Commercial waste needs to be disposed of in line with local regulations. Cerca o offri spazi a tempo, Il tuo spazio nel mondo! It is never too early to start drumming up buzz for your pop-up shop. Where is your ideal audience most likely to be? A customer engagement target? New customers? They are a person who probably has a fair amount of experience using their space. Oppure sei un negozio in cerca di nuovi brand e soluzioni innovative per espandere il tuo business? When are you going to be open? Making people aware of your pop-up store is very important as you may not be able to rely solely on footfall (depending on where you’re located). We have broken the entire pop-up store journey into six phases; Planning, Getting Started, Ready for Opening, Operation, Closing and Evaluation. Do your research ahead of time. Puoi affittare a tempo uno spazio in esclusiva e aprire il tuo punto vendita a o allestire la tua esposizione per il tempo desiderato. Il tuo spazio nel mondo! Will you need storage in the store or will you need storage elsewhere? A clear understanding of your objective will help you to accurately complete the rest of your planning. Determine your pop-up store’s policies such as whether animals are allowed and if only customers can use your restrooms. Per pubblicare uno spazio nel nostro catalogo, basta registrarsi e creare il proprio annuncio corredato di foto, testi e condizioni. Testa nuove città e nuove collezioni, fai conoscere il tuo marchio. FACEBOOK PLACECORNER STORE |, Il tuo spazio nel mondo! Ti daremo supporto pop up store Reckon Store roma TOOFASTFOR Touch The Wood What to read … per creare il tuo annuncio e promuoverlo. You should have an understanding of what success will look like and what factors will affect it. Contatti il titolare dello spazio e concordi con lui gli orari e le condizioni, in maniera diretta e senza costi di intermediazione. Affitta uno spazio per organizzare la tua festa di compleanno, un evento o semplicemente un incontro di lavoro. The following is an excerpt from a webinar hosted by Storefront, and two of its partners: fashion... Sergio Mannino, Principal of Sergio Mannino Studio, knows a thing or two about designing the... We now live in the experience age, where consumers of all ages, especially millennials, are opting... From white-box spaces to corner stores, hotel residencies and industrial lofts, Storefront provides an exclusive catalog of 10,000+ amazing spaces available for short-term renting. Try and tie them into your products and your brand. New followers? Do you need contingencies for taking payments in case you go offline? Make sure that any equipment provided with your rental ends back in the right hands. Nevertheless, we hope you find it useful and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Wrap it up with your marketing efforts. Test everything, from the lights and music to payment and other online systems. Hai un ufficio e vorresti affittare a tempo gli spazi che non usi? They’re all retail experts so feel free to lean on their expertise. What kind of person are they? Make these decisions early and communicate them as consistently as possible. Take down and disassemble all displays, furniture, banners, signs, and any furniture you customized for your pop up. Raise awareness? See what it’s like to have a retail presence? Online sales? Determine employee policies and think about how you can engage and motivate your staff. Sei interessato a locare il tuo spazio in esclusiva o in condivisione? Make sure it is in line with your overall objective. Ask yourself: Would you do it again? It takes the form of a list of questions and statements we recommend you consider before you go any further. This will vary on the nature of your pop-up store, the nature of your retail and the country/city you are in. mette in contatto diretto le parti senza alcune percentuale sulla locazione. Visit your pop-up space and figure out its configuration so you always have a clear picture in your mind. Opening and shopper hours. Most brands have taken advantage of pop-up stores as one of the hottest retail trends with no sign... Today’s customers value experiences as much as (if not more than) things. What will your window displays look like? Sai che grazie a puoi affittare una stanza, solo per il tempo che ti serve, all'interno di uffici privati. Staff are incredibly important. If you’ve created quite a mess consider a private cleaning firm to come in and clean up after you. If