wbrew głupiej pisaninie, był doceniony. Jest to jedna z największych katastrof ludności cywilnej, w której zginęło aż 3000 dzieci. Robert Hering and taken back to land with the blanket still wrapped around himself. “[It was] just gruesome, just awful. give a greater voice to its story. port city of Gotenhafen (now Gdynia, Poland, he formally assumed power on January 30, 1933, documentary on the National Geographic Channel, 4,500 concentration camp prisoners on board, Nine of the Weirdest Penises in the Animal Kingdom, The New Science of Our Ancient Bond With Dogs. The last months of the Third Reich featured scenes of unimaginable confusion, and this was no exception. from a well-known nautical collector in Germany who specializes in selling Prawa pracowników miały być od tej pory chronione przez organizację Niemiecki Front Pracy (Deutsche Arbeitsfront – DAF), ale w rzeczywistości ta jedynie ich kontrolowała. Zeitung back in 2011. “A lot of the people jumped. URLOP DLA KAŻDEGO. Best regards from Liapaja, Latvia. Image courtesy of the Wilhelm Gustloff Museum. I've been assigned, this apartment by L. Lunger, the Marine staff assistant. Katastrofą to można nazwać wywołanie II wojny światowej przez Niemcy. Cabins that were already cramped with the standard 2 or 4 passengers were double or triple that size. Kolejna niepotrzebna katastrofa i zbrodnia komunistycznej Rosji. Torpedo boat commander Robert Hering, aboard the T-36, had to make the decision to leave many more behind when his boat was at full capacity. Mrs. D. could be saved, but not her belongings and her personal papers, which were lost.... this certificate was issued as a preliminary identity card. Initially German officials issued and checked for tickets, but in the chaos and panic, the cold, exhausted, hungry and increasingly desperate pressed on board the ship and crammed into any available space. The. Command squabbles delayed the departure of Wilhelm Gustloff until midday January 30, escorted only by a pair of torpedo boats. The above description is a general translation from the German letter. Of the passengers who had boarded the previous day a mere fraction—roughly 1,000—had survived. One side of the blanket has the hand, chain stitched, script, "Kriegsmarine", in red cotton threads. Ponadto nie zaopatrywali ZSRR na początku wojny. Płynęli więc zbyt wolno, żeby ewentualnie uciec od łodzi podwodnych, które mogły się tam pojawić. Shortly after Gerard stepped outside, the first torpedo struck the, Official Listing (Not Complete) Members of the Kriegsmarine (2.U.L.D.) off the beach and carved into a figure of the Madonna by an unknown person. A niemcy mieli prawo zatopić statek pasażerski ATHENIA ? He then had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid suffering the same fate as the Gustloff. Formerly a cruise liner for Hitler's "Strength Through Joy" program in the 1930's, and then a hospital ship during wartime, Wilhelm Gustloff was pulling different duty that long-ago night in the Baltic Sea. “Perhaps the decision not to take any more people and leave them to their fate was the hardest I ever had to make,” Vollrath wrote. USA nie dozbrajało ZSRR za darmo. JD-Contractor A/S Denmark. The Left 'as is' from the wreck, still contains sediment inside and out. Your parents and son-in-law went out on the steamer W. Gustloff, Gustloff was. Even if the details of the Gustloff or other German ships had been more widely or immediately known, considering the reigning public sentiment in the United States and other Allied countries it may not have elicited much sympathy. Will the Public Ever Get to See the "Dueling Dinosaurs"? Seeing the cemetery for the German war dead at Futa Pass was a stark reminder of the human cost of defeating fascism. to efekt prowadzenia działań wojennych!!! Przeciążony statek miał też na pokładzie czterech kapitanów, którzy nie mogli się porozumieć co do prędkości ani trasy. Nie wiedzieli, że zostali namierzeni przez sowiecką łódź podwodną S-13, która w tym czasie patrolowała Zatokę Gdańską. Z powodu istniejących wątpliwości, czy atak na statek Wilhelm Gustloff był uzasadniony, długo nie można było o tym mówić. Gold trim around the top and scenes is faded or missing, 1.5cm chip and hairline crack to the base present on the side with the intact painting. Statek był nawet wyposażony w działa przeciwlotnicze, rzekomo niedziałające. The jam-packed ship was soon a scene of horror, with explosions, fires, children blown overboard, passengers slipping and sliding on the icy deck, and tumbling into the sea. I have to stay here. They, too, were at risk from the S-13. Admiral Karl Dönitz felt that the earlier the evacuation took place, the better its chance of success, a reasonable assumption. Click on the name to read their account of the sinking. Pozostałe nie mogły płynąć ze względu na zły stan techniczny. PROBLEMATYCZNY DOWÓDCA. Przyczyną zatoniecia było wywołanie wojny przez ten bandycki naród -żadna to katastrofa -ile statków transportowych zatopili ci bandyci? Here, rumor had it, they would be evacuated to the west. The dead numbered between 6,000-9,000. Knowing the temperature outside, he bundled up and grabbed a Kriegsmarine blanket which was nearby. 