But sovereign nation states had hardly any role to play in any of this. We may never know. (Photo by Ming Yeung/Getty Images). Why Does the Right-Wing Support Cross-Border Office Holders? Large open spaces offered shoppers more room to browse, accessible and easy parking and a quick exit if needed. A national bank must be founded in each country, in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton or on the model of the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Finance Corporation) after World War II. Libertarian Leaders: a Recipe for Lethal Government Incompetence and Criminality, Exploiting the Pandemic to Target Indigenous Communities in Latin America, Covid-19 Shatters the Facade of European Union, Island Fever: Coronavirus’s Unique Threat to Small Island Populations. 17. Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself? You might pick up a scar or two along the way, but, properly managed, a crisis will also bring the opportunity to reassure, to renew trust, to reinvent. The chain, part of the Kingfisher Group was classed as an essential retailer during the coronavirus lockdown. Shopping centres were also down on footfall with retail parks proving to be the more appealing environment for returning shoppers with footfall only down 14% (Monday) and 20% (Tuesday). Crises are … We saw the surge of people queuing to get into IKEA and B&Q as shoppers explained they were as keen to complete home improvements as they were to legitimately get out of the house for a change of scenery. After over a decade of significant developments even prior to lockdown, the health of many high streets was in need of First Aid. Governments had issued travel bans, crippling the global travel and tourism industries. It has been known since ancient times that in periods of crisis such as we are currently experiencing, great sweeping changes can occur both for the good (as we have seen in the case of FDR’s war with Wall Street during the Great Depression), or for evil (as with Wall Street’s “fascist economic miracle solution” called Hitler). Perhaps a good place to start is to review the strategies of retailers that have reopened and pose a simple question. The British government have relaxed coronavirus lockdown laws significantly from Monday June 15, allowing zoos, safari parks and non-essential shops to open to visitors. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.’ Every crisis is, at the same time, an opportunity. Some types of claims for payment must be provisionally frozen and reviewed for validity by Federal institutions.”, “2. This increase in productivity must also be enabled through international cooperation in space technology and travel, which can establish the necessary next higher economic platform for the world economy, as this concept has been developed by the economist Lyndon LaRouche.”. The word crisis in Japanese 危機 (“Kiki”) translates as ‘dangerous opportunity’ if you separate the meaning of each of the Chinese characters making up the word. John F. Kennedy In demonstrating what a real nation does when it is guided by leaders who actually care about their people, President Xi Jinping recently said “China will act prudently from beginning to end and strive for an early and complete victory over the epidemic, so as to provide other countries with confidence in their prevention and control efforts… China is willing to work with Italy to contribute to international cooperation in combating the epidemic and to the construction of a Health Silk Road”. Places of worship will allow individual prayers and protective facemasks become mandatory on London Transport. The views of individual contributors do not If a major banking reform is initiated as outlined in the above EIR proposal and if western nations heed President Xi Jinping’s brilliant calls for a global “Health Silk Road” then there is reason for great hope even amidst the despair of the current crisis. Still, the expression’s durability echoes our own philosophies at Firmani + Associates, beliefs drawn from a deep well of experience helping clients navigate crises. necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation. The toxic paper of these banks, including their outstanding financial derivatives contracts, must be written off. Shops were close in March but the chain was offering “contactless” click and collect services. <<"We have all heard that the Chinese use the same world to describe the concepts of crisis and opportunity. necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation. President J.F. ‘Crisis’ in Chinese: A Dangerous Opportunity for Jelly Doughnuts. Selfridges reopened with a celebratory jazz band and in store DJs as well as safety measures. The lift in certain restrictions to enable shoppers to get back out into bricks and mortar stores, provided a much longed for permission to take a step closer back to ‘normal’ existence. It’s Time to Regulate America’s Fly-by-Night Voting Machine Monopoly, The Inter-Election Period: A Breakdown of the Strange Moment of U.S. History That We