However, I want to underline that, it is true that the so-called Troika could negotiate all aspects of the programme, but the guidelines of the programme were approved by the Heads of Government or State, as well as for the last programme in 2015. Sarah Gilbert, who is the director of the Jenner Institute and leads the project, has taken the appropriate decisions in England and so things have sped up. At the end of this month we will be sending the first batch of vaccines produced here at IRBM in Pomezia, to England, after which testing on healthy volunteers will begin quite quickly. I am asking Ms Lorenzin who was the Minister for Health. It can be one country, two or five, we will see in the coming weeks and months. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I was saying that in September we will have these results, after which we will be ready with good batch of vaccine, so at that point the regulatory authorities could authorize us to use those doses on a compassionate bases, i.e. So this is an issue for the regulatory authorities, but I think it would certainly be important, we also have the capability to do it. Rai3: Regarding the ESM’s conditions, can you confirm that there are no exit conditions? We have provided financial resources to five countries in Europe, not only Greece, but also Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, and Spain. What is the difference between applying for a loan from the ESM or issuing government bonds? The first phase with 10 or 15 healthy volunteers, a second phase with around 150 and a third phase with 500, 600 or 700. This is why we are already starting tests on 550 healthy volunteers, this will mean we significantly reduce timescales, in fact we expect we hope and are confident that by the end of September, we will already have concrete reliable results. E' il monito lanciato da Massimo Galli, infettivologo dell'ospedale Sacco-università Statale di Milano, intervenuto ad 'Agorà' su Rai 3. La trasmissione, talk show incentrato sugli approfondimenti relativi a politica e attualità, ha iniziato ad andare in onda nel 2010. It is still unclear whether Spain or Portugal, for example, will use the ESM. Feel Film's CEO Matteo Barzini was a reporter for the show. He is the Managing…, ANDREA PANCANI Right Claudia, I just need to ask you to be patient for a…. In the case of the ESM, the conditions are to pay it back within 10 years at a cost that, to date, is around zero, but can potentially be negative. Informazioni. I think the countries are waiting for the results of these negotiations to understand what the instruments are and then decide according to their prerogative. In September you will have the first results and, in theory having had the first results will you then bring it to markets? So I envisage that dividing up these batches of vaccines will be carried out at government level. Since it is a credit line and not a programme loan, it has low conditionality, and the conditionality, established and certified by the Council, is to spend this money on healthcare expenses. Therefore, the difference is between what countries have to pay us and what they would have to pay if the raised money in the market, in BTP, in the case of Italy. On the line I have Piero Di Lorenzo, President of the Company, that is working on this vaccine. Yes, there are others; certainly this vaccine is very promising because as my colleague has already said, it utilizes a technology that is quite well known and above all, the expertise of the Jenner Institute in Oxford which is one of the most famous, most prestigious institute in the world so I have full confidence in them. Of course, Greece has returned to the financial markets, but the cost has been significant. Why don't other countries use this Fund? However, so far, all these countries have access to markets, they are growing and they have developed jobs, obviously before the Covid crisis that affected everyone. So let’s say that to AIFA, is it AIFA who should be offering to have it tasted in Italy? This check will not take place through missions of the famous Troika to the beneficiary countries, but through reports that Member States will provide to the Commission and the Commission will verify that the reports certify compliance with the agreed rules. Contact: Name: Function: Transcript of interview with ESM Secretary General Nicola Giammarioli Broadcast live by Rai 3 … Mr Di Lorenzo, please tells us more. Proseguendo la navigazione accetti l'utilizzo dei cookie da parte nostra. Why is the testing being done in England and not in Italy? How does it work? Are you optimistic about this vaccine Professor Richeldi? Would you like to comment on the ESM’s bad reputation, especially given what happened to Greece? Speaking on the Agorà current affairs show of RAI 3 public television, Pietro Salini, Chief Executive of Salini Impregilo, spoke of the need for a big infrastructure investment plan to respond to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 emergency and give work to hundreds of thousands of people. In the case of Greece, however, we saw pensions cut, even minimum pensions. Agorà, interview with Piero Di Lorenzo Rai 3 Agorà – 14th April. