I really didn’t know which one to buy. Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice. HENDRICK'S GIN, 44% ALC./VOL. You want as much carbonation as possible, there is nothing worse than a flat G & T. To make this drink perfect you need a lot of ice. So deelish on this snowy afternoon in DC as I dream about summer!! Nicolas.com vous Sa bouteille rappelle les flacons d'apothicaires de l'ère victorienne. Luckily I have one in my refrigerator just waiting! Add a few slices of fresh cucumber to your glass then add one shot of Hendricks gin (40 ml or 4 cl). This Blog is in English and in Dutch, you can switch language by clicking the flag buttons on the menu. Gin has early origins in the Middle Ages as herbal medicine, but thanks to marketing, it became a desirable alcoholic drink sold by the spirits industry. Thanks for the Tip with the tonic cubes. If you like your gin a little more on the sour side, squeeze a few drops of lime juice into your gin tonic. Girl…you had me at hello! Hendricks is the absolute best hands down….and I now take mine with cucumber garnish since its infused that way. Oh, and its the best drink to drink when you are in the bush. Poetry in a highball. Hi all Hendrick’s Gin adepts, Gin and tonic is known to be one of the best cocktails for those watching their weight. I had this combination at the Hendrick's Gin pavilion in Montreal during the jazz festival and it was delicious.The pavilion was also lots of fun,decorated in Victorian style with a mock up of a balloon and some fun performances of the attending staff. Cocktail Friday: a Gin Tonic with Hendrick’s Gin. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Edit: This is a post from my old Blog Photos for foodies. Hendrick's Lunar. Blech! Hi Kate, I cant remember exactly, but would think it was from the Milnerton flea market. Put the Ice cubes in a glass. Nichts spricht dagegen, diesen Gin für sich als Standard zu wählen – nur beim Gin Tonic gehen wir im Jahr 2016 lieber andere Wege. How to make Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice. Said some years ago that fresh spring onions work really well with G&T!!! So with all of this in mind, I decided to write about how to make the perfect gin and tonic. I moved them a little bit around in the glass and after that I poured the water that melted from the ice cubes out of the glass. So the idea of this blog was born. You have got it down pat. Pingback: Klassische Cocktails: Gin und Tonic - Mode Heute, Pingback: Classic Cocktails: Gin and Tonic | completenews, Pingback: How to drink Gin Tonic this summer | Make&Mess. Choose your favourite gin or the best quality and best tasting gin you can afford. Best drink ever! I made a picture of it for Cakes and Pumps, for the #100daysof_summer on instagram that I joined. - MonStyle, Klassische Cocktails: Gin und Tonic - Mode Heute, Classic Cocktails: Gin and Tonic | completenews, How to drink Gin Tonic this summer | Make&Mess, THE GROWN UP GIN AND TONIC: 10 Twists On The Classic Cocktail Recipe | Straw Boss Word Collective | Straw Boss Word Collective, Food Blog - Best Food Blogs - Gourmet Food Blog, Quiz: Welke vakantie past bij jou? This gin and tonic recipe contains only a dash of lime juice and cucumber slices which complement the taste of Hendricks gin perfectly. We freeze some lime slices and use this idea to cut down on a little ice.

