Knowing I could never do that to our name." The new film drops today (October 21, 2020). It’s a comparison that is simultaneously unfair (Wheatley has been clear that he was adapting the novel, not remaking the film) and impossible to ignore. Da werden Ausflüge gemacht in einem schicken Bentley-Cabrio und die Gelbtöne werden einem nur so um die Ohren gehauen. Allerdings wird er dies auch nicht, wenn man lediglich Spannung erwartet, oder ein halbwegs konsistentes Konzept. Alles das bekommt man leider nicht zu sehen. Rebecca is one of the most influential gothic romances ever written. However, Wheatley's film has a slightly different ending to Hitchcock's, particularly when it answers the question of how Rebecca really died. The enduring power of Rebecca is in how it constructs a villain out of a person who is never actually seen (though there are fleeting glimpses of her in Wheatley's film). Once you accept that this is a largely faithful adaptation — no deviation from the original’s twists, no darker, surreal spin on the text — it starts to make a kind of sense. That’s an area also hinted at, if never exactly probed enough, in the fearsome Mrs Danvers — and Kristin Scott Thomas’ delicious performance as the vicious housekeeper is the one element of the modern Rebecca that truly surpasses Hitchcock’s take. Instead it's revealed that not only was Rebecca enormously cruel, and that Maxim hated her, but even Rebecca's death was a final means of inflicting harm on her husband. Hitch’s famous silhouette is like Rebecca herself: always there, even when he’s not. She was Rebecca's personal maid and came to Manderley with her following Rebecca's marriage, making Mrs. Danvers loyal to the first Mrs. de Winter rather than to Maxim. Ben Wheatley's Rebecca doesn't end with the novel's final image of Manderley on fire, but with a shot of the second Mrs. de Winter embracing Maxim in a hotel room, looking over his shoulder directly into the camera. Where is the murky darkness of Kill List, the dry, understated humour of Sightseers, or the transgressive weirdness of A Field In England? To get around this, the circumstances of Rebecca's death were changed in Hitchcock's film so that instead of Maxim killing his first wife, she trips over in the boathouse during their confrontation and dies when she hits her head. "He killed the only person I loved," she tells Mrs. de Winter after burning down the mansion. 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This is what Maxim feared when he told his second wife that Rebecca had won after all. Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…, One should not watch Hitchcock’s 1940s classic before watching this, as you will feel incredibly underwhelmed watching both films side by side. For Hitchcock, du Maurier’s book — a study of toxic relationships, decades before the phrase “toxic relationships” was a thing — was a perfect marriage of director and material, rife with suspense and psychological riddles. "It wasn't enough for her to take my pride," he says. It is on the site from 8am. elisabeth moss IN shirley (2019)4. kevin abstract5. Throughout Rebecca, Mrs. Danvers effectively acts as the proxy for Rebecca's vengeful spirit. Maxim loves the second Mrs. de Winter because she's the antithesis of everything his first wife was; she's sweet, modest, innocent, and has no real interest in being the lady of Manderley - only in being Maxim's wife. Mrs. Danvers' deep love and respect for Rebecca, her insistence on keeping her memory alive, and her jealous hostility towards the second Mrs. de Winter imply that there may have been a romantic element to her relationship with Rebecca, and Wheatley's adaptation leans into this with Mrs. Danvers' final farewell before she jumps into the ocean. As Mrs. de Winter learns from the file in the doctor's office, what Jack Favell (Sam Riley) believed - and Rebecca claimed in her confrontation with Maxim - was an illegitimate pregnancy was actually an advanced cancerous growth in her uterus. Hannah enjoys weird horror movies, weirder sci-fi movies, and also the movie adaptation of Need for Speed - the greatest video game movie of all time. It was ours, you see." Film data from TMDb. here’s a list of people who could give a more interesting performance than armie hammer in this movie: 1. andrew scott2. She has lived and studied in New York and Toronto, but ultimately returned home so that she could get a decent cup of tea. Rebecca tells the story of an unnamed woman who married a wealthy widower, whose mind and family estate is still haunted by his first wife. Since the note is what puts the suspicion on Maxim, the reveal of exactly what news she had is the key to his release. Seriously, how can you cast THE "Lily James" and not have the slightest amount of chemistry all throughout a 2-hour runtime which btw is uncalled for. I love the novel so I went into this with an open mind but was almost immediately disappointed. Rebecca has been adapted many times before, mostly famously by Alfred Hitchcock in a 1940 film starring Laurence Olivier as Maxim and Joan Fontaine as the second