it was sales then what was your net revenue? How will you get your message across? A pop-up store, while unique in its potential, is still a … Do you have a person you can call in case of technical issues? Registrati. Il nostro team ti supporterà e ti guiderà per tutto il percorso, senza costi aggiuntivi. It’s best to coordinate cleanup and trash disposal with the space owner. business. Your last few days or hours are a great opportunity to give it one final push to engage with consumers. If there are building or road works planned you need to know about it and decide whether it’ll impact your ability to achieve your goal. Puoi anche decidere di far diventare l'affitto a tempo il tuo Share your good work with other brands and customers. Consider footfall and foot traffic as well as branding and behaviour. When: Saturday, May 4 . k. Cosa facciamo. Are you going to have a grand opening? If you want to know more, read our cookie policy. Se si, abbiamo creato un nuovo progetto perfetto per te! We Love to Shop Local è un circuito dedicato a realtà indipendenti nel mondo della moda e dell’home decor, finalizzato alla promozione, alla locazione a tempo di corner e vetrine o semplicemente alla scoperta di nuove opportunità commerciali. Questo ci permette di promuovere il tuo spazio, supportarti nella creazione del tuo annuncio e utilizzo del servizio. Return keys to the landlord. As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions about booking a space or planning your pop-up store. Don’t forget to make sure your plans work with the landlord’s requirements – check there isn’t a limit on retail operating hours or similar that could scupper your plans. Cerca o offri spazi, © 2017 Placecorner - Tutti i diritti riservati. Promuoviamo gli spazi e i marchi che faranno parte del nostro circuito, attraverso mirate campagne social, news letter e sticker da apporre sulle vetrine. Puoi decidere di affittare a tempo in esclusiva uno spazio, in attesa di affittarlo a lungo termine o di venderlo. Awareness is important. Spazio alla cucina Piazza San Silvestro, 28 00187 Roma. Obbligatorio per la promozione dello spazio o del tuo marchio verso gli iscritti al circuito. Il team Placecorner ti aiuterà per la pubblicazione del tuo spazio, la ricerca del tuo corner o la promozione del tuo marchio. They can be a great way to mobilise your customers and deliver impactful experiences. Leave the space in the same condition that you found it. If you want people in and shopping you’ll need a foolproof and secure way of taking payments. Break everything down. Keep your objective in mind when considering the following: Location – Which country, city and neighbourhood provides the best option for your business to achieve your goal? Don’t Forget What You’ve Already Learned. Again, there are services you can look into that provide all in one solutions. It doesn’t have to be your actual products. What happens if a shopper becomes unwell? Keep them up to date with your plans and how it’s going. What would you do differently next time? hbspt.cta.load(6786763, '61220a66-511b-45c5-80ef-b53093d14888', {}); What utilities do you need? You will need to make sure you leave enough time and energy to probably clean up the space. Get any permits, licenses, in order. What do the shops around you look like? Just make sure you know what you’re trying to achieve. Ti aiutiamo a contattare il titolare dello spazio e concordare con lui le condizioni per la gestione delle vendite. Puoi farlo da solo o con il supporto del nostro team. IKEA Roma San Silvestro . hbspt.cta.load(6786763, 'a3ca0e43-4944-44cd-831f-ed49c0d35902', {}); You may need to purchase or hire equipment such as fixtures, furniture, lights and decorations. Il pagamento è annuale e ci permette una promozione continua del tuo spazio. W/: Touch the Wood. Take apart all displays, furniture, and signage that you brought in for your pop-up store… Find unique spaces to create unforgivable experiences. L'abbonamento per pubblicare uno spazio sulla piattaforma è annuale. Puoi pubblicare il tuo spazio e a far parte del nostro circuito con meno di 30centesimi al giorno. Su Placecorner puoi promuovere il tuo spazio per organizzare un evento sia privato che aziendale, affittando lo spazio sia in esclusiva che in condivisione con l'attività principale del tuo locale. Registrati e contattaci su Hire your staff. Start marketing. Promote the success of your project internally in your company and externally. Launch a new product? Are they having work done? Puoi decidere di passare attraverso la piattaforma. Se affitti un corner in un negozio, la percentuale sul venduto viene negoziata direttamente tra le parti in relazione al costo corner. È lo ‘shop sharing’ la nuova frontiera del retail. A big party? Retail Trends and the Rise of the Pop-up Store in 2019. IKEA Roma … Vuoi pubblicare il tuo marchio sulla nostra Brand Corner? 