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Agorà è un programma televisivo visibile su Rai 3.I suoi contenuti sono disponibili anche online a titolo gratuito sia in modalità live streaming, sia on demand.La trasmissione, talk show incentrato sugli approfondimenti relativi a politica e attualità, ha iniziato ad andare in onda nel 2010. I spoke it to the Minister for Research who totally agrees and the decision has now been referred to the Prime Minister. The credit line is available, the conditions are clear, it is now up to the member countries to accept or not. Copyright 2008-2020 TVdream - P.IVA: 06038290828. Agorà è un programma televisivo visibile su Rai 3. We have recently published this report on the Greek programmes. «It will be on sale from March», Interview with Matteo Liguori. There is time to apply. not in a commercial way, but entrusting the distribution of it to state organizations, approved hospitals, etc. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Who checks that this is done in the correct way? When, perhaps this is something I should clarify, when this approval arrives, we will then start discussing where the vaccine doses will go, because there are 8 billion of us and it will take years to vaccinate 8 billion people. Why are we not doing it? These cookies do not store any personal information. He tells us that accelerated tests on 550 healthy volunteers will begin in England at the end of April. The cost of our loans is calculated based on how much we pay the markets to receive the money, plus a small margin. If not, then I’ll say goodbye to our guest. In an analysis we published, we highlighted how convenient it is for 11 out of 19 countries to access the ESM credit line. No, the Treaty has not been amended but everyone reads only the first part of Article 4. So September, just to be clear on the dates because I didn’t hear you. Honestly, here it sounds like, I don’t know, a swarm of wasp under the microphone. This credit line was approved in mid-May and is available until the end of 2022 so there is no urgency to ask for this money. The European Commission is the body responsible for checking that the conditions are met. We should study what would have happened in terms of social costs if Greece had not had access to ESM loans, if Greece had gone bankrupt and left the euro. Un altro scopo di questa trasmissione consiste nel semplificare il linguaggio tecnico politico, cercando di renderlo concreto e comprensibile da parte del grande pubblico. It would be more helpful to us if the trial could take place in our cities, this would help us a lot more. Alright so you were saying, you and England together. Do you make the vaccine for me and then inject me with Covid? Per la precisione, la prima puntata è stata trasmessa il 27 dicembre 2010. Live disponibile da lunedì a venerdì alle 8. Wait, we have a call on the line and then we’ll continue, because we finally have some good news: it seems that there are 5 vaccines around the world, but one of them has been developed in Italy in collaboration with the Jenner Institute at Oxford University. Management Board | ESM organisational structure, Overview | Investment and Treasury | Internal Control Framework |, Risk Management | Internal Audit | Compliance and Ethics |, Code of Conduct | Administrative Tribunal (ESMAT) |, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), Shareholders | Board of Governors | Board of Directors |, The context | A temporary backstop | The programmes | The results, Governance rules | Guidelines | Lending documentation, Working at ESM | What we offer | Working in Luxembourg, Timeline | Overview | Explainer | Programme Conclusion, Programme Overview | Disbursements | Repayments | Interests and Fees | Conditionality | Indicators, Funding Strategy  |  ESM Bills  |  ESM Bonds  |  N-Bonds, Funding Strategy  |  EFSF: An active issuer  |  EFSF Bonds  |  N-Bonds. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We are talking about a credit line, so the conditions are in line with the ESM Treaty. