Coordinates: 49°25′38″N 2°54′23″E / 49.42736111°N 2.90641944°E / 49.42736111; 2.90641944. As one of Hitler's few concessions, the French Navy was to be disarmed but not surrendered, for Hitler realized that pushing France too far could result in France fighting on from the French colonial empire. Es war der 235. [6], Tobruk garrison Details taken from Montanari (1990) unless specified.[7]. Between this position and the sea the III Battalion, 69th Regiment dug in. 11 field guns, and the CV/25th and CXXX/25th groups with 149/13 mod. Under cover of night Australian sappers and the British artillery-fire cleared a path through the thin Italian minefield in the area and at first light the 2/3rd Australian Battalion attacked. [6] After being informed by Graziani that he was on his own Mannella had the bridge at Sidi Daud on the Bardia road and the bridge at Wadi es Sahel on the Derna road destroyed. William Shirer, who was present on that day, reports, "I am but fifty yards from him. The British Expeditionary Force suffered 68,000 casualties, with around 10,000 killed. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1956. Juni 1940 als persönliches Zeitdokument aus unserem umfangreichen Zeitungsarchiv. Tobruk 22 January 1940 in Russian. In Article 3, Clause 2, the drafters stated that their intention was not to heavily occupy North-West France after the cessation of hostilities with Britain. According to William Shirer's book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, French General Charles Huntziger complained that the armistice terms imposed on France were harsher than those imposed on Germany in 1918. Juni 1940 war ein Samstag 22.6.1940 Zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und Frankreich wird in Rethondes bei Compiègne ein … Following the decisive German victory in the Battle of France (10 May – 21 June 1940) during World War II, this armistice established a German occupation zone in Northern and Western France that encompassed all English Channel and Atlantic Ocean ports and left the remainder "free" to be governed by the French. Welcher Wochentag war der 22.6.1940, der 22. Poi i negoziati durarono un giorno, fino alla sera del 22 giugno 1940: il generale Huntziger dovette discutere i termini per telefono con i rappresentanti del governo francese fuggiti a Bordeaux, principalmente con il neo nominato ministro della Difesa, il generale Maxime Weygand . At 7:00 a.m., 18 Matilda II tanks passed through the breach, three of which veered left with the 2/3rd Australian Battalion, while another three veered right with the 2/1st Australian Battalion to expand the breach. Ma oggi! Im nächsten Jahr fällt das Datum auf einen Sonntag. Signatories for Germany included Wilhelm Keitel, a senior military officer, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, while those on the French side held lower ranks including General Charles Huntziger. Adolf Hitler aveva una serie di ragioni per accettare un armistizio. Zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und Frankreich wird in Rethondes bei Compiègne ein Waffenstillstandsvertrag geschlossen. Es war der 174. Sarebbe consentito un esercito francese minimo . The 19th Australian Brigade struck the III Battalion, 69th Infantry Regiment, which was quickly overrun. Il British Expeditionary Force ha subito 68.000 vittime, con circa 10.000 uccisi. [4] The 19th Australian Brigade group placed itself opposite the eastern defences of Tobruk and the 16th Australian Brigade group took over on the western side. Im nächsten Jahr fällt das Datum auf einen Freitag. For long-range artillery-fire, Pitassi Mannella relied on the cruiser San Giorgio in Tobruk harbour which had two twin 254 mm (10.0 in)/45 guns and four twin 190 mm (7.5 in)/45 guns. Nearly 1,000,000 Frenchmen were thus forced to spend the next five years in prisoner of war camps (about a third of the initial 1,500,000 prisoners taken were released or exchanged as part of the Service du Travail Obligatoire forced labour programme by the Germans, before the war ended).[3]. Personen, die am 22.01.1940 geboren wurden, feierten in … All persons who had been granted political asylum had to be surrendered and all occupation costs had to be borne by France, approximately 400 million French francs a day. To make up for the lack of anti-tank mines Pitassi Mannella had 2,200 26 lb (12 kg) bombs and 800 33 lb (15 kg) bombs, left behind by the Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force), buried upright in the desert, in the hope that a British tank passing over them would trigger the impact fuze. The Italians had fortified Tobruk, their only naval base in Eastern Cyrenaica, before the war but after being routed at the Attack on Nibeiwa, the Battle of Sidi Barrani and the Battle of Bardia the Italian 10th Army had lost eight of