straight up i mix new amsterdam with either fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, or just buy ruby red grapefruit juice at the store. In fact, a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic was perhaps the first gin cocktail I ever ordered out, and it changed my life. Great site. I normal gravitate towards regular Bombay or Plymoth…but there is something about New Amsterdam that is appealing. NO Juniper Great…. The rose is the perfect note to make your next Clover Club Cocktail something special, while it sits just as nicely on the top of an Aviation or Blue Moon Cocktail. All is not lost however. The insider’s guide to good drinking. Search by flavor; Award Winners. It was a nice change. Sounds like the right idea to me. Yes, it’s different — doesn’t have the big juniper presence that Beeferaters has, nor the delicate cucumber and rose geranium of Hendricks — but I find its mild citrus flavor and extreme smoothness works very well for me in a martini. When I tried the New Amsterdam, I thought I was going to have to throw the bottle away. I tried it with a splash of vermouth and found it to be quite good. But I’d be remiss if I let any of that get in the way of it. At age 67, long ago I came to respect that a person should drink what they like, whether it be gin or any other alcoholic beverage. Bombay Sapphire gin contains 10 exotic botanicals, including: Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Liquorice Root, Almonds, Lemon Peel, Cassia Bark, Orris Root, Angelica Root, Cubeb Berries, Grains of Paradise. Bought New Amsterdam on a whim — it was on sale for about $11 at the local Safeway supermarket. When I first opened the bottle, I was immediately in love with the citrus aroma. Now it is bar booze. Now that I’m branching out, and realizing that aforementioned Bombay is NOT all there is, I’m having fun trying all the different gins—contemporaries and classics—that are out there. give me a dollar. Get what you pay for. What’s not to like? The Hendrick’s dirty Martini is something of an underground specialty. Here in RI you can purchase a liter and a half for 23 bucks! If, however, you sometimes like gin, or feel that some gins have too much of the “pine needle taste”.. definitely give this a shot.. you might really like it, because the juniper is very subtle in comparison to say, Bombay. I’m drinking it right now. Hendrick’a Gin has with it the burden of history. It is very smooth, but I can see where some would find it too sweet with the citrus forward flavor. Late palate a faint hint of yarrow (that slight salty licorice flavor) and black pepper. And, yes, its one of those gins I wouldn’t hesitate to drink straight up. It likely needs no introduction. Let’s counteract that with_________”. I respect the reviews of those who give me more substance and who acknowledge in their review that others may have a different opinion and that is fine with them. I also find that for a 44% ABV gin, Hendrick’s Gin  works surprisingly well in a Negroni. For martinis, it’s just awful in my humble opinion. Your email address will not be published. My girlfriend and I (we have not spoken in years, and yet I still have the rotten taste of this bogus creamsicle shitbomb in my mouth) tried for almost two years to get through a hole bottle. New Amsterdam Gin is owned by a wine company conglomerate called Gallo. Being relatively new to gin drinking, I came to the game unencumbered by all of what long time gin drinkers carry with them in terms of what gin “should” taste like. It basically tastes like an orange-flavored vodka, without the subtleties of a good gin. Who’d have thought this $14 gin would be so contentious! Dang…. It all depends upon one’s taste I suppose but for the life of me, I can’t imagine anyone who has had a good gin martini liking this stuff. The nose certainly has juniper, but I find the musky hint of rose lightens it and gives it a floral forward impression. New Amsterdam by the way has one other benefit: it’s extremely hang-over proof. I have tried it in a martini….and actually….i like it! Was good. latest report on Consumer Taste Preferences in Gin. Hendrick’s Gin finish is fairly long, with a serious juniper backed astringency. (full disclosure: there isn’t a spirit I haven’t at least tried to mix with Coca Cola; the only one that absolutely didn’t work for me was Scotch). Goes with fish- tabbouleh- salad dressing and steamed veggies. In a word, disgusting. Now that the dust is settling, there are a few that are now my “go to” gins. Made a G&T with it, thinking it was G, but came out with something completely different. Not bad for a cheaper gin, but I must admit, Gordons or Gilbeys would be fine also. It’s also pretty good mixed with our homemade lemonade and blended with ice in the summer! you’ve been warned. Lacks complexity. I just bought some to try it because it was cheap, and the shop didn’t carry Broker’s and Plymouth has climbed to $30/750ml. The price and quality is a perfect match. 