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Ok right, so a certain amount will go to Italy. uses IP address which is currently shared with 4 other domains. We’ve made some news. Now I can also hear the buzzing. Agorà Duemiladiciassette is a primetime current affairs television show airing on Rai 3 channel hosted by journalist Gerardo Greco. L’obiettivo principale di questo programma, che ha visto avvicendarsi alla conduzione diversi nomi (per la precisione Andrea Vianello, Gerardo Greco e Serena Bortone), è quello di raccontare la realtà della penisola italiana considerando come riferimento principale la politica. In the meantime, we proceed with the legal approval that is expected to be given. 95K likes. Why is there still so much mistrust? I think each country is checking all the instruments that Europe has made available, such as the Recovery Fund, which is currently being negotiated. Research needs time, “The vaccine activates many antibodies”. Have you already received requests? The first is that of the Jenner Institute, which has been studying the family of Coronaviruses for the past 17 years and has already developed the MERS vaccine. Sorry, perhaps it’s a silly question, but just so I understand. Do they simply not need it or are they smarter than us? You said they are healthy volunteers, what does that means? The more sites share the same IP address, the higher the host server’s workload is. The vaccine we are talking about, and which has been developed, draws on 2 particularly proven strands of expertise. The line is very bad, stop right here because I can hardly hear you, there is a lot of buzzing. Steps forward thanks to the tests on elderly people, Di Lorenzo announces: «We will have the vaccine for everyone by June». Il programma in questione ha sostituito nel palinsesto mattutino di Rai 3 un altro programma molto famoso, ossia “Cominciamo Bene”. The IRBM President: «If no adverse event occurs, the trial will be completed by the end of the year», Covid vaccine, IRBM (Pomezia, Rome): «First doses of AstraZeneca vaccine within December, the clinical trials are about to be completed», IRBM Pomezia confirms first vaccine doses may arrive in Dec. The trial is being done in England because their regulatory authority is considering merging the 3 vaccine stages; the 3 phases of clinical trials. All five of these countries have come out of our adjustment programmes, some more easily, some in a more difficult way, like Greece. Nicola Giammarioli: The terms and conditions of our loan are now clear because the Board of Governors, meaning the finance ministers of Europe, decided them on May 15 and the only condition to access our funds is that they are spent on health expenses that are directly or indirectly related to the Covid crisis. It is an independent study that we paid for but that was not done by us, in which there is the whole history of Greek programmes with highlights and shortcomings. Questo sito usa cookie per fornirti un'esperienza di navigazione migliore. So, a call is put out. Bear in mind that…. No, absolutely not, in Spetember we will have the results of this overall test that has been done. Cuts in healthcare, increase in infant mortality in hospitals. Since we issue our debt at negative rates and the margin is very small, adding this negative rate with this small margin, for some maturities, will still be negative. This means that the countries that benefit from our loans will have to pay back less than they took.Still, the cost of the money raised in the market obviously varies from country to country. There are countries that are making the same considerations that Italy is making and will decide independently or together, nothing prevents countries from agreeing, and they will decide in due time whether to apply or not. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. What timescales do you envisage? Agorà, interview with Piero Di Lorenzo Rai 3 Agorà – 14th April ”ENGLISH. Therefore, even though objectively our programmes may seem tough in some respects, they have achieved the goal they set for themselves, which was that these countries return to the financial markets in order to embark on a path of growth. What do you mean by potentially negative? Quando si parla di questo programma Rai, si ha molto spesso a che fare con un piccolo dibattito relativo alla sua natura. So let’s do it then. Nicola Giammarioli in interview with Rai 3 Agorà (Italy) Nicola Giammarioli in interview with Rai 3 Agorà (Italy) 22/06/2020 | Interviews. Has the ESM Institutional Treaty been modified as well? They could be doctors, the supermarket cashier, people who have been selected using an actual statistical system. The article says that: “ESM loans must be made under strict conditionality”, but then it continues, “appropriate to the financial assistance instrument chosen”. Proseguendo con le caratteristiche salienti del programma televisivo Agorà, è importante citare la