Are in Right Now, The Dystopic Great Reset and the Fight Back: Population Reduction and Hope for the Children of Men, Rival Governments Are Often Recipes for Violence and Regional Warfare, How the Democrats Weaponized a Pandemic to Beat Donald Trump, The Disappearing America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not Just Change, Macron’s Gamble Will Backfire as Brexit Will Make Both Him and France Big Losers of a No-Deal With Brussels, Debate Victory May Have Sealed It for Biden, How Russophobia Wrought Death of the United States, Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of ‘National Security’, Pure Idiocy: UN Is Sure an Uninhabitable Hell Can Be Averted by Taxation, The Correlation Between U.S. Democracy and CIA-Sponsored Terror in Cuba’s Case, The Rebellious Emirate of the UAE: Ras al Khaimah, The Curse of Game Theory: Why It’s in Your Self-Interest to Break the Rules of the Game, The 1804 Northern Secession Plot and the Founding Fathers of the Deep State, Take Pity on Britain Because It Is Approaching Catastrophe, History as Warfare: The ‘1619 Project’ and the Plot to Destroy the Republic, Mexico Rising: Atlanticist Media-Hate Overdrive as AMLO Drains the Swamp, The Day the World Stood Still: A Story of the First Atomic Bomb and Our Perpetual Cold War, The Long Overdue Alaska-Canada Railway Takes One Step Closer to Reality, How U.S.’s Response to Covid-19 Could Precipitate 2nd Great Depression, Unipolar Spin: Why Imperial Leftists Vilify Russia’s Social Democracy, Saudi Arabia’s Mysterious Coronavirus Survival Abilities. U.S. Will Always Be Remembered as a COVID-19 Pariah State, An Alchemist Explains to Joe Sixpack: ‘COVID-19 Alters America’s Hidden ‘War’ Forever’. The coronavirus crisis could be the "opportunity of the century" for China to cement its place as a global power, a professor told CNBC on Tuesday. was outlined poignantly by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, FDR’s war with Wall Street during the Great Depression, his announced national bank plans for his country, Obama’s Back. Ben Zimmer, language columnist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote that President Obama cannily dropped the Chinese character framing when linking crisis to opportunity in a weekly address; in doing so, he eschewed the august, bipartisan tradition continued by luminaries like Richard Nixon, Condoleezza Rice and Al Gore (who notoriously dropped the line in his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize). The word crisis in Japanese 危機 (“Kiki”) translates as ‘dangerous opportunity’ if you separate the meaning of each of the Chinese characters making up the word. Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind the Coup Shows Its Scales Again, Hammer and Scorecard: Big Tech’s Drive to End Democracy, How a Wise Decoupling May Be a Good Thing for Both China and the West, Understanding the Tri-fold Nature of the Deep State, Win-Win vs Lose-Lose: The Time Has Come for the World to Choose. Maybe he discarded it because his speechwriters felt the rhetorical device had drifted into cliché. They reopened gradually, taking a limited amount of orders each day and now look to be closer back to business as usual with next day delivery. Who Made Coronavirus? Speaking to shoppers in one of England’s largest outdoor shopping centres on Monday, it was clear why the visitors had flocked there. Harkening back to the memories of the neocon manifesto Project for a New American Century which called for a new “Pearl Harbor-like” crisis to polarize the population months before 9-11 was unleashed, a leading figure at the event named Dr. Eric Toner stated “We want to show policymakers, business leaders, and global public health organizations that a severe pandemic may be as disruptive to a country as a national security event can be.”. She works with some of the world's biggest brands to reimagine their customer engagement. Republishing is welcomed with reference to Strategic Culture online journal. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.” Wēi, 危, does in fact mean danger. Whilst queues have given the impression of a surge in demand, generally footfall is lower than this time last year. So how can retail recover? The word crisis comes from the Greek "to separate, to sift" which means to pass judgement, to keep only what is worth while. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review. One invariant of the many presentations that occurred during Event 201 (which were recorded and are still available on the official website) is the conspicuous absence of nation states playing any guiding role to solve this “hypothetical” global crisis. Places of worship will allow individual prayers and protective facemasks become mandatory on London Transport. Being with a Person Rather than Treating an Illness: by Deborah (Whittle) Trueheart. The past weeks have seen the world swept up by a maelstrom of hysteria, misinformation, and confusion under the guise of a new global pandemic. In the Chinese language, “crisis” and “opportunity” are expressed by the same word and this ironical dual meaning applies as much to today’s global crisis as anything else. Did you know that the Chinese use the same word for “crisis” as they do for “opportunity”? Or, were they one of the few that seized the day? In May 2020, coinciding with the reopening of Garden Centres, DIY and Hardware Stores, ONS (the Office of National Statistics) reports a 42% increase in household goods store sales for the month for UK. Evidence of the open conspiracy behind this agenda can be seen by the October 19, 2019 “global pandemic exercise” called Event 201 co-sponsored by the Michael Bloomberg School for Public Health at John Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the American Central Intelligence Agency and World Economic Forum. Their purpose is to supply Federal credit for productive investments that will provide the physical economy with the necessary funds. “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images). Carney’s Green Bonds vs Hamiltonian Greenbacks, Lancet Study Finds U.S. Has, by Far, the World’s Most-Overpriced Medical Care, Blue-Collar Workers Have No ‘Friends’ in Power. Every Crisis is an Opportunity. A dangerous opportunity is just what we have been presented with and it is up to retailers (and all other businesses) to take it. Hitler and FDR both promised “economic solutions” when they gained power in 1932, but the principles emanating from either system were as opposed then as the China-Russia Multi-polar alliance is to the Uni-polar cage of the Trans-Atlantic today. Pingback: Managing reputation risk in a social world | theDesk, ‘Crisis’ in Chinese: A Dangerous Opportunity for Jelly Doughnuts, having an insatiable appetite for pastries, acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, Managing reputation risk in a social world | theDesk. Communications expert, Ed Watson sums it up: “It might sound like stating the obvious, but this isn't business as usual. Among the participating countries, a system of fixed parities must be established, and cooperation treaties must be established among sovereign states for the purpose of well-defined infrastructure and development projects. The chain, part of the Kingfisher Group was classed as an essential retailer during the coronavirus lockdown. The prime minister announced the general contours of a phased exit from the current lockdown, adopted nearly two months ago in an effort curb the spread of Covid-19. Now as restrictions are eased in the eighth of Lockdown, all 288 UK B&Q stores are now open. Reporting on global trends, consumer insights & business with passion, safe measures to protect both customers and staff at home improvement store B&Q in Chiswick as lockdown restrictions start to ease after 7 weeks on May 15, 2020 in London, England. Do we choose to focus on the crisis and freeze in fear, or do we inquire as to what the opportunity may be? One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images), EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice. June 17, 2016. Online shopping has continued to grow rapidly throughout the crisis, hitting a new high of 33.4% of sales. Following the example of supermarkets, B&Q is limiting the number of customers in store at any one time and has put strict social distancing measures in place. Coronavirus Devastates Italy: Is It the Result of Globalism and Free Trade? The myth. Perhaps his fact-checkers stumbled upon a copy of a Chinese dictionary the night before. Legitimate receivables that are connected with the real economy or with pensions and other assets of working people should be classified as valid in the new system as well. Many online retailers are now starting to return back to speedier deliveries and availability. It's a favorite rhetorical device of public figures across the political spectrum, from Al Gore to Condoleezza Rice: the Chinese word for "crisis" (we are told again and again) consists of the characters for "danger" and "opportunity." Amazon has been a “clear winner” from the coronavirus crisis, with customers spending almost $11,000 a second on its products and services, and its owner, Jeff Bezos once again confirmed as the world’s richest person, with a fortune of $138 billion. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China, Where Covid-19 Has Already Killed More Than One Person Per Thousand, America’s Struggle Towards a New Civilizational Paradigm, Public-Safety Ratings of the World’s Countries, VIDEO: The Dystopic Great Reset: Population Reduction and Hope for the Children of Men, The Refusal of Democrats & Republicans to Face Political Reality. Was all their focus towards reopening with the required safety measures in place and everything else as close to ‘business as usual’ as could be? I’m sure you’ve heard that the Chinese character for crisis is a symbol for both danger and opportunity. In late March the retailer Next closed its online operations amid criticism from staff who felt unsafe at work in warehouses.

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