6, Blackwater, Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Gin Company), Euphrosine Gin #9 Barrel Finished Reserve, Four Pillars Distillery ✕ Kyoto Distillery Changing Seasons Gin, Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin, Never Never Distilling Co. Southern Strength Gin, New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin, London Dry Gin, No. The burden of generally being seen at the top of its game. Tanqueray too. Just tried it in a G&T with lime for the first time. Hendrick’s is where it’s at for me. First tried Hendricks in a G&T with a little squeeze of a quarter of lime. No other blog devoted solely to gin reviews as much gin. Well, I have tried the Vesper with Sapphire, Gordons, and Tanqueray and by far the best combo is with New Amsterdam. How Long Does Baileys (And Other Cream Liqueurs) Last? And it is now much overpriced. Hendricks is one of them—when I want “something different”, something more flavorful without being over the top (like, say, Uncle Val’s Botanical). When I first opened the bottle, I was immediately in love with the citrus aroma. AGGGGH!!! definitely good with other fruit mixers, but the carbonated perrier is a little less overpowering than very sweet fruit mixers would be. I do like it however tanqueray ten or sapphire are my usuals but this gets the job done just the same and is just as smooth…. Moved to Hendricks for special occcasions after being wowed by it at my favorite Mexican Restaurant (La Serenata de Garibaldi on 4th St. in Santa Monica, CA) a few years ago. On a hot summer night I had a taste for a Gin & Tonic, with a squeeze of lime, I haven’t had one for years. There isn’t that crisp bite like you would normally see. Maybe not. I guess its a matter of taste. This is probably the gin they’ll name. But whatever it is, it’s still quite good. It is a terrible choice for those. i indulge in the full realm of beer, wines, liquors and prefer straight on the rocks, and gin martinis. I bought a nip to try,wary of buying a whole bottle. I use this in martini’s all the time but I like to float a couple of dashes of orange bitters sometimes. It’s a great change from other gins, great semi-sweet orange vanilla flavor… I think the harsh comments are from people that are not open minded enough to experience good gin in a slightly different way…just because it does not taste like your favorite brand does not make it a bad gin!! If not, I usually buy Beefeater, but I have almost entirely lost my taste for it, so I bought New Amsterdam. Even neat. Grand total = $8.99. I love this gin. awful. To me, it had a very vanilla/sacharine aftertaste that was hard to shake. I do like the flavor as well. So, what do I do with it? What planet are you all from? You would be amazed with what you can do with gin. Townskull. I like it quite a bit. The ‘citrus’ flavor to which you refer I would file under Flinstone chewable vitamins. I dislike the orange taste and won’t buy it again. Actually, if you mix New Amsterdam with a good vermouth and a twist if lemon, you get a darn fine olive-free martini. Give it a shot if you have a bottle of this stuff and can’t find a good use for it. I am afraid you have become a victim of good marketing. Actually, it is quite a good gin to drink straight up. They also say that it’s the perfect gin to drink straight or in a G&T, and I’m having a hard time finishing the one I just mixed. Hendrick’s Gin launched in 1999. They give out coupons for gin in Arizona?! My wife insists on nothing less than Hendricks…so there it is…over and out. When I read the reviews on this site about the various gins, it reminds me of the opinions of those who drink Chardonnay wine – they will fight to the death about whether “oaky” or “buttery” are desirable traits for a Chardonnay. When mixing it with tonic etc , it’s very light, have only few herbal tones, mostly juniper and coriander. Sitting on top of that Hendrick’s has a surprising amount of citrus, especially mid-palate where orange and lime again resurface, almost with a candy-like note. it was delicious! The New Amsterdam website has a bunch of them (all named after Manhattan), but I’m a bit weary. I gave it a shot, I don’t like it. For me, this is how a classic G’n’T should taste. First taste reminded me of a bottle of store branded gin (Albertson’s or Sav-mart in the West). A good gin if you don’t like gin. stay away. What I see as a newer gin drinker is that there are many, many choices out there and what could be better than that? Of course, most of you younguns won’t touch vermouth and think olive brine is a fit mixer. Try New Amsterdam in an “Orange Blossom”: 1.5 oz New Amsterdam 1.5 oz fresh squeezed orange juice .05 oz simple syrup (Cointreau if you are feeling fancy). I was struggling to drink 4cl of it neat, which I usually drink as aperative. We drink G&Ts and martinis often. But they also use a traditional pot still method where botanicals are macerated for 24 hours (all but the rose and cucumber) and distilled. We find it to be an interesting change of pace for or summer time G&Ts. It’s not the best, but it’s not the undrinkable swill some people seem to think it is. If you are