Please log in or sign up to view your favourite cocktails, vote, comment and get suggestions! The Hendrick's Gin Distillery Ltd, THE GIRVAN DISTILLERY, GIRVAN, KA26 9PT HI Carole, so its seems that Cucumber is a favoured garnish and one which I will definitely re visit. Beautiful pictures. Ein Gin, der nicht für jeden sein soll. In my opinion it needs citrus. Hi Andrew, that sounds so good! Now months later ( having switchen to Hendrick’s gin as apero) I scanned The internet but can’t find traces or confirmation of my strong believe that it was pepper. 1-2 pinches of fresh ground pepper, Thanks for the awesome tips Manny – cheers , Pingback: Humpday Happy Hour | Flora and Fawn Over, Pingback: 16 Two Ingredient Cocktails Anyone Can Make | Pinky Ring Mafia, Pingback: My Favorite Pins Of The Week // 07.14.13 | Aida Mollenkamp, Pingback: Monday Morning Links – Sarafina's Kitchen. Damit gehört der Hendricks Gin in die Kategorie ... Vielleicht wird deshalb empfohlen seinen Martini oder Gin & Tonic mit einer Salatgurke zu trinken, wohl eine der bekanntesten Eigenheiten des Hendrick’s Gins. If possible, pick the fruit off the tree just before serving. Thanks for the wonderful how-to! If you decided which Gin and which Tonic you will use, then a lot of the work is done. Both are awesome, but I now prefer lime. Quick and easy to make Hendricks gin cucumber recipe. Marvelous! I am the co-founder of Yuzu Bakes and I travel and cook vegan full time with my husband. Sam. Find a favorite among those produced with a little sugar or agave. Leave off any made with corn syrup, which is way heavier in calories and leaves an unpleasant coating in the mouth. . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! my english mum is a hardcore g&t drinker, is obsessed with hendricks and only drinks it with cucumber. I just find it a lot more refreshing and exciting. Company No. Luckily for me they sell them both at our local Liquor store. I was recently in the Swiss air senator lounge in Zurich and the bartender made a Gin & Tonic with Hendricks, Cucumber & cracked black pepper and it was awesome!! The WPT is a baseball event in July, and since M. is a big baseball fan, and also sponsors the event, we were invited for the drinks, bbq and the baseball game. Sam, I highly agree with your statement that there is nothing worse than a Flat G&T! I just saw this on Pinterest and glad I did! No seriously…I must commend you on sharing what I already know. Many thanks from the untamed, rugged wilds of Western Australia? You can take a little bit more or a little bit less, but they advice to stay between the 45-60 ml. It certainly intensifies the flavour, but the carbonation and sugar in the tonic creates a slightly fluffy, only 95% solid ice-cube. As does my friend who gave me the bottle of Hendrick’s. I checked some sites to buy a good gin, but my my, what a lot of Gin’s. We haven't attempted it yet, but who knows what the future holds. It was served indeed with a lot of skill and love by the weighter at our tabel with a long cocktail spoon! Great tips to add to this post, much appreciated. HI Justin, Lately I’m using Fever Tree although I love that Schweppes is by far the fizziest. There’s something about the botanicals in Hendrick’s gin, which include rose petals and cucumber, that is just perfect for summer. Oh…what’s the question? (Hendrick’s is my go to or Tanqueray Rangpur is a close second.) Yesterday we were at a sponsor drink from the Wold Port tournament in Rotterdam. Hendrick's Orbium. i starter searching to see if anybody else came across a similar glad to have found this post . Great comments…there is a real problem about getting good tonic in this land (Australia), Pingback: Deze vorm van anti-aging maakt je nog knapper! Hi Lou, yes it seems that cucumber is very popular with Hendrick’s and I must try this on my next one Midsummer Solstice. Kisses Gin. Add a few slices of cucumber and the tonic water. i usually use a 1:2 ratio of gin to tonic and its perfect. What a delightful post. This short guide will teach you what are the perfect ratios for your epic drink. Sam Post Author 4 years ago Hi Finkel, I love the idea of black pepper and will give that a try next time too. If you ever enter the Pacific Northwest, get your hands on a bottle of Aviation gin (https://aviationgin.com/). Please give it a try and let me know what you think. Hi Meg, unfortunately we don’t get all those tonic water brands in South Africa, we essentially have one main brand, Schwepps, which is nice enough. If you are wanting a ‘thin’ gin, go for a tall glass. No joke. The Hendrick's Gin Distillery Ltd, THE GIRVAN DISTILLERY, GIRVAN, KA26 9PT Try to use Thomas Henry Tonic waters like the Elderflower! Hello Gina / Gin *waves* – nice to see you again and ching ching, Stunning photos! A limited edition gin that’s deeply floral and definitively HENDRICK'S. I do love a good G & T — thanks for the great tips. To make Hendrick's gin we also recommend that you use cucumber. Beautiful photography and I, too, love Hendricks for special, and appreciate the original Bombay for “every day.” (Sappire is too bland, IMHO.) Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1e1c623a847ddfa6b531fc636108e31" );document.getElementById("b3511e4dca").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2020 The Taste Media, LLC. Cant wait to try it! Read further for the Gin cocktail. Here you have 2 choices: lemon or lime. HENDRICK'S GIN, 41.4% ALC./VOL Thanks This is my favorite drink and always looking to make it even better. To Patrick, yes, black pepper!! HI Jane – wow I live the addition of black pepper, and I too have had a G & T served in a big fish bowl type glass. thank you sam!!! Avec près de 500 magasins en France, il y a toujours un Nicolas près de chez vous ! Eigenlij, Super verwend door mijn mannen op deze moederdag m, Lekker genoten van een super lekker menu van een v, |Cocktail Friday| For Cocktail friday I wrote a ne, [Hiep hiep hoera] Onze grote vriend Bruno vandaag, We learnt to make very easy Sushi last week, you c, This is the delicious icecream from #groetenenfrui, New Blog about this nice fruit wagon in Curacao on, A Gin Tonic with Bobby’s gin for Cocktail Friday, Mono Japan 2018 – Japanese Craft and design exhibition, Pop’s place, where you can eat delicious local food in Curacao, Cocktail Friday: An Ibiza Reloaded with Licor 43, 45-60 ml Gin (for example Hendrick’s Gin). What I didn't know at the time is that this awesome spirit will become my favourite type of gin. SC236185. There are recipes and ways of doing it. Absolutely delicious! Hi Norma, I’ll keep an eye out for Nolets too, it sounds like they have also infused rose with it which must be wonderful. A lot of the fancy tonics these days have so much flavour they can overshadow the gin. Yuzu Bakes © All Rights Reserved 2019 - 2020Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. I like G&T’s (Gin & Tonics), but never made one at home. The World’s First (and Only) Somewhat Smart Speaker. Hi Finkel, I love the idea of black pepper and will give that a try next time too. L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération. Really happy to hear, Martha. Luv luv luv your tips and tricks! - A, You're in the right place when they cover your pas, Get the Fall/Winter issue filled with cozy recipes. Hendrick's gin uses the traditional juniper infusion, as well as Bulgarian rose and cucumber. These tips form the basis of where I am going on this. Last week we had another unusually warm summer day in San Francisco, so we headed out to our usual spot on the patio to work. I look forward to connecting with you again in the future. But a giant omission? What are the measurements? This traditional liquor is strictly regulated by the European Union which states that only Netherlands, Belgium, two northern French departments and two northwestern German federal states can use the name jenever/genever/genièvre. They claim that their gin tastes different to other gins because of the rose petal and cucumber infusion, as well as the small-batch distillation process. Filed Under: Cocktail Friday, Cocktails, Drinks, Gin-tonic, Party, Recipes, Series Tagged With: Gin, Gin-tonic, Hendrick's gin, Summer, Tonic, Weekend, Cakes and Pumps is about cooking, food (photography), interior, (kitchen)gardening, traveling, fashion and many more things in the lifte of Claudia, Copyright © 2020 Cakes and Pumps on the Foodie Pro Theme, Cocktail Friday: a Gin Tonic with Hendrick's Gin, This time Gin and Tonic as Cocktail for Cocktail Friday. Pingback: A Shot of My Fav-o-rite Things | A Shot of This, a Shot of That, A Shot of Life, Carlisle Shots. While the gin itself is low in calories, the tonic water can be a sugar bomb. I do love Hendricks gin as well. Yesterday we were at a sponsor drink from the Wold Port tournament in Rotterdam. Your G&T is ready!. An ideal distraction while enduring the terrible films on television at Christmas. If you like, squeeze a little lime juice in your drink and mix using a cocktail spoon. |, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." Am also a G&T fan – can you get Hendriks locally? Please fill out the following form to send us a message. How to make Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice Lightly stir and serve Garnish with 3 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber and a twist of black pepper We are best friends, coffee lovers, travellers and bakers. Hey! I am a Business Controller who loves Food | Cooking | (Food)photography | Making Jewelry | DIY Projects | Interior decoration | (Kitchen) Gardening | Fashion | Shoes | Traveling | and a lot more. Hendricks is the answer. Going to try cucumber and tonic cubes as well. I quite like a short fat glass because you use less tonic, thus the drink is less sweet and has a stronger gin flavour. HI Alexa, really however strong you want to make it, there are no rules. The downside here is the drink gets watered down as the ice melts. Beautiful post Sam, the photos are absolutely stunning. The original HENDRICK'S GIN, oddly infused with Rose and Cucumber. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), « Hotspot: Restaurant Elements, Cala Benirras Ibiza, Homemade Unagi with eel from @pooye_vis_aan_de_mar, Afgelopen woensdag was mijn hubbie jarig. Don’t use a few ice cubes, but fill the glass with a lot of ice cubes and after that move them a little bit around in the glass, so you cool the glass. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. yum scrum! After some search on the internet, I ordered the Hendrick’s gin, the Bulldog an the Filliers. Really stunning. cheers dears. I think of sneaking big gulps when they weren’t looking because it actually tastes delicious even to children. So if you're watching your waistline, make sure you opt-in for zero tonic water. We’re lucky to have a key lime tree in the yard. If you are going to make a gin and tonic, you may as well make it right. produit(s) vendu(s) depuis hier. Trois maîtres mots guident ce processus : sélection, contrôle qualité et traçabilité. We'll eat pasta spring, summer, winter, and fall. Then I took around 50 ml of Hendrick’s gin and put it over the ice cubes. I love your photography and styling. And one of the comments was if it was a Hendrick’s Gin. TOP 12 Vegan Recipes + Exclusive Shopping List. Well not really, as Hendrick's gin was launched in 1999. But I have never been a bartender, I just try to make the recipe from what I read on the internet or in some cocktail books. Also, there's nothing better than nibbling on gin-soaked cucumber at the end. Then a friend, who is very particular about his G & T poured me a drink and I immediately realised that there was such a thing as the ‘perfect gin and tonic’. A limited edition gin that’s deeply floral and definitively HENDRICK'S. Offering a tranquil alternative to other streaming apps. My father taught me how to pour the perfect gin & tonic many years ago to ensure that if I ever made him a drink it would be just the way he liked it. It makes a big difference. (https://www.dryflydistilling.com/gin/) Ma recette de prédilection : Cucumber Gin & tonic. There’s a good reason the Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic, with its cucumber garnish, is so loved. i currently use Schweppes but thats cos its the most widely available. Of course this is all a matter of my opinion but let me give you a bit of background. Karin. Want to know more about Claudia? You can garnish your glass with one slice of cucumber. After that pour the water that melted from the ice cubes out of the glass, but leave the ice cubes into the glass. I love Gin and nothing beats a cold G&T on a hot summer’s day imo. Once you have all the above elements in place, use either a tall or a short glass. Having never tasted this delicious tipple before, it was love at first sip. propose différentes méthodes de early Summer this year we were in Porto and discovered a quality restaurant that had a very good score on their reviews list: a satisfied client wrote that they knew well how a Hendrick’s gin has to be served ! We served them in these gorgeous glasses from William Yeoward and used our favorite tonic water, which you can order here. add a slice of cucumber to your gin and tonic, it taste so good! Pingback: Essential Cocktail Recipes: 30 Best Gin Drinks | HiConsumption, Pingback: Friday Night Girls Night - LBBNY BlogLeBunny Bleu Blog. Again, beautiful pics! Gin emerged in England after the induction of jenever, a Dutch and Belgian liquor. hi sam i love these pictures!! It works well and love the lime. I use (and drink) Hendricks all the time at work (bartender)and home and have discovered that mixing Hendricks and tonic with either cucumber OR rose petals adds a completely different dimension. (En deze outfit past daarbij) - MonStyle, 5 drinks da moda para refrescar o seu carnaval - Studio Lab Decor, 5 redenen waarom gin héél gezond is! How interesting Mary – I am shook re the spring onions, Pingback: July Favourites – Kiss Blush and Tell. N, Hi Nicole, thank you so much for dropping by with your expert opinion, I am now wanting to try cucumber and rose petals too. Cheers! When the fruit is ripe, the gin starts calling! I made tonic water ice cubes. Pictures are amazing. We are always keen to receive your Unusual musings! (Mit einem * markierte Links sind Affiliate-Links aus dem Amazon-Partnerprogramm. Contract to all beliefs, the gin was not invented by a Scotsman, but it is the invention of a Yorkshire native called Lesley Gracey. Your G&T is ready. Le domaine et l'appellation . When I started with Pinterest, I thought it would be nice to share the DIY projects that I make. Hendrick's Gin is a brand of gin produced by William Grant & Sons at the Girvan distillery in Scotland.

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