:). Fact: Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo should be more widely known, simply because they deserve to be. Aldo, Giacomo and Giovanni have to deliver an original Garpetz to a Maffia boss who is gonna be the father-in-law of one of the guys. Her car breaks down and Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo will try to help her, which will lead to the blossoming of a beautiful friendship and a deep connection between Giacomo and Marina that will make him and his friends question the whole point of their journey. The three comedians are given excellent support by the cute Marina Massironi as Chiara, whom they meet along the way. Questo film però non è stato disponibile per oltre sei mesi. Nobody thought the first film of the three comedians could be so amusing and technically good. External Reviews Three friends - Aldo, Giovanni, and Giacomo - have to travel from Milan to Gallipoli, in Apulia, for Giacomo's wedding. User Ratings The fact this comedy isn't more widely known annoys me, A very good debut for Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo. Durante il tragitto il terzetto affronta varie peripezie, tra le quali l'incontro con una ragazza di cui Giovanni si innamora e il trasporto di una gamba di legno al suocero. Thank you Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo for creating such a masterpiece in the Italian cinematographic landscape! https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Three_Men_and_a_Leg&oldid=976653495, Articles containing Italian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mohamed El Sayed as The Moroccan Engineer, This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 06:09. Tre uomini e una gamba (1997) User Reviews Review this title 13 Reviews. A masterpiece of Italian comedy, definitely deserves more credit, This is by far the funniest movie ever produced. Plot. The spoof horror Gothic film is also a surprise with a southern Italian Dracula comes upon a tavern occupied by "Transylvanian Leaguists", who decide that he's not one of them (inspired in how it plays upon the notion of small town persecution of the monster in horror flicks). To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I think I watched this mocie more than 100 times, and every time I see it I I laugh as it was the first time. Grandi! FAQ The three leads, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo remind me of the Marx brothers in their timing and togetherness. Il dvd è danneggiato o registrato male, arrivati a metà film si blocca e non sono presenti le scene successive. They are not only funny, but also make the kind of national humor that could be imported. Awards Rahuta 10 September 2003. Ordinato appena mi è stata comunicata la ristampa, e spedito appena disponibile, anzi un paio di giorni prima di quanto pensassi! So if you have a friend that can translate it for you correctly then I say go for it, you will find that you will get some laughs in! See reviews & details on a wide selection of Blu-ray & DVDs, both new & used. Being an italian, often very critical of italian cinema, I must admit that it annoys me to recognize that this movie is absolutely awesome. Though I do not recommend this film to people who have not been exposed to italian culture, and speak the language, the film itslef is a breath of fresh air to come out of Italy. Even if it has his years now, it's always incredibly current and hilarious. Like some old Italian comedy masterpieces, it manages to deliver a sad story with really deep moments and being funny from beginning to end. | Luci a San Siro Written and Performed by Roberto Vecchioni. I could continue to talk about this movie for hours and hours. Hilarious movie if you have an understanding of the culture and understand the language! Reluctantly, I watched this thinking it would be your average ho hum euro comedy, but I was totally taken aback at how laugh out loud funny this is. Nobody thought three comedians coming from TV can make film so well. They were sitting there just starring at me wondering what I found so funny. Garpetz is a famous sculptor...a VERY funny road movie with several intermezzi develops. I can not wait till the new film will be released "così è la vita". Soundtrack Credits . Ho imparato a sognare Written and Performed by Negrita. Three friends cross Italy by car in order to deliver their boss his dog and a wooden leg. If you are not Italian, maybe you'll find some moments difficult to understand, but give it a try, especially if you are studying Italy related things. As a recent Italian emigrant, I was able to fully enjoy this wonderful, sunny movie that has brought back to mind a lot of innuendos and down-to-earth jokes that, certainly, are not meant to be racist: quite the opposite, actually: every joke is firmly tongue-in-cheek. In my opinion this film reaches peaks that remind Tarantino (!). It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages that interest you. A Garpetz? Despite its simplicity, it is always very intelligent and fun, and perfectly characterizes the best and the worst of Italianness. Unable to add item to Wish List. Stile libero Written and Performed by Claudio Sanfilippo . Vesti la giubba from "I pagliacci" Written by Ruggero Leoncavallo Performed by Paul Turner . The fact they didn't get one is mostly because it was marketed badly, and no one really believed that these three guys actually would have been able to create such a funny but also deeply involving comedy. It seems like a simple movie but it's full of references to other movies, art, Italian culture and politics. © 2008-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. ("But this is a Garpetz! A nice gift for Christmas. Despite the fact that the three of us would struggle to turn up a single Italian word between us we all laughed ourselves silly through the subtitles and decided that this movie is an absolute ripsnorter of a film that any aspiring comedy writer can and should learn from. Ottima la spedizione. Il miglior film di Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo a soli 6,99 cosa volere di più? ")The guys wonder: how did she find out? Tre uomini e una gamba (1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I tre amici Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo si mettono in viaggio verso il sud Italia per il matrimonio di uno di loro con la futura moglie. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Each scene, even taken individually, is unforgettable. And there's also a love story in the mix: Giacomo falls in love with Chiara, who sees the Garpetz (it's a leg out of wood, the boss says: "My carpenter could've made it better! I enjoy it every time. ")and says: "Ma questo e' un Garpetz!" Three Men and a Leg (Italian: Tre uomini e una gamba) is a 1997 Italian road film and romantic comedy co-written and co-directed by the comedy trio Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo and by Massimo Venier.[1][2][3][4]. A noi piace accoccolarci sul divano e vedere un film tutti insieme e questo è un film che mette tutti d'accordo. It's entertaining from beginning to end, really great actors, some scenes (actually 3/4 of the movie) entered the collective memory of Italy, it plays with Italian stereotypes without being offensive, engrossing or ridiculous. Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo sempre grandi mio parere su questo film è il migliore insieme a chiedimi se sono felice e la leggenda di Al Jonny è Jack. I do believe it's the most influential moment of Italian comedy from the 90s till now, and unfortunately nobody else managed to deliver a movie so simple, smart and funny since then. Amazon.ca - Buy Tre uomini e una gamba at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. Per quanto riguarda il film in se che dire..sempre meraviglioso. Directed by Aldo Baglio, Giacomo Poretti, Giovanni Storti. The bride's father, who is Aldo and Giovanni's employer and father-in-law as well, is a rich and vulgar businessman who doesn't like his sons-in-law and has given them the task of bringing him a wooden leg, the work of a famous artist who's about to die and will soon become of great value. A rare comic gem that can stand the time! It almost work as a movie (and not only as an excuse for the trio to perform), and the additional possibilities of the new media are used (along with their performance and excellent lines) to create more and more fun. I sat watching this movie with some friends and I was howling! Until Giovanni comes up with the solution: "Se e' un Garpetz, e' una merda!" Even if you don't understand Italian you will enjoy it - especially the opening sequence, Killer, which should be renowned as a classic globally. With Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti, Marina Massironi. Metacritic Reviews. This movie was a hilarious movie if you understand the Italian language and culture! It is just as if you were at one of their live performances: exhilarating. It's a rare kind of humor, very nice! I saw it for more then 5 times. The actors chosen to play each role were a good choice.....they all feed off of each other and this makes the movie even more better. | Hide Spoilers. There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Canada, Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. It's absolutely perfect in every detail. Dopo averli visti dal vivo in teatro (e averli conosciuti di persona quasi 20 anni fa), ho voluto concludere la collezione dei DVD del trio. At one time, Aldo, the Southern Italian, has a hilarious dream in which he is Dracula and the other guys are Northern Italian Leghisti (separatists). Perhaps this one is their best, and definitely would have deserved an Oscar nomination. Un altra fantastica immagine di Ajeje Brazorf, il controllore e il vecchio... sempre creata da Dan & Dav Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo depict everyday's life scenes with such a comic and natural emphasis that it will be hardly imitated in future comic movies, at leas in Italy. The three (four with Mrs. Massironi) best actor-comedians in the Italian performing arts scene decided to make a movie. | Tre uomini e una gamba (1997) Soundtracks. In the beginning, there is a meta-film in which Pulp Fiction is satirized. It deserved to be recognized worldwide, such a comic acting belongs to one of things I am mostly proud of my country. From the beggining the movie takes a cooky turn with and "Italian" explanation of the JFK murder, follwed by humour that is fun, witty, and at times charming. And it is a blessing. The problem is that is just in Italian, and even if it was in english it's not possible to taste Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo's speeches in other languages than their own ones. The difference between them and I....I understand the language and they don't! | Servizio amazon impeccabile ma dvd registrato a metà. The bride's father, who is Aldo and Giovanni's employer and father-in-law as well, is a rich and vulgar businessman who mistreats his sons-in-law and has given them the task of bringing him a wooden leg, the work of a famous artist. Three Men and a Leg (Italian: Tre uomini e una gamba) is a 1997 Italian road film and romantic comedy co-written and co-directed by the comedy trio Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo and by Massimo Venier. This movie is not pretentious and that's why it was never consider a masterpiece of Italian cinema, but actually it is. Ho richiesto la sostituzione e amazon non mi ha richiesto nemmeno la restituzione del dvd. If you are merely watching it and relying on the subtitles you will not find it as funny since a lot is lost in the translation.

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