At the same Cadogan enters the final code into the Bardo Stone, turning it into a bright ball. Gabriel Santiagohas been studying the Anomaly for 150 years. Octavia follows her, then comes out a few seconds later, completely healed of her injury. In The Garden, Hope Diyoza leads Gabriel Santiago and Echo to a second Anomaly Stone hidden underground on Skyring. Built just before the nuclear Armageddon that occurred approximately 97 years before the start of the series, the bunker was used by a cult known as the Second Dawn that sheltered there from the nuclear fire. It also shoots out what Gabriel calls “Temporal Flares”, which burn or petrify anything they touch. Clarke and her friends found another Anomaly Stone. Diyoza and Octavia at first, then Echo, Hope and Gabriel later. The first is the most unwitting: by walking, running, or swimming into it (or being swept up in it), as Diyoza was, or Octavia did after her, and the trio of Echo, Gabriel and Hope do in order to save Diyoza, Octavia, and Bellamy. Related: The 100: How Clarke Survived Getting Her Mind Wiped In Season 6. Hope explains that each mind has its own unique code, a biometric signature. One of the most pivotal settings over the course of The 100 was a massive fallout bunker located under the ruins of Baltimore. But we know Octavia made it back to Sanctum after that – how? Using the enhanced senses granted to her by the Flame, Becca is able to figure out the code for Bardo, opening the Anomaly. The Anomaly Stones were left abandoned on six different worlds, after the Bardoans went extinct. Towards the end of the The 100 season 6 finale, “Blood of Sanctum”, Gabriel discovers the tattoos on Octavia’s body caused by the time she spent in the Anomaly. On Sanctum, members of Wonkru led by Knight recover the Anomaly Stone and bring it to the Great Hall. Though Hope has the code to open the Anomaly to Bardo from "a friend on the inside," she discovers that it has been washed away. In “The Garden,” the second episode of The 100’s final season – which showrunner Jason Rothenberg called one of his favorites of the final season – we finally got some much-needed answers about what the Anomaly is, how it works, where Diyoza and Octavia were, and much more. He stored all that information in the outpost located above the Anomaly Stone. After arriving on Earth, Becca Franco finds herself drawn to the Stone. Hope shares that she was on Sky Ring for 20 years – but as Jason Rothenberg referred to her as 22, what was she doing for the final 2 years? The Bardoans had used this method to pull back people who got stuck in the Anomaly when they used it. The drives were originally meant only to store someone’s memories, but Gabriel and Russell developed a way to upload all of those experiences into a new body, essentially allowing someone to live forever. So far, we know of three ways to travel via the bridge. They’re some kind of intense religious group with highly evolved technology, including ray guns and invisibility tech. It is unknown who made the Anomaly Stone or what generates the magnetic field that holds it. After arriving on Nakara, Raven realizes that they are stranded as there is no sign of an Anomaly Stone to set a new destination. Season 6 of The 100 had the main cast arrive on the faraway world of Sanctum, a habitable moon in a distant solar system. In the present after listening to one of Anders' sermons, Gabriel realizes that Earth had an Anomaly Stone which is how the Disciples reached Bardo, not Eligius III. Later, while going through the M-Cap records, Levitt discovers that Cadogan found the memory of Becca inputting the final code into the Anomaly Stone on Earth, meaning that Cadogan now has the code that he needs. That, of course, led to the scene of Octavia telling Hope to stay quiet and be brave, which we saw in the season premiere when a toxin in Alpha made Hope see one of her worst memories: being left alone by the two women who raised her., Sky Ring is a prison for the people of Bardo, but based on finding the body of a colleague with a mind drive and what was left on the drive, Gabriel believes that Sky Ring is another moon and that the people of Bardo also descended from an Eligius ship. The two men jump through the Anomaly and emerge in the Stone room on Bardo. At one point, Octavia went into the Anomaly, chasing after Diyoza. With the sequence of symbols on the artifact still undeciphered and the video recording destroyed, the group is stuck with the prisoner on Skyring for the remainder of his sentence -- multiple years which would only be a matter of days back on Sanctum. The Anomaly was first discovered by Mission Team Alpha. Perhaps it has something to do with the direction of the trip? By the season's end, Diyoza had vanished within the anomaly after receiving a vision of her adult daughter Hope, while Octavia had developed strange symbols on her back from her own brief encounter with it. You can read his work in the pages of Image+, follow him on Twitter @samstoneshow, and listen to his podcast Geek Out Show on iTunes and Google Play. We now know she made a deal to put a tracker in Octavia in exchange for her mother, but how did she even get in contact with someone to do so? What's known about the Anomaly is