3. Can you recycle them for future projects? per il tuo temporary store. In short, what’s your objective? FACEBOOK PLACECORNER .COM | Success? We’ve prepared the below checklist to help anyone who is contemplating running a pop-up shop. If it was social media engagement what was the impact of the pop-up? What will most appeal to customers and foot traffic alike? Gli utilizzatori dei servizi Placecorner sono utenti iscritti alla piattaforma, con documenti validati dal team Placecorner. Clean up the space. Do something to draw visitors in – when you’re planning your marketing make sure you include how you’re going to get people walking past to come in. Contattaci e ti aiuteremo a costruire il tuo progetto. An email? hbspt.cta.load(6786763, '1ede3c0a-6049-4476-9637-84cf07c1a7ec', {}); How will you take payments? Cleaning – keeping the store neat and tidy is important and you need to decide whether it’s something staff can cover or if you need to look into a separate cleaning service. Every person involved in the project should know what the objective is. A happy employee will give a much greater level of service to your consumers. Don’t scrimp on this one, get people with retail experience or people you can trust. Break down your pop-up store. Con la formula shop sharing puoi dare in affitto corner del tuo negozio e ospitare a tempo nuovi marchi. These are all valid objectives and ones many brands have employed before. Successful pop-up shops are staffed by enagaing, exuberant and on brand staff. Si sviluppa su 2 livelli con diverse metrature. Are you looking to build your brand? Design – how do you want your pop-up store to look? Are you going to hold events during your pop up? How many shares did you get? Puoi affittare un corner in un negozio in esercizio, avere il tuo punto vendita in centro a costi accessibili e senza oneri gestionali. Maintenance and technical support. How are you going to say goodbye? Most spaces include this in the price, but always double-check. There are a number of payment systems out there that sync directly with the WiFi and can be securely run from a mobile phone. Reach out to your customers and anyone who helped the project to say thank you – including the landlord. Registrati e contattaci su Recuperi parte dei costi di gestione del negozio, testi nuovi marchi e attiri nuovi clienti. Ti daremo il supporto Pick your location and book your venue. If you’re planning a ticketed event, select a solution to sell and scan tickets. This report reflects on key trends and technologies impacting the industry, shines a spotlight on how some brands play into these trends and pinpoints how Pop-Up stores function as a strategic tool for both brands and landlords. By closing this banner, scrolling this page or by clicking any of its elements you consent the use of cookies. An opening event is a great excuse to put on a show. Rent the best pop-up stores in Rome from 16€/day. L'obiettivo del progetto è quello di far coesistere realtà giovani e creative ad esposizioni, showroom e temporary shop… Con puoi farlo. How are you going to promote it? Puoi affittare una parte del tuo ufficio che al momento non utilizzi. Give away swag. Will you need storage? Retail relies heavily on the experience you can deliver. To do this properly you need to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and what it means for your business. In questo modo condividi i costi e gli oneri. Think about whether you’re going to start with a bang. Via Fattoria Rampa 35 Uscita 21-21 del GRA Anagnina-Tuscolana 00173 Roma (RM) Entra. IKEA Roma Porta di Roma. Planning Studio. Puoi affittarli a tempo: a ore o giornate o per più mesi, coprendo in questo modo parte dell'affitto. Pop-Up Store in Rome from 300 € - Struttura polivalente nel cuore di Roma, nel quartiere Prati. Affaccio diretto su strada. You’ll want to leave it in as good a state as you found it. We’re happy to help. It won’t all be relevant to you as so much of it depends on the specifics of your business, your product and what you’re trying to achieve with a pop-up shop. This