Mrs. de Winter. Here's how the first Mrs. de Winter really died. Bis dahin muss man…. Lily James Armie Hammer Kristin Scott Thomas Keeley Hawes Ann Dowd Sam Riley Tom Goodman-Hill Mark Lewis Jones John Hollingworth Bill Paterson Jacques Bouanich Marie Collins Jean Dell Sophie Payan Pippa Winslow Lucy Russell Bruno Paviot Stefo Linard Tom Hudson Jeff Rawle Ashleigh Reynolds Bryony Miller Ben Crompton Jane Lapotaire Poppy Allen-Quarmby David Cann Julia Deakin Jason Williamson Colin Bennett Rebecca (2020), courtesy Kerry Brown / Netflix. Earlier in the film, Maxim speaks about his love of Manderley and the pressure he feels to uphold his family name (his sister's sons, who are in line to inherit the house if Maxim doesn't have an heir, are described as fine young men but "not de Winters"). the girl who was interviewed by infowars and said you people have worms in your brains9. Orson Welles beat everyone to the punch, though, adapting the best-selling … 2020 "I hated her," he tells his new bride. skip it all costs, that TWIST. The second Mrs. de Winter firing Mrs. Danvers also doesn't happen in the original novel or Hitchcock's film. Did you know that Netflix is the biggest Film-Distributor of 2018? Under the Hays Code, the murder of a woman by her husband could not have been shown in any kind of positive light, and the script would have required Maxim to either be killed or go to prison for the murder (to impress upon audiences the lesson that crime does not go unpunished). Her warning to Mrs. de Winter that she'll never be truly happy could be interpreted as either a curse, or as what Mrs. Danvers genuinely believes. The first Rebecca film, to use an obvious analogy, is a little like the first Mrs de Winter. Of course there are a lot of duds in…, List constantly being updated. When the body of a different, unknown woman washed up in Edgecombe two months later, he identified it as Rebecca, hoping that it would put an end to everything. Very much enjoyed this version. Did you know that Netflix is the biggest Film-Distributor of 2018? This strategy fortunately pays off when the doctor in London offers testimony that provides a plausible motive for Rebecca committing suicide (James's character breaking into the doctor's office to look at the file before the police was an addition for Wheatley's film). But the cold housekeeper, Mrs Danvers (Kristin Scott Thomas), is determined to keep alive the memory of the first Mrs de Winter, Rebecca — at any cost. Just a few days after they were married, Rebecca lifted the veil and outright told him that she had never loved him, and that she intended to maintain her flat in London and keep a string of lovers despite their marriage. You can get a taste of the film by watching the trailer at the top of this article. It’s shot and lit (by Laurie Rose) in a saturated, almost hyperreal style; compared to the subtle shadows of Hitchcock’s film-noir monochrome, this is a lurid, colourful romp, designed to bring a fusty tome to a younger crowd. Rebecca tells the story of an unnamed woman who married a wealthy widower, whose mind and family estate is still haunted by his first wife. With only weeks left to live, Rebecca was not only facing the prospect of her death being slow and agonizing, but also degrading; she was renowned for her beauty and poise, and would hate for the lasting image of her to be a woman wracked with sickness and pain. Mobile site. But she is a skilled enough actor to suggest girlish naivety, while also (with the help of the script, by Jane Goldman, Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse) exploring the limitations that English society imposes on gender and class. *If I miss anything, please don't hesitate to let me know.…, The list of short and feature films I’ve watched since the start of quarantine, and subsequently, my account’s creation, sorted…, The Big Picture’s Long List is every single movie that gets mentioned on The Ringer’s Big Picture podcast this year,…, Tried to do mostly 2020 movies, as December is my month to catch up…, Lista feita a partir das atualizações postadas no Filmes Netflix, lá você também pode ver quais filmes e séries foram…. I hated my cowardice. However, self-inflicted suicide was not an option. I went in hoping it was at least a good adaptation of the novel. TMDb Directed by Ben Wheatley. Related: Rebecca 2020 Cast & Character Guide. the lack of chemistry between the two was so evident. It's effectively a ghost story without a ghost; instead of literally haunting the second Mrs. de Winter, Rebecca remains in the house through monogrammed fabrics, letters, rules about the way she liked things done, the powerful impression she left on everyone who met her and - of course - through the spectre of Mrs. Danvers. Released on Netflix, Rebecca stars Lily James as an unnamed protagonist who marries the wealthy heir Maxim de Winter (Armie Hammer) during a whirlwind romance in Europe. It's a moment that can be read as a final declaration of victory over Rebecca, with love having saved the couple in the end.
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