È ardente di disprezzo, rabbia, odio, vendetta, trionfo ". For the rest of the night RAF Wellington bombers attacked port installations, defensive positions and drowned out the sound of the British tanks assembling for the attack. 34 anti-aircraft guns (used as anti-tank guns) into that area. [13][14], At 5:40 a.m. the British artillery opened fire along the entire line, concentrating on an area about 2,187 yd (2,000 m) by 766–875 yd (700–800 m) rectangle where the sub-sectors A and B of the Eastern Sector met. Am 22.06.1940 geborene Menschen sind dieses Jahr (2020) 80 Jahre alt geworden. In September 1940 the Italian invasion of Egypt had begun but stopped after 62 mi (100 km) at Sidi Barrani where the Italians dug in. The first line of the Eastern Sector was manned by the troops of the Guardia alla Frontiera reinforced with four companies from the 69th Infantry Regiment. Article 19 of the Franco-German armistice required the French state to turn over to German authorities any German national on French territory, who would then frequently face deportation to a concentration camp (the "Surrender on Demand" clause). Dopo aver ascoltato la lettura del preambolo, Hitler - in un calcolato gesto di disprezzo per i delegati francesi - lasciò la carrozza, come aveva fatto Foch nel 1918, lasciando le trattative al suo capo dell'Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Alto Comando delle Forze Armate) , Generale Wilhelm Keitel . Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. Inoltre, lasciare un governo francese al suo posto solleverebbe la Germania dal considerevole fardello dell'amministrazione del territorio francese, in particolare perché rivolgeva le sue attenzioni alla Gran Bretagna. Bibliographie. [16] At 8:30 a.m. the 19th Australian Brigade supported by A Squadron of the 6th Australian Division Cavalry Regiment had set off and towards the 4th Tank Infantry Regiment. Quasi 1.000.000 di francesi furono così costretti a trascorrere i successivi cinque anni nei campi di prigionieri di guerra (circa un terzo dei primi 1.500.000 prigionieri presi furono rilasciati o scambiati dai tedeschi come parte del programma di lavoro forzato Service du Travail Obligatoire , prima della fine della guerra. In front of the strong points 11 mi (18 km) of anti-tank ditch was cleared out, 7,000 tripwire mines and 16,000 pressure mines laid. By 22 June, the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) had losses of 27,000 dead, more than 111,000 wounded and 18,000 missing. A quel tempo, sia i francesi che i tedeschi pensavano che l'occupazione sarebbe stata una situazione provvisoria e sarebbe durata solo fino a quando la Gran Bretagna non fosse arrivata a patti, che si credeva fosse imminente. The railway carriage was later exhibited in Berlin, and then taken to Crawinkel in Thuringia in 1945, where it was destroyed by SS troops and the remains buried. Expecting the main attack from this direction, Pitassi Mannella established a second line of defence 2–4 mi (4–6 km) behind the strong points, based on a small hill at the junction of the El Adem and Bardia roads. Adolf Hitler deliberately chose Compiègne Forest as the site to sign the armistice due to its symbolic role as the site of the 1918 Armistice with Germany that signaled the end of World War I with Germany's surrender. [6], Tobruk garrison Details taken from Montanari (1990) unless specified.[7]. SADRŽAJ. Cattedrale di St Paul: Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee, 22 giugno 1897, da Cassells History of the British People pubblicato dalla Waverley Book Company Limited, 1940 circa di Andrew Carrick Gow compra come stampa artistica. Hitler decise che la firma dovesse avvenire nella stessa carrozza ferroviaria, la Compiègne Wagon , dove i tedeschi avevano firmato l'armistizio del 1918. The 4th Armoured Brigade moved to the west of the city, the 7th Support Group blocked the western exits and the 7th Armoured Brigade screened the force from interference from the west. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Una regione non occupata nel sud, la Zone libre , fu lasciata relativamente libera di essere governata da un'amministrazione francese con sede a Vichy , che amministrava anche le zone occupate, sebbene con severe restrizioni. | 19:10. Für die Geburtstagskinder aus dem Jahrgang 1940 ist das Jahr 2020 ein rundes Jubiläumsjahr. Mai 1940: Der 22. des Monats Mai im Jahr 1940 war ein Mittwoch (KW 21). [20], The Italians suffered more than 24,000 casualties, 18 officers and 750 soldiers had been killed, 30 officers and 2,250 men had been wounded and more than 20,000 men had become prisoners of war. Personen, die am 22.07.1940 geboren wurden, feierten in diesem Jahr Under cover of night Australian sappers and the British artillery-fire cleared a path through the thin Italian minefield in the area and at first light the 2/3rd Australian Battalion attacked. 19:10 RAI Storia nedjelja, 21. lipnja 2020. [15], The lack of radios of the Italian units proved to be a severe disadvantage; telephone lines had been cut by the British aerial and artillery bombardment and Pitassi Mannella only received notice of the British attack at around 8:30–8:45 a.m. from a despatch rider. Signatories for Germany included Wilhelm Keitel, a senior military officer, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, while those on the French side held lower ranks including General Charles Huntziger. Poi i negoziati durarono un giorno, fino alla sera del 22 giugno 1940: il generale Huntziger dovette discutere i termini per telefono con i rappresentanti del governo francese fuggiti a Bordeaux, principalmente con il neo nominato ministro della Difesa, il generale Maxime Weygand . After the war, the site and memorials were restored by German POW labour. "[2] Then, in the same railway carriage in which the 1918 Armistice had been signed (removed from a museum building and placed exactly where it was in 1918), on 21 June 1940, Hitler sat in the same chair in which Marshal Ferdinand Foch had sat when he faced the representatives of the defeated German Empire. The commander of the 69th Infantry Regiment received the reserves Pitassi Mannella could muster, an understrength tank company with seven M11/39s and two ad hoc formations, consisting of one Bersaglieri Motorcycle company, one infantry company, one machine gun platoon, an anti-tank platoon and an anti-aircraft section each. Für die Geburtstagskinder aus dem Jahrgang 1940 ist das Jahr 2020 ein rundes Jubiläumsjahr. Tag des Schaltjahres 1940 mit 366 Tagen. Keitel ha assicurato verbalmente che ciò si sarebbe applicato principalmente a quei rifugiati che avevano "fomentato la guerra", un eufemismo per gli ebrei, e soprattutto per gli ebrei tedeschi che fino ad allora avevano goduto di asilo in Francia. At 4:00 p.m. the last strongpoint surrendered and Tobruk had fallen. At Bardia the Italians had concentrated the XXIII Corps (General Annibale Bergonzoli) comprising the 1st Blackshirt Division "23 Marzo", 2nd Blackshirt Division "28 Ottobre", 62nd Infantry Division "Marmarica" and the 63rd Infantry Division "Cirene". ). [19], At 1:00 p.m., Pitassi Mannella ordered the mobile reserve, with the seven operational M11/39s, to attack the Australian left flank from behind an artillery barrage. Januar 1940: Der 22. des Monats Januar im Jahr 1940 war ein Montag und der 22. He wanted to ensure that France did not continue to fight from French North Africa, and he wanted to ensure that the French Navy was taken out of the war. As Compiègne was the site of the 1918 Armistice ending World War I with Germany's surrender, Hitler used this place as a supreme moment of revenge for Germany over France. [20], By the surrender O'Connor's divisions had already pressed on, the 7th Armoured Division reaching Mechili and fighting the Action at Mechili on 24 January, while the 6th Australian Division had reached the Italian forward positions at Derna on the same day. After the encirclement of Tobruk, Graziani informed Mussolini that, This morning the investment of the position by enemy armoured vehicles has begun. To make up for the lack of anti-tank mines Pitassi Mannella had 2,200 26 lb (12 kg) bombs and 800 33 lb (15 kg) bombs, left behind by the Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force), buried