"I KICK SO MUCH ASS!" They turned to E-Vile. Officer Kahiko moaned. ", Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride. The charming one who dwells among the bowers That red menace was going to betray me anyway…and worse still, he's rounded up the people of Kokaua Town at the stadium along with the experiments!". "Well…how are we all gonna fit?" Myrtle and her posse with Victoria and Keoni! Overhearing, Charles Wilson observed, "That sounds like The Lone Rock by the Sea," a comment with which Liliʻuokalani is said to have agreed. Nick and Lilo said. For the 1915 film, see, Kelsey, Theodore. It struck Legion in the shoulder as it was sent spinning through the air. The line from the same scene in the movie was "You know, you wreck everything you touch. It was lifted up and positioned towards the experiments. Lilo laughed happily. "This is bad. Their reunion is cut short, however, when the "monster" nanny arrives and tries to get Lilo for leaving the bus tour earlier on. The song is played in the 8th episode of the 8th season of The Simpsons, Hurricane Neddy, when Ned Flanders drives away to the psychiatric hospital. He quipped, pulling the trigger. Trying to hide away her curiosity and discovery, she leaves, leaving Jumba and Pleakley concerned. Nick shouted. He groaned. "Why should we trust you?" They all said. "Cowabungaaaaa!" "HA!" Page taunted. "Alas, the loss to dinner!" It’s the reason why Frenchmen are usually portrayed with berets and baguettes, or the Chinese were usually introduced with a common oriental leitmotif (You know the one). I don't like dogs. We love you. "Are you thinking what I'M thinking?". Nick looked at Lilo. Come on, guys!" OW-OW-OW!" And now Keoni and Nick stepped forward, with Stitch and Rupert going along as well! "Oooo!" Stitch asked him in Galactic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Stitch goes to save 'Pleakley' while Yuna and Lilo go around to help as well, but then, a woman gets in their way. ", Leroy threw back his head and laughed. I'd surf till the sun sets beyond the horizonnnn! He then took a ride in his space scooter, landed on Izayoi, and the rest was history. in the flashback like she did in. "Akoota tay!" Yang blinked. makamaka minichi! "I THOUGHT that I TOLD you to get to work!" Leroy groaned, rubbing his sore head. They tugged hard and pulled him down with a loud KATHUD. And finally, Nick and Lilo! To understand the gravitas of this scene, we have to look at the history of the song, Aloha Oe. "I…I feel good…" He said. Nick screamed as he was thrown through the air, skidding to a halt where they were. Gantu quickly shut the door behind them. In the episode "Cruise Cat" of the Tom and Jerry in 1952, a guitar version of this song became one of the animation's Background music,[21] and the destination of the liner in the episode was Hawaii.[22]. "And if you want my son…you'll have to go through me." Beyond the horizon! And there were so many of them that it became a small gust, whipping hair, fur, and in Pleakley's case antenna, back in the air. Whirlpools swirling, twistin' and twirling…. If he hears song again, will be shutting down faster than car wash in rainstorm, ah-ha-ha-ha-haaa! Yuna throws him a donut pool float. She told him. Destination…. Then on my surfboard out at sea! A 1913 score can be seen at the Levy Sheet Music Collection. "We've got to get back to Earth to save the cousins!". BGM: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, by Jump5. The clones were right behind. Then he leapt back into battle, Angel at his side. The BRB-9000 lowered its frontal bottom section, just below the bridge. There's no place I'd rather be! The song also appears on the soundtrack of Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005). On the bus, Lilo explains to Ani that she wouldn't want to see Stitch because of all the years it's been, plus if he had a new Ohana, things might get awkward for them. It flew off and then rolled across the floor over to Lilo, who picked it up. ", Stitch grinned. "And ours!" She asked. It was like a bazooka in the right hands…. "Oh…I wonder what they got in store fer us?" Page was reciting the Lord's Prayer. They used to be our biggest pains in the rear, and now they're gonna be helping us!". "You want her, you'll have to go through us!" The fighting suddenly began to cease in the stadium as all eyes went to the stage. Who knew carpool vans came with such sophisticated weapons systems?" Gantu stood there, at the control panel for the door. "Who's ready to kick some butt? Rupert proclaimed to himself more than to anyone else. Then she finally glared with such fury that Leroy took a step back. One fond embrace Rueben was rolling around on the ground, punching and kicking a Leroy clone. "He…shut down! Nick counted from one to three in Hawaiian, and the clones flinched with each word. Until we meet again, Farewell to thee, farewell to thee Stitch is confident that it was Lilo, but Jumba and Pleakley are doubtful. Nick concentrated. And even that friggin Sparky! They jumped at him…. Stitch then goes after the bus while Gantu and Reuben give chase. A clone tried to sneak up on him. Victoria and Keoni held their parents tight. Experiments gasped. "Darn it!" Up above, hanging on tight to a rafter beam, was Rueben, holding onto Gantu and Lilo with two other hands. Melty, Nightwing and Heartwing were all together, facing down a large group of clones. There's no place I'd rather be… She opened her eyes and felt a warm Hawaiian breeze against her face. The clones