first item to tackle is probably the most important. La makeup artist e youtuber italiana – ormai da anni di base a New York – ha da poco inaugurato a Roma un temporary shop dove poter trovare tutti i prodotti della label che porta il suo nome.. Il pop up store … Ottime notizie per tutte le beauty addicted: Clio Make Up è tornata! They are the face of your brand so it is critical that you get people you trust to engage with your consumers. Dispose of rubbish responsibly. Events. People love free stuff so consider giving away branded merchandise and make sure you plan it and order it well in advance. Il costo potrà essere pubblicato o inviato su richiesta. The 6 Key Ingredients To Every Successful Pop-Up Store, Pop-Up Store Tips From A Top Brooklyn-Based Interior Design Firm. Get new business? Simply test out your products? Puoi ospitare nel tuo negozio dei marchi indipendenti affittando loro un corner o una vetrina. Via Casale Redicicoli 501 Località Bufalotta 00139 Roma (RM) Entra. Perché ti offiamo un servizio a costi accessibili. Clean up the space. Pop-up store. They want you to be successful and may be able to help. Number of social media likes or sales? Where: Reckon Store, via Aracoeli, 45 Rome. Pubblicalo sulla nostra piattaforma e potrai essere contattato direttamente dagli interessati. IKEA Roma Anagnina. What: TOOFASTFOR pop-up store. Sei un marchio indipendente, un creativo, un artigiano in cerca di uno spazio dove esporre e vendere i tuoi prodotti? Learn from any mistakes, and take note of the elements that worked so you can go bigger and better next time around. INSTAGRAM PLACECORNER STORE | Stay in touch with your landlord. Much of the success of your pop-up shop will depend on how stringent and thorough you are at the planning stage. Se mostri i tuoi contatti sul profilo pubblico puoi essere contattato direttamente. Setting up a bricks and mortar pop-up store is a lot of work and while Storefront are the experts in finding venues for pop-up shops, there are many other factors that are equally important. Make sure you have an understanding of how your kit works and put a process in place in case something goes wrong. Determine what your overall success metrics were. Make sure you have considered every aspects and have an idea how to answer most of them. Is it a revenue target? Think t-shirts, pens, stickers, mugs, chargers, umbrellas, batteries… Be as creative as you can – just bear in mind your objective. Stai cercando un ufficio a tempo o una sala riunioni per un ciclo di conferenze. 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How many sign ups did you receive? hbspt.cta.load(6786763, 'd5030154-e265-46f5-acad-69d3fca46aa4', {}); Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on around your venue for the duration of your stay. How to set up a pop-up shop is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. was the location right? Puoi anche decidere di affittare una parte del tuo negozio o del tuo ufficio per condividere i costi di gestione. Cerca o offri spazi per il tuo business. Sulla nostra piattaforma puoi affittare il tuo spazio in esclusiva per eventi, showroom o negozi a tempo. Partiamo dall'Italia ma il nostro obiettivo è quello di creare un network europeo.. INSTAGRAM PLACE.CORNER | Promuoviamo il tuo spazio per la locazione a tempo per usi commerciali, uso ufficio o per eventi privati. You can do this through the Storefront platform or work with our concierge team who can liaise with the landlord for you. Registrati, Stai cercando uno spazio e vuoi sapere come funziona il nostro servizio? Find The Ideal Pop Up Space For Your Project: © 2018 PopUp Immo, Inc. All rights reserved. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Set up shop with Storefront recommended service providers, The Pop-Up Series: Store Concept (Post 1 of 5), 5 Financial Advantages of Hosting a Pop-Up Shop, 3 Custom Packaging Design Tips For Pop-up Store Retailers. Entra. Ti registri e crei il tuo annuncio corredato di foto, di testi descrittivi e posizione. What will the traffic outside be like? Where: Reckon Store, via Aracoeli, 45 Rome, This site uses cookies, including third parties, in order to improve your experience and to provide services in line with your preferences. Promuoviamo il tuo spazio per la locazione a tempo per usi commerciali, uso ufficio o per … (wi-fi, video equipment, or kitchen space, for example) and how will you use them?
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