near the Northamptonshire/ Leicestershire boarder Id recommend the Warner Edwards Gin tour. It’s creamy, rich, and almost platonic to me. It may be an OK mixer but I will never know because I never mix my gin. Tasting: Nose: intense with citric, juniper and almond notes Palate: dry and fresh One particular cocktail to me seems to have emerged as a gin drink of choice in places where you might not normally see people drinking gin nor cocktails. But it ain’t really a gin: even a renegade gin like Hendrick’s is recognisibly gin. The bar near my apt ranks Hendricks below Bombay sapphire in terms of pricing and for that I thank them . It’s a very tasty drink but I don’t know what to call it. So I watched Casino Royale when it came out in 2006, and of course in the movie is a scene where Bond rattles off a recipe for a Vesper martini. Big Beefeater’s fan. Well, ofcourse! So I’m not sure those who believe it tastes a bit artificial are correct. Normally $14.99 in AZ, on special at a local grocery for $10.99 plus an extra $2.00 off coupon. I like Bluecoat Gin and Leopold’s Gin…these are small batch gins made in America. Not to be a purist on the juniper, but there is no juniper in this whatsoever. I still think Hendrick’s Gin is a well made gin. 2020 Award Winners; 2019 Award Winners; 2018 Award Winners; 2017 Award Winners; 2016 Award Winners; 2015 Award Winners; All … I had it for the first time in a good bar, and it seemed like it was lost after the first sip. I tried it in an Abbey and it worked out very well, which means it is ideal for Martini variants such as the Vesper. It’s my second favorite Gin, with Blue Sapphire my number one. Stop drinking what ersatz film imitation James Bond drinks. Why they changed it, I can’t say. Very citricy, smooth and (gasp) enjoyable! I got this today, because well – it was on sale. I was blindsided by the citrus – did not expect that at all, and I can’t say I am pleased with it. It has notes of whatever that liquid is that a cucumber leaves at the bottom of your fridge as it enters its death throes and final incontinence. I just purchased a bottle and while it is enjoyable, it has neither the crisp punch of bombay, or the incredible combination or flavors true jenivers deliver. Nice. Erik J – Yeah, not really for everyone. Hardly compares to Tanquery. Highly Recommended. Sorry guys. Too many others are like drinking a bottle of Pine-sol! 209 Barrel Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Gin, Old Mr. Boston English Market Gin (1960’s/70’s), Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Old Tom Gin, Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Navy Strength Bathtub Gin, Ridge Distillery Silvertip American Dry Gin, Tenth Ward Distilling Company Genever Style Gin, Tobermory Heavily Peated Oloroso Cask Bathtub Gin, Tommyrotter Distillery Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel Gin, Wild Roots Cucumber and Grapefruit Infused Gin, latest report on Consumer Taste Preferences in Gin. Most Martini fans would not, but I thiught it was a nice twist. OK, enough tomfoolery. I’m not an expert on Gin but it makes a pleasant drink. singapore sling….perfect for it! A clear callback to gin’s forbears, the apothecary style bottle suggests comparison to Genevers and a time when gin was a medicine. To eCh their own. Thanks! 100ml New Amsterdam 125ml Tonic A couple of drops of lemon juice. This was my first neat gin and I’m so glad. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not supplied) with 8 different settings including white or blue static or flashing, and both colours alternately flashing, fading and morphing, this bottle lamp will make a beautiful addition to your home or office, or makes for a very … Shaken and poured over ice. Worth the price, too. Review: Cazadores Tequila – Blanco and Extra Anejo, Review: Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Very Small Batch Bourbon (2020), Review: Cincoro Tequila – Blanco and Reposado. It’s a very interesting evening. It’s no longer the only game in town, but it’s still a game worth checking out. Menu. Very vanilla and citrus infused vodka flavor. Really a pleasing party gin for a good price. The vodka thins the overpowering flavor, whatever it is, of this gin to an acceptable level. However, New Amsterdam gin is made in good old Modesto, California (not Constantinople). No longer made, they were built with gin in mind. Very interesting. The bitterness of the Campari amplifies the bitterness that the gin seems to bring on its own, while juniper rises to the fore. It’s like someone said “most people that hate gin, hate it because of the juniper taste. I’m fond of citrus but not big on “fruity” drinks, so this is a nice, crisp, not too sweet drink that I can easily imagine sipping out on the porch come summer. I really don’t get Bombay Sapphire at all, it’s nothing special, but I haven’t tried Bombay Star. 209 Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, No. Over 700 (and counting!). Am thinking about trying it with lime/lemon perrier. Tastes more like a Smirnoff Orange Vodka. Am I just