looked at each other. I'd surf till the sun sets Frenchry cried out, jumping on him in a tornado of mustachioed fury. Scratch shouted as he ran to join his cousins. The two start to make fun of each other by making faces, which Tigerlily thinks is a holiday she wasn't aware of. Mrs. Hasagawa tugged on Moses's arm. The clone gave her a nasty growl. In the 1958 Oscar-winning short Knighty Knight Bugs, the cartoon ends with an enchanted sword performing an instrumental version of the song (played by a musical saw). Nick and Stitch immediately got in front of her. It shouted. "Get off, you inferior fool! Stitch shouted. This form of cultural streamlining is understandable in order to reach the largest possible global audience. It is a notable song sung by many individuals including Elvis Presley. Keoni sang as well, giving her a wink. ANGEL's voice rang out as she jumped on stage with her ohana, punching the air. "Taka, boojibu!" His extra head popped out and bit Leroy on the shoulder. Lilo, Stitch e Reuben si mettono a cantare, seguiti da tutti gli altri. The reason Leroy banned Hawaiian in the future is that so much of it is in the song, and the song acts as a shutoff switch! Legion looked up, slowly shrinking, body compacting, it was a horrible sight. "Gladly." Very bad. And now Rueben, jumping on the stage in a pair of sunglasses, mike in hand, sang out. – Sung by the Wikki Tikki in the film's climax. Delia appears on a screen, expressing that she feels the same way about the hamster before giving him something to remember all the good times they had: a giant tiki necklace that crushes Hämsterviel, in which Delia then says that they had no good times together at all. Jumba and Rupert were hard at work on the sound system. "I always wanted a date with a superhero.". The three went off in a different direction. Lilo is happy to see Stitch again, especially since he's just the same as when she last saw him. "Bring it." He smiled. Myrtle's mother raced over to protect her daughter in a vain attempt to shield her. "So he can't stand hearing Hawaiian? [25], When Jiang Zemin, then-Chinese President and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, arrived at Hawaii at the beginning of his state visit to U.S. in October 1997, he played "Aloha ‘Oe" with a Hawaiian lap steel guitar and invited then Hawaiian First Lady Vicky Cayetano to sing the song at a dinner with the presence of Governor Ben Cayetano. "But we gotta give you a name." Lilo and Stitch is set in modern-day Hawaii. Then he sneered. Pleakley sees it all and goes back to tell Jumba. "Hmm. Yet somehow the overriding aesthetic in almost all Disney animated features is a patented Disney creation. "HEY! "Nick helped me when I needed it. ", Then, Leroy punched his way out of the cannon. Stitch quickly rolled over to face his cousins. He shouted. When Yuna gets home, Stitch is reading a Sushi Book. The reasons behind the song was to express her grievances to that she was unable to protect her people and country, and it was also her way of apologizing for not being able to uphold her duty as queen. Just as the Queen sang about the breaking up of her kingdom, Nani is saying farewell to Lilo as her family unit is being torn apart by a literal agent of the US government. Pleakley thinks that they should go see her, considering she was the one who started Ohana. Nightwing muttered. Very bright!" Just then, she sees Stitch and Lilo hula-dancing and singing "Aloha Oe". Houdini found himself surrounded. "There's a secret I've been keeping for a while, I think I should-", Lilo shook her head and held his hands, smiling happily at him. His head, arms, spikes, the works, all went back into his body and he stood there, blinking. Leroy laughed madly. And as for the curtain, well…that was more problematic. Gantu's size once again changes in this episode. Lilo gasped. Gantu said, firing his plasma pistol into the air. Tuning: G C E A. Victoria and Keoni held hands. "Ekahi, hookahi, elua, ekolu! Nick shouted, rushing forward. "Take THIS!" They rushed at the army, batting, slicing, dicing, hitting. Heh. He melted under her gaze. Moses thought. Disney's "Lilo & Stitch"- Aloha O`e. " Stitch screamed as the blast sent his "fluffy" blue body flying through the air, far, far away…behind the stadium's stage area, where his family, friends, and the human residents of Kokaua Town were all hiding. "I heard that Leroy's gonna take over the entire galaxy and he brought us here to get rid of us all!" He had a huge stack of sandwiches in his hand, having found the sandwich stand. It struck her and bounced off her body, striking Clyde. Jumba stops talking and then sees that Yuna was listening in on the whole thing. I don't know anymore. "We got all the guitars, regular and bass, all ready to play!" She also doesn't say, "Wow!" Stitch gets into the group, and they all say "Sushi" as the camera flashes. Heartwing and Nightwing raced over to him. The clones all let out a collective "argh!" Pleakley then explains how she grew up and had to go to finish school and then college. ", Jumba rubbed his chin. "This…this isn't happening…" Myrtle muttered, holding tightly onto Gigi. And fixing that huge mistake named Leroy will make me VERY happy. They all gasped. On the count of three…THREE!" Stitch, Scratch, Rupert and Heartwing exclaimed. Nani shook her head, frightened. Sparky was hard at work, zapping clones here and there. The result wasn't pretty and Nani had to make Lilo look away and if I tell you exactly what happened I would not