that it can be seen from space, looking like either a large storm or a magnetic pole. That’s certainly a scary prospect for anyone going in the wrong direction – as Diyoza told Octavia, if she went back to warn Bellamy and then came to get Hope and Diyoza, Diyoza could easily be dead by then. The two men eventually reach the Anomaly Stone which is not as far up the mountain as the Anomaly itself and Doucette enters the code for Bardo, causing the Anomaly to descend off of the mountain to somewhere far below. Type Our predecessors on this planet did not share that faith. Gabriel called it … Though Gabriel tries to replicate the symbols with a charcoal rubbing he fails. When Becca returns and the Stone returns to normal, she reveals that "the final code" led to Judgment Day, the end of humanity and insists on shutting it down. Gabriel thinks the stone is likely responsible for the radio signal disruption on the moon. This would give them a very different origin, connecting them to Earth before the first nuclear apocalypse. Despite the dangers, Raven touches the light and enters to continue the test, ultimately succeeding in achieving the Transcendence of the human race. For now, we have no idea, but as Gabriel says, it’s amazing to think about the possibilities. Octavia’s impressive Angelina Jolie-style back tattoo was Hope’s personal signature, which is how it pulled her over to Alpha – but from where? But as showrunner Jason Rothenberg pointed out, the last time O had seen Hope, she was a 10 year old child, so she was understandably in a certain amount of shock. However, Bellamy chooses to save Doucette anyway. As the Disciple retreats through the closing Anomaly, pulling Gaia through with him, the Anomaly Stone falls to the ground, inert and deactivated. There’s an irony to Mind Drives killing Gabriel, as they’re not only what keeps him alive but he was responsible for their development. Gabriel Santiago has been studying the Anomaly Stone for 150 years. As a result, Clarke and Cadogan's body are ejected and the light turns bright red as the Judge prepares to wipe out the human race. Raven discovers that it is 100 meters straight down from the fighting pit, but Clarke smashes the helmet, intending to remain on humanity's regenerated homeworld. Related: The 100 Theory: What Really Happened To Bellamy. The group learns that Skyring is used by a mysterious group as a prison planet, with individuals imprinted with a timestamp dictating how much time they have left in their sentence before returning to take them off-world. She loves post-apocalyptic sci-fi, historical fiction, and feminist comic…. It’s worth noting that Gabriel notices that the people from Bardo can control the Anomaly – once they had Octavia and Bellamy, they started closing it down. As the Anomaly returns to normal, Octavia vanishes as Hope collapses. Affiliation At some point, the Earth Stone was buried underneath its position in Cadogan's lab. In season 6 it was already apparent that the Anomaly had a tricky way with time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Since that information is crucial to not only their survival but returning home, they need another way to get that information, and the easiest solution would, unfortunately, kill Gabriel in the process: he could upload Colin’s Mind Drive into his own body, resurrecting Colin but killing himself in the process. At Clarke's demand, Cadogan enters the code and the Anomaly opens. While we couldn’t be sure at the time, we now know that it’s a memory, and likely one of Hope’s worst – rothenberg calls it “heartbreaking.” Octavia was protecting Hope from the Disciples because they didn’t realize the word “hope” was also a name – they thought there were only two people on Sky Ring. And the stabbing probably didn’t help, even if she knew it had to be done. On Nakara, Clarke's group uses the HUD on Raven's armor to track down the Anomaly Stone inside of what turns out to be an organic creature. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Isn't Saying No. Now that we know Sky Ring, which is shown in the opening credits, is one of the places the bridge leads to, it’s not exactly a stretch to think that some of the other locations in the credits might be connected that way too. It turns out much of that has something that has something to do with what Gabriel and his followers call the Anomaly, an amorphous, thrumming green and yellow force of time, which seemed to have a mind of its own. Related: The 100: How Clarke Survived Getting Her Mind Wiped In Season 6 Benson’s Mind Drive contained memories of him entering the code that activates the Anomaly Stone, which would allow everyone to return to Sanctum.Unfortunately for them, the memory viewer was destroyed before Gabriel could copy it down. So what were they opening it up for before? A scientist from the initial crew of the Eligius III, the spaceship that brought the colonists along with Gabriel, observes that the anomaly actually is a wormhole linking multiple different planets together. That was a hallucination courtesy of a naturally occurring toxin on Alpha. This artifact may be the source of the Anomaly, as it was controlled by the Anomaly Stone. Are they populated? In the previous episode, “Welcome