which want to publicize it. People Preparing McCarrick Report Same People As Counting Votes In Nevada, Das gesungene dominikanische Salve Regina ist entspannender als jede Yogaübung, Wir beten mit dem Papst im November 2020: Für die Roboterforschung und technische Entwicklungen, 1. For what reason, we don’t know. I do believe in a future great crisis in the Church, a crisis greater than anything that has gone before, and foretold by Our Lady at various recognised apparition sites and by some renowned saints and holy mistics. (cf. I consider it a great favor. Don't follow the fakes! Ho sempre voluto fare il giornalista, mi hanno convinto sin da piccolo che si trattasse di una professione nobile e importante. But also the Lieutenant must have the requisites foreseen for the Grand Master (as we saw before quoting art. ", *Isidore M. Auguste Comte (1789- 1857) franz. Even Bugnolo's own post demonstrates the contrary. Here I can only stress the main argument: Sr. Lúcia is the most dependable witness; she would never dare to speak and write so clearly about the 1984 Consecration without order/permission or confirmation from Heaven. Greek Priest shotgunned at Lyon, France, now between life and death, Organizing a Catholic Political Revolution in the USA, New Catholic Martyr gave extraordinary Witness of Love at Nice, ProAborts demolish Crucifix in Polish Cathedral at Gliwice, Parisians protest the new Lockdown in France, 30 Muslim Turks storm Catholic Church in Vienna. It could also be the case, after the mysterious and never-clarified arrest of the papal butler Paolo Gabriele, accused of having photocopied private documents of Pope Benedict taken straight off of Gänswein’s desk and giving them to journalists, without “anyone” knowing…, These documents accused Cardinal Bertone, with whom Gänswein, previously, had bad relations; but which curiously improved afterwards…. The reality is that Benedict XVI edited all of the drafts of the book, obviously his own part, but also reading and editing the part written by Cardinal Robert Sarah. And so, the Nuncio in Venezuela, who was only there for 2 years, was transferred to Mexico. Serial calumniators of all who ask them to be rational. The death reserved for this man is not COVID 19 I believe. But just as in other cases, he had time to spread the infection in the Vatican and elsewhere before he showed any symptoms. In that meeting he did not speak to the clergy as a man who was resigning the Papacy, he spoke instead about how the Council was misinterpreted by the press and misrepresented to the world, and that the clergy of Rome need to return to the texts and read the Council for itself, without the presuppositions of what the press wanted you to think it meant. I recall, en passant, that Cupich was imposed on the See of Chicago by Bergoglio, against the opinion of the Nunciature. The holy People of God looks to us, and expects from us not simple and predictable condemnations, but concrete and effective measures to be undertaken. I was struck by how a person who was so extraordinarily intelligent prayed, with the abandonment of a child. You have filled in some important gaps for me from what I already knew… and probably for others too. Marco Tosatti — Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI Book controversy, Team Bergoglio member confirms in new book the conspiracy to elect Cardinal Bergoglio in violation of UDG 81, Chronology of Reports on "Team Bergoglio", The Chronology of Reports on “Team Bergoglio”, P. Lombardi su presunti comportamenti di alcuni cardinali nell’ultimo Conclave, El Vaticano desmiente una estrategia entre cardinales en el ultimo conclave para elegir a Francesco, La Santa Sede niega la existencia de un acuerdo previo al conclave para la eleccion de Francisco, El complot (que non era) de cuatro cardenales para elegir Papa al Cardenal Bergoglio, Cardenales niegan campaña para elección papal de Bergoglio, Cardeais negam campanha por eleição de Francisco, Papa: Porpore negano accordi pre-Conclave, Smoking gun? A Founding Father who foretold the downfall of the nation hidden in the constitution. Um Himmels Willen! So the speech of Pope Benedict XVI had to be attacked. These four persons were placed in isolation as a precautionary measure even before they tested positive, and their isolation has lasted over 14 days; they are presently in the care of Italian hospitals or at home. possedeva schiavi ,la It also cites UDG 81 and canon 171 to show how this might lead to the invalidity of Cardinal Bergoglio’s election. (Lk 19,15), The Cathwalk – Das Onlinemagazin für katholische Lebensart, Ernsthafte Frage an Experten für die Verteidigung gegen die Dunklen Künste, Was ein Pfarrer im Religionsunterricht nicht mehr sagen darf, Adolf von Essen – Die Entstehung des Rosenkranzes / 66, Seliger Kaiser Karl I. von Österreich: Charles A. Coulombe im Interview mit Dr. Taylor Marshall, The Battle of Vienna, 12 Sep, 1683: Poland saves Europe from Islam. If that’s true (and it looks plausible given McCarrick’s communist ties and friendliness with Beijing) that could go a long way in explaining why the report remains sitting on the pope’s desk, unpublished.”. [25] The secret agreement made between the Holy See and Beijing that has been denounced publicly by Cardinal Zen, demonstrates the subjection of the Bergoglian church to the diktats of the communist dictatorship, handing over the local Hierarchy into the hands of its persecutors and keeping silent on the human rights violations perpetrated by the regime. Unity in Faith and Charity is based on the salvation of souls, not to their detriment: neither the “interventions” of the CEI nor the smiling papal meetings with the Prime Minister, who has been granted an indulgent collaboration, which reveals connivance and collaboration. Naturally, the former Grand Master Festing, born in 1949, must be added to these few eligible candidates, and perhaps put before him, for whom technically the great return is not excluded, considering the controversial resignation that followed. It is clearly a direct attack on the person of the Holy Father to discredit him in the eyes of Catholics who uphold the laws of the Church. IL LIBRO DI BENEDETTO XVI E SARAH. I consider it a great favor. The Church covers it up. Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino @pellegrino2020. Aber selbst die UNO hat erklärt, daß Dank der Globalisierung die universale Ungleichheit und Armut abgenommen haben, und die Lebenserwartungen Dank der Gesundheit und Ernährung in früher armen Ländern gestiegen sind. Oportet illum regnare. These are technical proofs of dictatorship, in which people are even being programmed to track people under the pretext of health and a hypothetical future resurgence of the virus. Vigano should also read the Bayside prophesies. (This article was translated immediately into Italian by the Info-Catholice Blog; it was republished in a Polish translation the next day. Dec. 25, 2014:  The From Rome blog publishes a news summary, entitled, The “Team Bergoglio” scandal, to summarize the news and to make it easier for new-comers to obtain quickly a total perspective on the scandal. Abp. The Holy Father is, in substance, saying nothing strange or novel, he is merely saying in his own way, that Canon 17 should be observed, namely, that the Declaratio should be read in accord with the norm of Canon Law which requires that words in the Code be understood in their proper meaning, and when there is a doubt, read according to their sense in parallel passages of the Code of Canon Law. (1) +RS, — Cardinal R. Sarah (@Card_R_Sarah) January 17, 2020, “Because of the incessant, nauseating, and untrue controversies that have never stopped since the beginning of the week concerning the book “From The Depths of Our Hearts,” this evening [Friday, January 17, 2020] I met with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Precisely at this Easter time the Gospel parable of the Good Shepherd resounds in the liturgy; Jesus also mentions the mercenaries who do not care about the salvation of the sheep: let us not render in vain the divine warning and the example of the Savior, who gives his life for the sheep! For Bergoglio and his entourage sodomy is not a sin that cries out for vengeance in the presence of God, as the Catechism teaches. There is also the suspicion that these anonymous testimonies are pure fiction. Ordine di Malta, il Futuro: Nulla è escluso. The crazy part is the Church is acting WORSE than the gays because Im supposed to have visitation every weekend and she has hid him from me for 7 years, saying she doesnt have any visitation (She is a despot with control over Ashers dad?) I find it paradoxical that in this deception, which is now being revealed even to the most moderate observers of what is happening around us, the thankless task of having to bear witness to one’s own Faith before the wolves is imposed on the People of God, without being able to have their Shepherds at their side. But there is a more important aspect, of a spiritual nature. Will you also be silent?… Today, [our] dubia have not only not had any response [from the Holy Father] but are part of a more general crisis of the Faith. It will not be easy to find this exact “specific” immoral person, given the number and variety of immoral people who are behind the Sacred Walls of the Vatican, disguised as priests or as expert journalists of communications services, rather than experts in theology or liturgy. We think we should thank the Archbishop for the frankness and courage with which he expressed opinions that many people share, and fears that many live. We need to remember that when he was young, Jorge Mario Bergoglio underwent a major surgical operation, in which doctors removed a large part of his lung. It is Our Lady Herself, in fact, who asks us to pay attention to Her words, left in our own days at Fatima, in which She speaks, both of the Holy Father, and of a Bishop dressed in white. Well, the game is complex because, on closer inspection, there is not a wide selection from which to chose. Bugnolo in a great work of mercy for them, by visiting Ordo-Militaris.US and becoming a member of the Catholic Military Order, dedicated to their defense and assistance! The priest is a liar! Salus populi romani: November 3, 2020 — Live from Rome! Something nauseating – that is, which provokes nausea and generates a sense of repulsion, disgust, and contempt – is attributed to an immoral person, who therefore arouses a feeling of repulsion. (It is unthinkable that this was a private and free initiative of Gänswein – he does not have the authority even to think about doing it, and it would be far too dangerous to actually do it). I pray you take note of the expression used by Cardinal Sarah to connote the facts: I realize that it will be a waste of time, as was true with the Dubia and the Correctio Filialis, but do we want to call for an investigation? DIY als Weltanschauung - klares Nein zum Schöpfer, Gott liebt mich - und genau deshalb brauche ich keine tägliche Nabelschau. [23] And let’s not forget the work of Archbishop Ilson de Jesus Montanari, Secretary of the Congregation of Bishops, Secretary of the Sacred College and vice-Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, in the name of and on behalf of those who elevated him to the highest ranks of the Roman Curia as a reward for his fidelity. This speech by Pope Benedict XVI was discussed by Don Alessandro Minutella and myself in a hour long program recently (here  specifically, and if you want to know about the Mafia of St. Gallen, see part II here). How can we hope that the one who is indebted for his own election to McCarrick – who was one of the main proponents of the secret agreement with China – will be able to clarify a series of events that involve him personally, demonstrating the connivances with the Chinese dictatorship against Catholics faithful to the Holy See and perhaps also the responsibility of that regime for the resignation of Pope Benedict?
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