For the usual text succedette “succeeded,” the variant sugger dette, “gave suck to,” has here been boldly substituted, as being significant, more Dante-like, and in perfect harmony with the context. Only eleven miles around now; the poets are approaching the bottom of Hell. The Hell of Malice. The Third Trench. This website is available with pay and free online books. Not being history, a later version of a legend may well be better than an earlier one. Essi sono due bugiardi, due falsari di parola e stupisce la commistione di questo canto, dove un personaggio contemporaneo, uno biblico e uno mitologico-letterario sono affiancati e due di essi (Sinone e Mastro Adamo) interagiranno tra di loro di lì a poco. Pagani illustri, Iracondi ed Accidiosi. [Kindle], [Libri gratis] Merceologia degli alimenti [PDF], Scarica Libri Televisione e mercati rilevanti [Kindle], [Libri gratis] Il controllo dei costi nelle imprese edili [ePUB], [Download] Quelle reti in mezzo al mare. The instigator of Absalom’s rebellion against King David. Il sogno ... [Download] Manuale del Vignajuolo: O Modo di Colti... [Libri gratis] Dove va il mondo? The tenth and last trench of Malebolge, the Eighth Circle, is ironically called a cloister, and its inhabitants convertites, or lay brethren. Fraud. Sono quelli non fanno altro che lamentarsi, che si definiscono distruttivi, s’incazzano ma non fanno nulla per cambiare loro o la loro situazione.Sono pronti alla rissa ma schifosamente pigri, sono iracondi e accidiosi, appunto.Quelli che riempiono la propria bacheca di Facebook con “ci sono troppe tasse” o “il mio lavoro fa schifo” o “maledetta crisi economica” o che addirittura attaccano in modo cieco e razzista senza permettere che qualcuno dica loro nulla perché si trincerano dietro “io dico quello che penso”. Treachery. Prima di accedere ai cerchi veri e propri incontriamo la Selva e il Colle dove Dante si viene a trovare smarrito «nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, un momento di "sonno"»: dietro questo colle si trova la città di Gerusalemme, sotto alla quale s'immagina scavata l'immensa voragine dell'Inferno. The password which prevails in the realm of Incontinence, where Reason, though neglected, is respected. The whole passage is a warning to any people, which, in its eagerness for commercial prosperity, risks losing the military qualities which alone would enable them to keep it. Sin is treated from the point of view of its spiritual specific gravity. Dante, who drove all of civilization’s horses abreast, will throughout the poem draw impartially upon all great human attempts, Pagan, Hebraic, or Christian, to name the Unnamable. The Libyan desert crossed by Cato of Utica with the remnants of Pompey’s army. Dante, rapidly learning the fundamental truth of the Hell he is visiting, can now tell without help the nature of a sin, on seeing its equivalent punishment. L'incredibile scom... [Download] Se non sbagli non sai che ti perdi. MySQL Enterprise Server: Per le applicazioni di classe enterprise, Incredibile! Citheron, and of their own accord formed themselves into the walls of Thebes. Emilio Pasquini e Antonio Quaglio, Garzanti, Milano 1982-2004. Griffolino’s own conscience infallibly apprised him of what was his worst sin. The Eighth Trench. As a means of emphasizing Virgil’s calm self-mastery, Dante opens his next description of Fraud, by giving his reader a charming picture of a mid-February day in Tuscany, where the snows of its short winter which permits roses to bloom in December, and spring-flowers in February, are much dreaded, largely because, on the plain, they rarely exceed the effects of a heavy frost. Traitors to their Guests. God’s name is not used by any one speaking in Hell, except in a case of defiance. The Valley of Jehoshaphat believed to be the site of the Final Judgment. A reference to Virgil’s previous happiness on earth, or to his having in the Aeneid made Aeneas say to Dido: “Thou bidst me, Queen, recall a grief unspeakable.”. 