upright in the desert, in the hope that a British tank passing over them would trigger the impact fuze. Secondo il libro di William Shirer Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , il generale francese Charles Huntziger si lamentò che i termini di armistizio imposti alla Francia erano più severi di quelli imposti alla Germania nel 1918. The Australian brigade was supported by 78 field guns, which moved in turns 219 yd (200 m) forward every two minutes. Welcher Wochentag war der 22.6.1940, der 22. For long-range artillery-fire, Pitassi Mannella relied on the cruiser San Giorgio in Tobruk harbour which had two twin 254 mm (10.0 in)/45 guns and four twin 190 mm (7.5 in)/45 guns. The Armistice of 22 June 1940 was signed at 18:36 near Compiègne, France, by officials of Nazi Germany and the Third French Republic. Although Pitassi Mannella had thirty-two L3/35 tankettes and thirty-nine M11/39 tanks, only seven of the latter were operational and in three weeks of attempts to repair the M11/39s only three were serviceable enough to move in an engagement. Ad esempio, nessuno della delegazione francese ha obiettato alla stipula che i soldati francesi sarebbero rimasti prigionieri di guerra fino alla cessazione di tutte le ostilità. The Italians had fortified Tobruk, their only naval base in Eastern Cyrenaica, before the war but after being routed at the Attack on Nibeiwa, the Battle of Sidi Barrani and the Battle of Bardia the Italian 10th Army had lost eight of its nine divisions and had only the 61st Infantry Division "Sirte" and stragglers to defend the port. By nightfall half of the Tobruk fortified area had been captured and at 4:15 a.m. on 22 January, Vietina ordered Captain Stefano Pugliese to blow up the magazines of San Giorgio to deny it to the British. Juli 1940: Der 22. des Monats Juli im Jahr 1940 war ein Montag (KW 30). 1940 ist ein Schaltjahr, somit verfügt das Jahr am 29. Quando Adolf Hitler ricevette la notizia dal governo francese che desiderava negoziare un armistizio , Hitler scelse la foresta di Compiègne come sito per i negoziati. Juni. Gli eserciti francesi migliori e più modernizzati erano stati inviati a nord e persi nell'accerchiamento risultante; i francesi avevano perso le loro migliori armi pesanti e le loro migliori formazioni corazzate. After it had become obvious in the autumn of 1940 that the L3/35 was obsolete and the M11/39 badly designed and prone to break down, the XXI Light Tank Battalion and part of the I Medium Tank Battalion had departed for Benghazi to be re-equipped with the new M13/40 tank. On the morning of 5 January, while Australian forces were still mopping up the southern cauldron at Bardia, Wavell ordered the 7th Armoured Brigade of the 7th Armoured Division to advance west, pass Tobruk and cut it off. Gdje gledati. Voleva assicurarsi che la Francia non continuasse a combattere dal Nord Africa francese e voleva assicurarsi che la Marina francese fosse tolta dalla guerra. Il governo francese fu costretto a trasferirsi a Bordeaux il 10 giugno per evitare la cattura e lo stesso giorno dichiarò Parigi come una città aperta . Hitler decided that the signing should take place in the same rail carriage, the Compiègne Wagon, where the Germans had signed the 1918 armistice. Graziani had denied his request to make a sacrificial attack on the Royal Navy ships outside the harbour and Vietina began systematically to destroy the harbour and its stores. [citation needed]. The Alsace-Lorraine Monument (depicting a German Eagle impaled by a sword) was also destroyed and all evidence of the site was obliterated, except notably the statue of Ferdinand Foch: Hitler ordered it to be left intact, so that it would be honoring only a wasteland. [5] On 9 January, Graziani informed the garrison commander, General Enrico Pitassi Mannella, that there would be no attempt at relief. Poiché Compiègne era il luogo dell'armistizio del 1918 che pose fine alla prima guerra mondiale con la resa della Germania, Hitler usò questo luogo come un momento supremo di vendetta per la Germania sulla Francia.
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