be able to sell this story at a Wal-Mart. Hämsterviel watches everything happen from space, and though he hates Lilo, the reappearance of her gives him an idea, as he gets and releases Experiment 316 , … You've hurt enough people in this sick game of yours! "…you're not the only ones with a team, you know. Lilo shouted, running to him and hugging him tight. He covered his privates and ambled off, face turning red with embarrassment. She smiled, hugging him tight. They all started whining and crawled off to find a bib, save for one who sat there and sucked his thumb. It skidded across the floor, through the doorway to the bridge of the airlock. Nightwing muttered. A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu! "NOOOOO!" "How is THIS for aloha!?!" Legion screeched and one hand went to his shoulder, as he stumbled back towards the others. She stood on the catwalk of the stage, getting on top and tugging hard as she could. We should be able to sneak a ship out of here and escape…", Unfortunately, while they were in mid-corridor, a Leroy clone carrying two yellow plasma pistols rounded the corner and saw them. Pleakley said proudly. Lilo smiled. Nick ran over to her and hugged her. "What on Earth is THAT supposed to…". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Frontside, backside, goofy footed, wipe out! E-Vile gasped in horror as the clone began to scream and scream, as his body became compressed, slowly but surely into a fleshy ball…and then, a few horrific and graphic moments later, with a "BOINK", he became an experiment pod. Melty said. Good riddance to bad rubbish." "What's goin' on? Lilo said proudly. He shouted. Then a string snapped. Gantu and Reuben escape, with Pleakley threatening to beat them with a loaf of bread if they ever mess with their emotions again. Scratch snarled, getting in front of Jumba, raising all of his arms. And then Stitch managed to grab Leroy's legs. They all let loose their respective elements of fire, darkness and light, and the clones were blown through the air. More info here. Rueben told him. Welcome cousins, e komo mai. "Wh-what about Gigi? The last treasure is then Stitch's favorite dessert: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. "Let's just fight, and settle the score once and for all! Moses mumbled. The experiments on the stage! They were flying! "If Jumba was REAL evil genius, would have been programming shutoff switch into original Leroy.". ", Lilo hugged him back. They were on the run from a particularly angry clone, who kept chasing after them. ALOHA OE, PT. "Iki BABA!!!" 1964 The Disneyland Boys Choir – from the Disney LP: This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 02:48. I flew over to your hula dance recital but I was STILL late…and I can't really do it too well under pressure, so that's why I-", "Hey, it's okay." [2] According to the most familiar version of the story: This tender farewell set Liliʻuokalani to thinking, and she began humming to herself on the homeward trip. He tossed the sandwiches out at the horde and they slipped on peanut butter and jelly, sliding right into a hot dog stand, upsetting huge jars of mayo. The clones were shorting out EVERYWHERE! Pleakley blinked. David wanted to know. "Hmm…is possible you suffer from multiple personality disorder, which would most certainly explain outbursts, mood swings and extremely antisocial behavioral patterns." ", A hyperspace portal suddenly sprouted in the sky. During this house arrest, she was cut off from newspapers and literature, essentially isolating her from her people. Tears of genuine joy fell down around him, as he broke into a smile. Four clones had fired grappling ropes around him. "Nick, it doesn't matter. Gantu's eyes narrowed. ", Nick nodded. "Stitch!" "Am calculating odds of victory at…ehh…" Jumba counted on his fingers and did some quick mental calculation. Then she leapt into the air, antennae trailing behind her. Now THEY sang together! She offers comfort to Nani that someone will eventually give her a job, mistaking Nani’s dejection with her inability to find work, instead of this being the final moments that the sisters can be together. He snickered. "Ootaba!" But despite all of these brave efforts, things were kind of taking a turn for the worse. "Niiiice." Nightwing patted him on the back. Lilo told him. Make no mistake, there is a history of American interventionism that informs the make-up of the state of Hawaii as it stands today. "Oh wow." One snarled. We're family.". Stitch meanwhile, was punching, kicking and throwing clone after clone off of him. "Nice one, cousin!" Played by the Royal Hawaiian Band in San Francisco August 1883 and became very popular. They needed a miracle. Yuna apologizes to Stitch, trying to comfort him about not being with the real Lilo. He said angrily, stamping his foot. The leader shouted. As the human inhabitants of Kokaua Town watched, he spoke quickly with his cousins. by Queen Lili'uokalani. Meanwhile, Yuna is starting to think about how Stitch would have had an Ohana before her sadly. Stitch faced down the Omega Leroy. Then he suddenly began to cry. Why not try and make something for a change?" "Uh oh." Cannonball leapt around, squashing clones with ecstasy. Leroy snickered. ( Log Out /  "Iki taba. This was the garrison section of the ship, filled to the brim with Leroy clones, all growling and ready to fight. Come with me and submit yourself utterly to me and you and those you care for live.
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