13 ... [Libri gratis] Manuale di progettazione per la gra... Scarica Libri Ascesa e declino. The Old Man of Crete, The Third Ring. The Hell of Malice. Come è cam... [Download] La riforma del codice dell'amministrazi... [Download] Steve Jobs (Italian Edition): La biogra... [Libri gratis] Tra le carte di un editore [PDF]. Because, ever since cursed by Venus, they had been abandoned by their husbands. Phlegra, in Thessaly, the site of the mythical struggle between Zeus and the Giants, the Sky-god and the Sons of Earth, Spirit and Matter. The monster Plutus being called a Wolf would seem to strengthen the interpretation, whereby the Wolf of the first canto stood for materialistic Greed, born of Envy, the child of Pride, a view enforced by the following reference to Michael’s defeat of Satan’s rebellion against a spiritual God. Or put search terms in ""-quotes for exact matches, which also works for (exact) series name and issue number. The Evil Claws. The Hell of Malice. : canto-ci001_line-73 Poeta fui, e cantai di quel giusto Langdon1918v1: 1_ln73: canto-ci001_line-74 figliuol d’ Anchise che venne da Troia,: canto-ci001_line-75 poi che il superbo Iliòn fu combusto. Inoltre il "Cocito" è suddiviso in quattro zone, eppure, in contrasto con la grande varietà di colpe e pene in Malebranche e in generale nei cerchi precedenti, è sostanzialmente uniforme: quasi uguale è la pena, come uguale fu la colpa: si nota infatti che, al di là della superficiale suddivisione di questi dannati in traditori dei parenti, della patria eccetera, essi si sono resi colpevoli in vita di più di un tradimento, oppure questa colpa riguarda più zone: chi ha tradito i parenti ha tradito nello stesso tempo compagni di partito (i fratelli Alessandro e Napoleone degli Alberti) od ospiti (Frate Alberigo e Branca d'Oria), Gano di Maganza tradisce il re Carlo Magno che è anche suo zio, Bruto tradisce Cesare che è anche suo padre adottivo, ecc. Nella terza bolgia sono puniti i simoniaci, che fecero mercimonio dei beni spirituali e in particolare delle cariche ecclesiastiche: essi sono capovolti in buche dalle quali fuoriescono solo con i piedi, lambiti da fiamme; essi sono così fitti nelle borse che in vita vollero riempire di denaro, capovolgendo i loro doveri in favore di beni meramente terreni e non divini. Herewith Dante enters the final, central ring of ice, in which are frozen those who were traitors to their Benefactors; they are wholly immersed in the ice, each in a different position, probably to indicate a difference in the degree of their individual guilt. Modifica ), Stai commentando usando il tuo account Google. Under the symbolism of earthquake, wind, and lightning Dante describes his mysterious birth by a flash of intuition, as it were, into a first appreciation of the truth which pervades the whole of his Inferno, that any state of Sin is one with its accompanying, or equivalent Pain. Brutus. Modifica ), Mandami una notifica per nuovi articoli via e-mail, Immagine Link racchiuso tra The fate of individuals in “another world” is, in this case as in all others, on the knees of a Justice whose other name is Love, to which can be also left the little children whom Dante describes as being in the border state. The Hell of Malice. Dante, Man. Falsifiers, The Eighth Circle. [ePUB], [Libri gratis] Il pianista virtuoso [ePUB]. Edition: current; Page: [[xxxiv]] Dante frequently uses frogs for the purposes of his grim humor. The Eighth Trench. The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. Of course “exhaustion” and “for ever” are mutually contradictory terms; hence here as elsewhere a deeper meaning must be found for “eternal.” Hypocrisy is innately and inescapably “fatiguing,” since it involves living simultaneously two lives. Manto 220–229, The Eighth Circle. Twelve hours separate the time of one hemisphere from that of the other. Charon, the Ferryman of Acheron, who refuses to receive Dante, because he is not, as are the others, spiritually dead. The last three lines of this canto find their due explanation in the note to line 1, and at any rate are boldly endorsed by the four opening terzine of the next canto. Traitors to their Relatives. Hypocrites. Most texts read in line 36, parte, “a part,” instead of porta, “gateway,” which latter, however, best describes the symbolic function of baptism. The last glimpse of Evil, therefore, reveals its Foolishness, or its Upside downness, which formed a part of the punishment of the more individual case of the Simoniacs. Cain and his thorns, a popular Italian version of the Man in the Moon; an astronomical bit indicating that it is now about 6 a.m. Geryon 184–195. The flame in which Ulysses and the rest are burning further suggests the conflagration of evil that may spread from the spark of a single lie. Girone Primo. Inoltre nel canto XXII del Purgatorio Virgilio nomina altri suoi compagni del Limbo in una conversazione con il poeta latino Stazio. Charybdis in the Strait of Messina. This blank verse must, however, be loyal to itself and to its own laws, and must not take any such liberties with them as too many manufacturers of “vers libres,” so-called, seem to think proof against the charge of license. crescita del Paese. Tyrants. Pier