22 września 1939 roku Wilhelm Gustloff był włączony do Kriegsmarine (marynarka wojenna III rzeszy) jako statek szpitalny. Despite having earlier been prohibited from fleeing, German citizens understood by the end of January that no other choice existed. Jeszcze trochę i będziemy przepraszać Niemców za II wojnę swiatowa... II wojnę światową wywołały Niemcy i Rosja, które we wrześniu 1939 r, na Polskę napadły, ponad miliard konserw, 20 mln par butów, 8 tysięcy lokomotyw, po kilkanaście tysięcy samolotów, czołgów, wagonów kolejowych, setki statków,ponad 700 tysięcy różnych samochodów, broń, amunicje, paliwo. A causo di numerose lamentele e disguidi non si lavora più con le Poste Italiane. Even while held as POWs by the Germans in the POW camp Stalag Luft IV, American servicemen exercised their civic duty and made their voices heard, at least to each other, when they held a straw vote for the 1944 presidential election. Nie czytaliście o tym? info@nationalww2museum.org Ostatecznie nazwano go imieniem Wilhelma Gustloffa (1895–1936), założyciela szwajcarskiego oddziału NSDAP, którego zabił żydowski student medycyny David Frankfurter. NAJWIĘKSZA TRAGEDIA MORSKA. German refugees were on the road in the winter of 1944-45, great columns … Schön, who ultimately devoted years to studying the shipwreck he had survived, later recounted in a documentary on the National Geographic Channel the agonizing decision of a father hanging off the listing ship—still wearing his swastika arm band—to shoot his wife and children. WILHELM GUSTLOFF (RELITTO) Nome- Name: WILHELM GUSTLOFF ( FIANCATA DRITTA) Nazionalità - Nationality: GERMANIA - GERMANY Tipologia - Type: NAVE CASERMA SOMMERGIBILISTI (EX … Liepajas Tosmares shipyard was a closed military area in Soviet times and was part of the Baltic naval war with the code name 29CP3. Just over an hour after the S-13’s torpedoes hit, the Gustloff sunk into the sea. This piece was purchased on November 22, 2008 at a military auction from Dresden, Germany from the Alschner Antique House. Załoga statku Wilhelm Gustloff nie miała pojęcia, co ich czeka. , w których wzięło udział 65 000 starannie wyselekcjonowanych wycieczkowiczów. that once belonged to her, (mine).“ In an effort to assist in finding out more, W trakcie 17 miesięcy odbyło się 50 rejsów (przeważnie do Norwegii i Szwecji) The Wilhelm Gustloff underway not long after it was launched in May 1937. Army troops negotiate passage across the frozen Frisches Haff, a freshwater lagoon on the Baltic coast. Wybuchła panika. now accompany me into my continued life. Pozostałe statki, które wyruszyły na ratunek, ocaliły jedynie 1239 pasażerów włącznie z czterema kapitanami. Wilhelm Gustloff var ett tyskt passagerarfartyg, byggt av Blohm & Voss, sjösatt den 5 maj 1937, förlist efter torpedering den 30 januari 1945 i södra Östersjön. Hitler's brutal 'war of extermination' that begun in June 1941 in the East and causing unprecedented human suffering - has turned upon him with a vengeance. I don't know if you already, know. Captain Paul Vollrath, who served as senior second officer, later wrote in his account in Sea Breezes magazine that adequate escort ships were simply not available “in spite of a submarine warning having been circulated and being imminent in the very area we were to pass through.” After dark, to Vollrath’s dismay, the ship’s navigation lights were turned on—increasing visibility but making the massive ship a beacon for lurking enemy submarines. Vote Now! Not that it would have mattered much. He and his colleagues were ordered to move cabins from the port side of the ship to make way for those coming on. As German rescue boats summoned by the Gustloff’s crew approached to pick up survivors, they faced the same dilemma as those in lifeboats: who to pick up, and when to stop. Każda była tej samej wielkości, z widokiem na morze. Innym istotnym błędem kapitanów było włączenie bocznych świateł, przez co statek był dobrze widoczny dla wroga. Consider what happened to the German ship Wilhelm Gustloff on the evening of January 30, 1945, seventy-five years ago. Nach ihm wurden die Wilhelm-Gustloff-Stiftung und das KdF-Kreuzfahrtschiff Wilhelm Gustloff benannt. Jeden błąd i wystarczyłoby to do zatopienia. KONIEC ZABAWY. Statek płynął sam, jedynie pod eskortą torpedowca Löwe. The trek was a harrowing one, replete with sub-zero temperatures, blizzards, and Soviet air attacks. Please, dear family Georgi, do not be angry with me, I wanted to write to you, if you, have any wish, please let me know. NIEDOCENIONY BOHATER. He was rescued from the water by the T-36 commanded by Capt.
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