its nine divisions and had only the 61st Infantry Division "Sirte" and stragglers to defend the port. 3 Squadron RAAF, No. By nightfall half of the Tobruk fortified area had been captured and at 4:15 a.m. on 22 January, Vietina ordered Captain Stefano Pugliese to blow up the magazines of San Giorgio to deny it to the British. Then negotiations lasted one day, until the evening of 22 June 1940: General Huntziger had to discuss the terms by phone with the French government representatives who had fled to Bordeaux, mainly with the newly nominated defence minister, General Maxime Weygand. Mai 1940: Der 22. des Monats Mai im Jahr 1940 war ein Mittwoch (KW 21). Sub-sectors A and B were defended by a battalion each from the 70th Infantry Regiment, while Blackshirt Battalion "Volontari della Libia" (Libyan Volunteers) manned sub-sector C. Behind the first line of defence were five strong points manned by the III Battalion, 70th Infantry Regiment which doubled as the reserve unit for the three battalions in the first line. Keitel also made one other concession, that French aircraft need not be handed over to the Germans.[5]. As Compiègne was the site of the 1918 Armistice ending World War I with Germany's surrender, Hitler used this place as a supreme moment of revenge for Germany over France. On 10 December the Western Desert Force engaged the three divisions of the Italian Libyan Divisions Group and the 64th Infantry Division "Catanzaro" at the Battle of Sidi Barrani and defeated them by 11 December. 50. Data la situazione militare in cui si trovava la Francia, Huntziger non aveva "altra scelta" se non quella di aderire ai termini dell'armistizio. [5] On 9 January, Graziani informed the garrison commander, General Enrico Pitassi Mannella, that there would be no attempt at relief. The commander of the 69th Infantry Regiment received the reserves Pitassi Mannella could muster, an understrength tank company with seven M11/39s and two ad hoc formations, consisting of one Bersaglieri Motorcycle company, one infantry company, one machine gun platoon, an anti-tank platoon and an anti-aircraft section each. Wer am 22.08.1940 geboren wurde, wurde in diesem Jahr A minimal French Army would be permitted. Dopo la decisiva vittoria tedesca nella Battaglia di Francia (10 maggio - 21 giugno 1940) durante la seconda guerra mondiale , questo armistizio stabilì una zona di occupazione tedesca nella Francia settentrionale e occidentale che comprendeva tutti i porti della Manica e dell'Oceano Atlantico e lasciò il resto "libero "per essere governato dai francesi. Within the hour the Australians had created a breach 1 mi (2 km) wide. On the morning of 5 January, while Australian forces were still mopping up the southern cauldron at Bardia, Wavell ordered the 7th Armoured Brigade of the 7th Armoured Division to advance west, pass Tobruk and cut it off. Unsere Geschenkidee für Geburtstag und Jubiläum.Hier finden Sie unsere Magazine vom 22. Personen, die am 22.05.1940 geboren wurden, feierten in diesem Jahr SADRŽAJ. The British captured 208 guns and 87 tanks. After defeating the Italians in the Battle of Bardia (3–5 January 1941), the 6th Australian Division and the 7th Armoured Division pressed on and made contact with the Italian garrison in Tobruk on 6 January. [10], With no air reconnaissance, Pitassi Mannella was unaware of the British artillery positions and as most British artillery had a longer range than the Italian artillery, mostly of First World War-vintage there, was little chance of effective counter-battery fire. [18], By nightfall half of the Tobruk fortified area had been captured and at 4:15 a.m. on 22 January, Vietina ordered Captain Stefano Pugliese to blow up the magazines of San Giorgio to deny it to the British. Pitassi Mannella and his staff retreated into the cellars but by 6:30 p.m. Pitassi Mannella ordered his staff to surrender. [10] Pitassi Mannella decided to employ every gun capable of direct fire as anti-tank artillery and managed to assemble 110 anti-tank guns; thirty-two 37 mm guns in the buried M11/39s, forty-three 47/32 mod. Général de division Gaston Janssen. The French delegation—led by General Charles Huntziger—tried to soften the harsher terms of the armistice, but Keitel replied that they would have to accept or reject the armistice as it was. 11 field guns, ten 77/28 mod. The Armistice of 22 June 1940 was signed at 18:36[1] near Compiègne, France, by officials of Nazi Germany and the Third French Republic. Geburtstag – Prominente Fünfzigjährige. The WDF continued its westwards advance towards Derna and Mechili. Graziani had denied his request to make a sacrificial attack on the Royal Navy ships outside the harbour and Vietina began systematically to destroy the harbour and its stores. Nell'articolo 3, clausola 2, i redattori hanno affermato