delle Vigne, Third Ring. On the most improbable occasions Dante will drop as here into a beautiful description of his beloved Florence, Tuscany, or Italy. Farinata 104–115, The Sixth Circle (continued). Certo, comprendo ed immagino, spesso sono stato costretto a vivere personalmente la condizione di chi viene a sapere una verità scomoda, qual è lo stato d’animo di chi sa ciò che vorrebbe non fosse, ma ciò non giustifica assolutamente la bugia. The Tuscan Maremma, whose wild deserted woodland has already been compared to the forest of the Suicides above, was reputed to be infested with snakes. Clement V 208–219, The Eighth Circle. The Second Ring, Traitors to their Country or Party. Cianpolo 243–253, The Seventh Circle. Mosca. These three are probably three ways of expressing the same thing. The story of Ulysses’ last journey and death in quest of adventure, which closes the canto, is more than an illustration of its hero’s baneful powers of persuasion, if it be that. Tydeus, one of the seven Kings besieging Thebes, who, having killed Menalippus by whom he had been wounded, before dying procured his enemy’s head, and gnawed it. Wasting one’s property, and pessimism, outer forms of suicide. The Ninth Circle, the frozen lake of Cocytus, at whose center Dis, or Lucifer, is fixed. Sono quelli di cui avere più paura, quelli che ci possono fare più male e quelli che ci possono deludere di più.Sono quelli che in Whatsapp ti mandano un messaggio privato con una scusa per sapere qualcosa che con quel messaggio privato non c’entra. Dante spared none of the wrangling, faction-weakened republics of his time, which kept Italy disunited, self-enslaved, and a prey to foreign interference and aggression. It is because of the perfection of Divine Justice that sin is self-punished. Evil-claws; Santa Zita being the patroness of the city of Lucca in Tuscany, the reference here is to its town council. The flames which moved around the trench, concealing (as does a candle’s flame its wick) the sinners within them, symbolize the burning eloquence of the words which served to persuade, while concealing the real mind and convictions of those that uttered them. Phlegethon means, in Greek, boiling; Lethe, the other infernal river of classic mythology, Dante saves for a higher purpose in the Terrestrial Paradise. You can start in searching the book in titled Il gioco dei bugiardi. Misers and Prodigals. Aristotle, The Second Circle. Sono quelli che tentano di rubare la tua identità con la malizia o con la tecnologia, per sostituirsi a te e derubare, depredare e in sostanza fregare chi di te si fida.Sono quelli che ti dicono su Facebook di vendere loro una pagina, dargliela in gestione, e appena gliela passi ti levano come amministratore e scompaiono. The First Ring. A first confused impression of the World of Evil. Il contrappasso ancora una volta si richiama alle pene ordinariamente inflitte, nell'uso medievale, per i reati contro la divinità: il rogo; inoltre nel caso particolare dei sodomiti notiamo un richiamo all'episodio biblico della distruzione di Sodoma e Gomorra sotto appunto una pioggia di fuoco. Telling unfamiliar as well as unpopular truths is fraught with danger, but Dante dared to face it here. Violenza contro il Prossimo. Dante’s masterwork is a 3 volume work written in Italian rather than Latin. The Hell of Malice. Nicholas III. A suggestion of the danger of contamination in an unguarded examination of Sin. Count Ugolino, The Ninth Circle. Blasphemers. The Messenger from Heaven, The Sixth Circle. At any rate Dante does not propose to let either Africa or Asia boast of worse snakes than those he saw in Hell. Il custode, anche traghettatore sullo Stige, è Flegias, allegoria dell'ira: la sua figura è infatti ripresa dalla mitologia, essendo egli stato un re dei Lapiti che incendiò il tempio di Delfi per vendicarsi di Apollo, il quale gli aveva sedotto la figlia, come narrano Virgilio e Stazio. Brutta razza. This is the overflow of Acheron, since Dante conceives of all the rivers of his Hell as interconnected. Without the latter quality to guard the other two, he would become the worst kind of a Barbarian god imaginable. Alchemists. Of Antaeus it was fabled that he was absent from the fight of his brethren against Jove in the Battle of Phlegra; that is why he is here unbound, and able to yield to Virgil’s request to set them down at the bottom of the otherwise inaccessible Well of Cocytus. I Cerchi 2, 3, 4 e 5 Dante li fa riempire di quelli che vengono chiamati “incontinenti” ovvero quelle persone che dirigono l’amore verso fini, persone e cose di per sé buoni, ma