imagining it or is there vanilla in this stuff too? But the history of what it meant when it launched, and just how much impact Hendrick’s has had on the modern gin market should not be forgotten. wanted to pour it out but thought to pout it out, but then tried to give it to the homeless man inthe hood he said “hell naw idon’t drink that you trying to kill me give that to someone that is dead so they can rise from the dead and spit it in your face”. I made a G&T. Now, in a martini? If I don’t think of it as a gin, but some other, new type of drink, it’s pretty good (but I do like sweet liquers). Really? It’s as though a liquor conglomerate decided to woo naive children. They lost it. I drink a lot of G&T’s so I found this gin to be perfect because of its price point and for its more interesting citrus flavors. And…G&T was pretty good as well. The palate exudes a backbone of a very classic gin. I’m a new Gin drinker, so I guess take this with a gain of salt; I love this stuff! Hendrick’s Gin launched in 1999. -H. I wish I had read these comments before I impulsively purchased Amsterdam. A dull warmth of the spirit emanates quietly from the back of the palate. It’s a drink that would be okay with vodka, but the slightly herbal, gin notes add a little extra something to it. Man this is good stuff,me and Rosco and the boys are on the corner and this takes the nip outta the night air,a very palatable,fruity,non pompous gin.Ya’ll snooty martini drinkers that can’t conjugate a verb ,You need to get over yourselves.word. Why is everyone make such a fuss about it. Citrusy, no juniper really except in the aroma, but very, very smooth. Not to long after this a friend gave me Bombay Sapphire, of which I was not a fan. It’s very obvious by the tour the amount of passion that goes into their product. I’m not a huge gin fan, but I do drink Bombay at times. It likely needs no introduction. Cheap. Heavy juniper notes on the nose are completely missing from the flavor. Very interesting… I’ll have to try it again soon. Based on the advice of one of my favorite beverage providers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I don’t agree however with all the “you get what you pay for” comments. Previously the only thing I would drink Gin in is a G&T, but the combo of Gin/Vodka/Lillet, and a Lemon twist was just right. Sweet orange, lime zest and a hint of elderflower as well. Cheers everyone! like…this has gotten me well drunk….i mixed it with diet cherry seven up and it has gotten me quite messed up at this moment. I’ve gone through many bottles of Hendrick’s in my life. It’s been around for so long that bartenders and long-time gin drinkers may even be tired of it. Thought I’d try this stuff out… shouldn’t have. I admit the price is attractive but there are some very good gins available for marginally more money. the reality is that i would hump hendrix’s, tan. But the price is right, and the different flavor has inspired some fun experiments. So if you are a die hard Gin fan this may not be the gin for you, but if your tastes run towards vodka…you may find that this is your favorite as well. Big Gin drinker, as Hendricks is my new Go to. You get the angelica, coriander, juniper and orris root accord. So much for cheap experiments, I’ll be going back to Bombay. Importatori, Provenienza, Produttori, Botaniche, Gusto e Metodo di produzione It is not THAT sweet, it goes down smoothly, and the bottle looks really cool, all for 1/2 the cost of the big names. If you are looking for a different gin, look elsewhere? For me, Hendricks is the superior gin of those I have sampled (and I have sampled other beyond these three). I think it is vile. I’m no expert but I know what I like. My wife and I found this cheap at the grocery store and decided to try it. The Edwardian era advertising campaign has helped make the brand a stalwart both in bars and in homes. It’s a very specific kind of “gin basket” designed by the Carter Brothers. I happen to be a huge Campari fan. I tried this gin twice. Tastes quite nice with water (like gin & water & lemon). Mind you, i will not drink it all the time, but it is a nice change…and I like the vanilla. Over 700 (and counting!). Must be 21+ to follow. All gins rated from 0-5 stars with flavor profiles mapped. Notes of soaked rose petal, lime, Persian cucumbers, Earl Grey Tea and a surprising bitterness. I’m not a huge gin fan, but I do drink Bombay at times. Couldn’t believe people raved about Hendricks. Although I always make them with vodka I have to say I enjoyed it very much! Im loving this gin. Thank you for the only intellegent review I have read on this gin. Purchased it because I didn’t want to fork over the dough for Tanqueray (lesson learned). I might just try a little twist of orange next time I make a dirty martini. I’ve tried it straight, in a G & T, and as a dirty martini. All summer I cleaned them out ordering G&T’so as well as gimlets with fresh lime juice. Do you even drink alcohol???!!! In fact, it has grown on me til it is very good.
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