rubrica “Il Moviolone”, spesso utilizzata per cambiare argomento durante il talk show, ma anche l’esistenza di “Timeline”, uno spazio considerato l’anteprima della trasmissione e durante il quale si approfondisce brevemente quello che è considerato il caso social più importante della settimana. Commissioner Gentiloni has specified how this monitoring will take place. Agorà. Hoping that this is, obviously, the winning vaccine, does the fact that we are the ones producing it help us at all? La Vita in Diretta, Interview with Piero Di Lorenzo RAI 1 – 17th April, TG 1, interview with Piero Di Lorenzo TG 1 – 15th April, Coffee Break, interview with Piero Di Lorenzo La7 – 15th April. For more information on cookies refer to our, Nicola Giammarioli in interview with Rai 3 Agorà (Italian version), terms and conditions, and privacy statement, Nicola Giammarioli in interview with Rai 3 Agorà (Italy). I suoi contenuti sono disponibili anche online a titolo gratuito sia in modalità live streaming, sia on demand. The aim is to speed it up a lot, as I have said previously, the protocols require 3 clinical phases. In both cases it is a loan, money that has to be repaid. There is even a table, available on our website or on the Commission website, which shows that health costs are the only condition for accessing this ESM loan. No, the people chosen are those who come into contact with potential infection, and so statistically they allow us to draw conclusions. Section for US QIB Investors Subscribe to ESM News, By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Online. Do you know of any others? Many ordinary individuals respond and then, using a statistical method, those who, statistically speaking, can provide the best response on the effectiveness of the vaccine, are selected. C’è chi lo chiama talk show e chi, invece, lo considera un vero e proprio quotidiano. No, not only doctors. La seconda definizione è considerata spesso molto più calzante in quanto, grazie al dibattito in studio (dove sono presenti diversi ospiti), l’argomento principale viene approfondito in maniera estremamente dettagliata, proprio come succede spesso con i contenuti dei quotidiani. Good morning, well the news is quite positive; positive in the sense that the laboratory tests carried out have been convincing enough for us to speed things up significantly. It is strongly recommended that the host server should be changed or the hosting provider should be requested to give … The vaccine could be ready by September. Puoi disattivarli se lo desideri. For example, Germany has a negative cost like ours, or better than ours, and other countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, have to pay a spread of around 1.5 on 10-year bonds. Perfect, so Conte could announce that the trial will be carried out here. One of the main objections to the ESM in Italy is: “we will be the only ones to use this Fund”. Mi piace: 97.368. We have not received any requests yet. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Do you have any questions Dr Cattaneo, Ms Lorenzin, Professor Richeldi? Video Home » Agorà, interview with Piero Di Lorenzo Rai 3 Agorà – 14th April. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Programma del mattino di Rai3, in onda dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle 8 alle 10 Both AIFA and the hospitals are already available to do this. Therefore, it is fully in line with the Treaties, because we are not talking about a macroeconomic adjustment programme like the Greek or Cypriot ones. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Agorà. So, let me see if I understand, Mr Di Lorenzo, sorry, who are the people coming forward to test the vaccine? Ok, thank you Mr Di Lorenzo, there’s no point in wishing you good luck because obviously the whole of Italy is with me on the score, ALBERTO MATANO While we’re waiting for the Civil Protection Department to come on, I’d like…, TG1 PRESENTER We now have Piero Di Lorenzo on the line. ESM. So it was not only the “bad” Troika, it was a joint decision of all the European countries. Piero Di Lorenzo presenta al Premier Conte il progetto di High Science TV, Versiliana: Soddisfazione del Presidente Piero Di Lorenzo, Spettacoli e incontri per la Versiliana di Piero Di Lorenzo, Piero Di Lorenzo presenta le attività di IRBM a Papa Francesco, Piero Di Lorenzo presenta con il Ministro Giannini la 4° edizione del Bioeconomy Rome al Quirinale, The vaccine will cost 2 euro. It’s a question everyone at home is asking: Can I, Serena Bortone, be tested, in other words what do you do? Programma del mattino di Rai3, in onda dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle 8 alle 10
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