in maniera sconsiderata.Sapete chi ci metto io nei golosi? This outermost circle portrays the spiritual state of the innocent and worthy, but pagan-minded, who, not having attained the Christian conception of life, cannot, while in that state, share in its happiness, and who therefore, though desiring, have no hope. All'improvviso... Download Refusi. Then download it. The Eighth Circle. A remarkably suggestive warning against putting political or other kinds of power, especially when equipped with trained intelligence, into the hands of men uncontrolled by moral and spiritual training. The legally justified, but treacherous and murderous husband is here condemned to Caìna Cain’s ring in the ice of Cocytus reserved for traitors to their relatives at the bottom of Hell. The Hell of Malice. Count Ugolino della Gherardesca had been a Ghibelline leader, but in 1275 went over to the Guelphs, and later obtained supreme power in Pisa. Plutus. This conception of a temporary fear on the part of the Gods, necessary to give the struggle any interest, is to be found even in Milton’s Paradise Lost in the initial stages of its grand description of the conflict between the Almighty and Lucifer. As he approaches the bottom of Hell Dante seems to revert to a mood in some ways similar to one he was in at the beginning. Fearlessness and Freedom, here as elsewhere, the great spiritual qualities. In marked contrast with Semiramis, Dido of Carthage, who, faithless to her plighted loyalty to her dead husband, gave herself to Aeneas, leads those who weakly yielded to a genuine, though illegal, love for one person. Giudecca, the central ring of Cocytus, the Circle of Traitors. Hereafter Dante will wear no girdle but the reed of humility, assumed at the beginning Edition: current; Page: [[xliii]] of his course through Purgatory. 1 (Inferno) (Italian and Notes) [1321], THE ITALIAN TEXT WITH A TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH BLANK VERSE AND A COMMENTARY, Above Man’s war-wracked world a veteran throng, Called from the Poets’ Heaven to take their share, Looms o’er Ravenna, where he died, and where, He saw God’s Freedom in the dazzling glare. Corrupt Politicians and Grafters, Political Prostitutes, The Eighth Circle. Attila 126–137, The Seventh Circle (continued). Dopo avere provato l’ebrezza di aver preso in giro ed essere riusciti a godere dei vantaggi procurati dalla bugia è difficile non ricadere nell’errore. Diviners, Soothsayers and Practicers of Magic. Respect for Nature, which is an outer manifestation of God, associated with reverence for the latter. The human face, to which shame brings a blush. While unconscious, he passes across Acheron, to see with his mind’s eye what nonobedience and disobedience of the laws of the spiritual or real world mean in terms of pain. Una persona presente a se stessa preferisce sapere anche le cose meno gratificanti (ma è solo un eufemismo) che non essere lasciata all’oscuro di ciò che accade o, peggio, che gli venga veicolata una non verità. The Muses, who so inspired Amphion’s lyre that stones came down from Mt. Dante’s frequently mysterious passage from one circle or spiritual state to another resembles the mysterious way in which the Edition: current; Page: [[xxx]] mind shuts out a previous thought or feeling by an act of will, and gives itself wholly to another. This book gives the readers many references and knowledge that bring positive influence in the future. Interminei. The speaker may have been a certain Lotto degli Agli, a prior of Florence who hanged himself in his own house. The Wrathful and the indolent Sullen, who, by abuse or nonuse, failed in the rational use of that natural Indignation, upon which the higher interests of Man’s civilization as much depend, as the lower do upon the rational use of Wealth. 1 (Inferno (Hell) describes what happens to the souls of the wicked who are condemned to suffer the torments of Hell. Italian version. Thought to be the cord of St. Francis, Dante being reported as having intended in his youth to join the Franciscan order, as a means of resisting the temptations to Incontinence, represented by the allegorical Leopard of the first canto. Here Flatterers and Prostitutes, viewed as men and women who, for personal advantage of one kind or another, prostituted their souls or their bodies by playing with friendship, affection, admiration, or love, are immersed in excrement, to signify the utterly disgusting and corrupt nature of their sin morally and spiritually; the boldest instance of Dante’s unflinching realism. Arachne a Lydian maiden who challenged Athene to weaving, and