to Bardo”, Anders says that the Shepherd saved them from the fire. The Anomaly presence was detected on the planet. Star Wars: Clone Wars' Asajj Ventress, Bad Batch Troopers Get Black Series Figures, The 100 Reveals the True Nature of the Anomaly, The 100: Everyone Is Going Mad in 'The Garden' Promo, The 100 Showrunner Hints at a Bigger Villain Than [SPOILER], The 100: Jason Rothenberg on Wrapping the Fan-Favorite Series, The Boys Finale Confirmed Homelander's TRUE Power - and It's Terrifying, One Year Later, Disney+ Is STILL Struggling With Original Content, Why Grand Army's Animated Sequences Help It Stand Out, Iron Man: The 1994 Cartoon's Suiting Up Scenes DIDN'T Age Well. Throughout season six of The 100, the infamous anomaly plays a big part of the story – but apart from a few clues, it remains a mind-boggling phenomenon. A one-stop shop for all things video games. As she put it, “If you ask me, time dilation is sexy as hell. Obviously, things didn’t work out as she imagined. They need a whole different route to get back to Alpha, one we don’t yet know! And even if they did, it would just take them to Bardo. The Crown Season 4: How Accurate Is Emma Corrin's Princess Diana? As showrunner Jason Rothenberger told us, “We knew that time wasn’t behaving in the anomaly, because Hope, when Diyoza went into the nominee in Episode 608, she was still pregnant, and three days later, Hope comes out of the anomaly in 613. After figuring out that the people of Bardo are likely descended from the Eligius III crew, thanks to the dearly departed Colin Benson, Gabriel referred to either Sky Ring or Bardo as Planet Beta. Gabriel later discovers the Memory Drive of Doctor Colin Benson, a quantum physicist from Mission Team Beta who studied the Stone. He was even willing to let his wife die. By Sam Stone May 27, 2020 WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for The 100 Season 7, Episode 2 "The Garden," which Wednesday on The CW. The 100 Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes Anders: You … However, Gabriel's attempts to decipher the symbols to find a way to return home are completely derailed when a man crazed by being isolated on the planet smashes the tablet. Many races would, over time, discover the Stones and ultimatly activate what Becca Franko called "the final code" leading to a test before the Judge that would determine if the species would Transcend or be annihilated. The Mandalorian Season 2 Creates A Problem For Mando & Baby Yoda, The 100: What Is The Anomaly? However, she argues for using her Nightblood instead of the Anomaly. On Bardo, Levitt enters the Stone room and tricks a Disciple Conductor into activating the nanotracking program and bringing Clarke and Octavia back to Bardo. It’s too soon to know if this is a plothole or a hint. Octavia and Diyoza were there for ten years (six of which Octavia spent trying to reach the light at the bottom of the lake), before Octavia’s note to Bellamy went to Bardo by mistake, causing the Disciples to come take O and Diyoza. After centuries of work, the Disciples were able to translate the Bardoan language and discovered a log discussing activating the Stone and it becoming a bright star leading leading to judgment and transcendence, the same effect that Becca experienced when she discovered what Becca called "the final code" using the Flame. Its origin and effect on the moon and the people inhabiting it were unclear, but it was something that everyone seemed to try to avoid at all costs, seeing as it managed to interfere with everything around it. Once Hope got there, we saw the final way (that we know of) for someone to travel between worlds using the bridge: with a tracker. In The Dying of the Light, Raven, Murphy and Jackson desperately search the bunker's rec room for Earth's Anomaly Stone. And she’s 22 years old.”, While Gabriel, Echo and Hope were trying to figure out how to leave Sky Ring so they could save Bellamy, Octavia, and Diyoza, Gabriel found the dead body of Colin Benson, a member of the Eligius III, with his mind drive intact. The Anomaly Stone has a mysterious symbol known as an Octonion taking the form of a simple letter O. As Bellamy tries to hold her up, she disintegrates and is pulled into the Anomaly, thus leaving the ending on a cliffhanger. 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However, the Disciples have moved the Anomaly from the Stone room to the oxygen plant in preparation for the Last War. The Judge First appearance In “The Garden,” the second episode of The 100’s final season – which showrunner Jason Rothenberg called one of his favorites of the final season – … The 100's antagonists in season 7 are The Disciples, a fanatical religious group from the planet Bardo whose origin ties to the series' past. Later visitors (and prisoners) either don’t know about the giant metal orb in the basement or don’t have the correct code so they can leave. When Cadogan enters it, he arrives on a pier he once took his daughter to in the midst of a star field where he is greeted by the Judge in the form of Callie. The Drawing of the Anomaly Stone from Earth. So far, we don’t fully know why some people lose their memories and others don’t.
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