was turned by her into a spider. I cerchi dell'Inferno sono corone circolari concentriche e sovrapposte nelle quali Dante Alighieri, nella sua opera della Divina Commedia, immagina sia suddiviso l'Inferno, che egli descrive nell'omonima prima cantica. Dante uses the specially polite voi in addressing Brunetto, as he did in the case of Farinata and Cavalcanti. Thieves. Having been treacherously killed by one of the Sacchetti family, his death had not in 1300 been revenged by any of his relatives, a fact which explains Edition: current; Page: [[lxiii]] Dante’s sympathetic interest in him here, as well as Geri’s threatening gesture, since the avenging of a relative’s murder was still held to be a duty in Dante’s time. La terza zona del nono cerchio è la Tolomea, dal nome del re egizio Tolomeo che tradì l'ospite Gneo Pompeo Magno (oppure dal nome del governatore di Gerico, che uccise a tradimento il suocero Simone Maccabeo, sommo sacerdote, e i suoi due figli): qui stanno infatti i traditori degli ospiti, immersi nel ghiaccio con il capo riverso, in modo che si congelino le lacrime negli occhi, impedendo loro di sfogare il dolore nel pianto. This fable, supposed to be Aesop’s, told how a frog who had tied a mouse to himself to tow him over the water, dived without regard to his companion, who while struggling was picked up by a kite, who carried them both off. Passiamo tutta la vita a dividere il mondo per categorie. Is that this booklet direct the traffic next? Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 29 ott 2020 alle 09:41. Heretics 100–103, The Sixth Circle (continued). Diviners, Soothsayers and Practicers of Magic. TESTO, Controllo remoto a distanza per Mac Gratuito per uso privato. Theexpression in this word takes the buyer appearance to read and read this book again and still. There is no change in Lucifer, but only in the human point of view from which he is seen. Eppure c’è chi è convinto che una bugia, se detta a fin di “bene”, è meglio della verità, fa meno male o addirittura faccia bene. The Mountain of the ideal life of Virtue. Dante frequently makes statements like this to suggest that the experience of his Vision made great changes in his subsequent life. Both are given a full chance to win the reader’s sympathy. Prostitution again! Queste malattie appunto li sfigurano, rendono diversa e per così dire falsificano la loro natura, come essi in vita vollero contraffare la figura della verità. Ci troviamo nel girone dove un vento tempestoso – la bufera infernal che mai non resta – tormenta i peccator carnali, quelli che hanno cedato alle lusinghe dell’amore sensuale. Corrupt Politicians and Grafters, Political Prostitutes 230–241, The Eighth Circle. Il racconto senza sconti di chi h... [Libri gratis] 19 PEZZI FACILI (DAL LIBRO DI ANNA ... [Download] Siete pazzi a mangiarlo! Brunetto Latini 162–171, The Seventh Circle (continued). Soracte by Pope Sylvester I, a legend connected with the equally legendary donation which followed. Identità e g... Download Ilva. Many scholars think that the del costui piacer of line 104 should be taken to mean “for his charming looks,” but, apart from the involved lack of contrast with line 101, line 103 seems to suggest as more correct the version given in the text. The stone, heliotrope, was supposed to render its bearer invisible. In view, then, of the above and other similar frank criticisms of the work of my predecessors in the fascinating field of Dante translation, I have been guided by the following considerations, which are modestly offered in justification of the aims, if not of the results, of a slowly matured effort, which has enjoyed the rare help of being progressively tested by being read aloud in public during many years. A questo proposito l’unica trasgressione che potrei ammettere è relativa alla differenza tra il non dire e dire una bugia. Nella seconda bolgia, trattata nello stesso canto della precedente, sono puniti gli adulatori, che giacciono nello sterco umano, degno contrappasso per la sconcezza morale del loro peccato. Il canto trentesimo dell'Inferno di Dante Alighieri si svolge nella decima bolgia dell'ottavo cerchio, ove sono puniti i falsari; siamo nel pomeriggio del 9 aprile 1300 (Sabato Santo), o secondo altri commentatori del 26 marzo 1300. The God of Dante is a God of Power, Wisdom, and Love. His terrorizing fury defeats its own end. Herewith ends Dante’s historically interesting interlude on the political state of Romagna in 1300. The prophecy of a murder committed by the one-eyed Malatestino Malatesta on the Adriatic soon after 1312. The Old Man of Crete, the symbol of the ever deteriorating human race, whose tears furnish Hell with its rivers; Damietta, in Egypt, represents the ancient world of Man before the age of Imperial and Christian Rome. The famous King of Epirus, and a pirate son of Pompey. Another incident, which recalls many a modern farce, in which grafters, the police and the “yellow” press figure with little to distinguish them from each other. In Virgil’s approval of his righteous indignation Dante makes the only mention Edition: current; Page: [[xxxiii]] in the poem of a member of his immediate family. ( Chiudi sessione /  Fraud. Saint Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, who claimed to have been “caught up into Paradise.”. He who would know the inmost nature of evil must be willing to get used to its repulsiveness. In Edicola sul Fatto Quotidiano del 18 Novembre: La Moncler rivuole i milioni da Fontana. This probably means that the Church had prospered, or would prosper, only so long as her head, the Pope, remembered that she was born of the seven gifts Edition: current; Page: [[xlvii]] of the Holy Spirit, and observed the ten moral commandments. Juno’s spite against the royal house of Thebes was due to the love of Jupiter for Semele, the daughter of Cadmus the founder of the city, from which union sprang the god, Bacchus. In the Giants towering up around the Central Well are symbolized all cases of overweening Pride and Ambition, or of mere Might overriding the claims of Right. This is the first part of the profoundly significant myth of Satan’s Fall, the last part of which is saved for the Paradiso. Flatterers and Prostitutes. Aetna. The next three mentioned were murderers through treachery. Sono qui puniti un anonimo lucchese, Frate Gomita, Michele Zanche e Ciampolo da Navarra. Dante Alighieri nel 2015 ha compiuto 750 anni. Sono qui puniti Semiramide, Didone, Cleopatra, Elena, Achille, Paride, Tristano, Isotta, Lancillotto, Ginevra, Paolo Malatesta e Francesca da Polenta. Italians have always thought of themselves as Latins. The Limbo, or Borderland, of Unbaptized Innocents and Worthies, and Illustrious Pagans. Geryon, the symbol of Fraud, whose nature will be revealed by the punishment of its several forms in the following Circle. “Doubled up” in a position such as that assumed by those worshipping the Holy Face, an ancient image of Christ believed to have been by the hand of Nicodemus, which was preserved in Lucca. Corruption in politics, and the endless struggle between corrupt representatives of the people and often equally corrupt executives of the laws passed against that corruption, have always been fair game for more or less good natured amusement, cartooning, etc. Punishment in Hell is graded by a law of spiritual gravitation. The Pillars of Hercules, Calpe (Gibraltar), and the opposite eminence, Abyla. Profaners of their body, the temple of the spirit. The grave accent has been used for all purposes in the Italian text, except that of marking a closed o or e, and in the English, to facilitate the pronunciation of proper nouns, or the rhythmic reading of the verse; while a free use has been made of the apostrophe, as one way of rendering the frequently colloquial style of the Italian, and in such embarrassing cases as that of see’st when pronounced as one syllable. Quelli che urlano, inconsapevoli di essere in un mondo che sussurra, in quanto sordi. The Hell of Malice. Bertran de Born, the celebrated Provençal troubadour, who flourished in the last part of the twelfth century, and was believed to have instigated the rebellion of Prince Henry of England, “the youthful king,” against his father Henry II. Fraud. Possibly as a reaction against these obvious defects, Charles Eliot Norton produced his well known and excellent prose version, against which the only thing that can be said is, that it is just what it purports to be, prose, a prose only slightly hampered by extreme verbal loyalty; and that it was composed under the strange conviction, expressed in his preface, that “to preserve in its integrity what” (of the Edition: current; Page: [[ix]] thought and sentiment embodied in the verse) “may thus be transferred, prose is a better medium than verse.” Admitting, however, that for the harmonious blending of meaning and music in the original, a new harmony might, indeed, be substituted, Mr. Norton unfortunately added: “but the difference is fatal,” and in giving up the creation of a new harmony himself, he lent the great authority of his name to the suggestion that any such attempt by others would prove futile.
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