che la loro intenzione non era quella di occupare pesantemente la Francia nord-occidentale dopo la cessazione delle ostilità con la Gran Bretagna . Nell'ultima frase del preambolo, i redattori hanno inserito "Tuttavia, la Germania non ha intenzione di utilizzare le condizioni di armistizio e le trattative di armistizio come una forma di umiliazione contro un avversario così valoroso", riferendosi alle forze francesi. Article 19 of the Franco-German armistice required the French state to turn over to German authorities any German national on French territory, who would then frequently face deportation to a concentration camp (the "Surrender on Demand" clause). ponedjeljak, 22. lipnja 2020. The French government was forced to relocate to Bordeaux on 10 June to avoid capture and declared Paris to be an open city the same day. 73 Squadron RAF and No. French losses were 92,000 dead and more than 200,000 wounded. [19], Most of the demolitions had been of stores rather than installations; the Inshore Squadron of the Royal Navy began mine sweeping immediately and opened the port on 24 January. Further units were four light tank battalions, remnants of the "Catanzaro" division, and the XXI Corps Artillery Regiment. L'articolo 19 dell'armistizio franco-tedesco imponeva allo Stato francese di consegnare alle autorità tedesche qualsiasi cittadino tedesco in territorio francese, che avrebbe poi affrontato frequentemente la deportazione in un campo di concentramento (la clausola "Surrender on Demand"). Pročitajte opis za emisiju na Rai Storia - 22 Giugno 1940, La Resa Francese Adolf Hitler had a number of reasons for agreeing to an armistice. Il sito dell'Armistizio fu demolito dai tedeschi su ordine di Hitler tre giorni dopo. The two most depleted units, the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars and the 6th Royal Tank Regiment, were withdrawn and their equipment distributed to the other four regiments of the armoured brigades. [20], The Italians suffered more than 24,000 casualties, 18 officers and 750 soldiers had been killed, 30 officers and 2,250 men had been wounded and more than 20,000 men had become prisoners of war. Januar 1940: Der 22. des Monats Januar im Jahr 1940 war ein Montag und der 22. The Australian brigade was supported by 78 field guns, which moved in turns 219 yd (200 m) forward every two minutes. After it had become obvious in the autumn of 1940 that the L3/35 was obsolete and the M11/39 badly designed and prone to break down, the XXI Light Tank Battalion and part of the I Medium Tank Battalion had departed for Benghazi to be re-equipped with the new M13/40 tank. [9], After surrounding Tobruk, the WDF had exhausted the ample Italian supplies captured at Capuzzo and Sollum; O'Connor directed that the supplies flowing through the port of Sollum (350 long tons (356 t) per day in early January and 500 long tons (508 t) daily late in the month) to the 10th and 11th Field Depots he had set up about 43 mi (70 km) east of Tobruk. [18] At the same time the 6th Divisional Cavalry Regiment had reached the outskirts of Tobruk but then been stopped by fire from San Giorgio. Wer hatte gestern einen runden Geburtstag? Assuming (correctly) that the Commonwealth troops would attack from the south, Pitassi Mannella sent the II/43rd and III/55th groups with 75/27 mod. Dopo di che i vari episodi del nuovo dramma sono facilmente prevedibili. Between May and June, French forces were in general retreat and Germany threatened to occupy Paris. [18] During the day, Blenheims of 55 and 113 squadrons flew 56 sorties against Tobruk and the Gloster Gladiators and Hawker Hurricanes of No. Le perdite francesi furono 92.000 morti e più di 200.000 feriti. Anche il monumento dell'Alsazia-Lorena (raffigurante un'aquila tedesca trafitta da una spada) fu distrutto e tutte le prove del sito furono cancellate, tranne in particolare la statua di Ferdinand Foch : Hitler ordinò che fosse lasciata intatta, in modo che fosse solo onorante una terra desolata. Für die Geburtstagskinder aus dem Jahrgang 1940 ist das Jahr 2020 ein rundes Jubiläumsjahr. Gli eserciti francesi migliori e più modernizzati erano stati inviati a nord e persi nell'accerchiamento risultante; i francesi avevano perso le loro migliori armi pesanti e le loro migliori formazioni corazzate. A Bersaglieri company and three M11/39 tanks that tried to plug the gap in the second line were defeated within minutes, the three M11/39s being knocked out. Für die Geburtstagskinder aus dem Jahrgang 1940 ist das Jahr 2020 ein rundes Jubiläumsjahr. Una regione non occupata nel sud, la Zone libre , fu lasciata relativamente libera di essere governata da un'amministrazione francese con sede a Vichy , che amministrava anche le zone occupate, sebbene con severe restrizioni. 6312, Documents on German Foreign Policy, 1918–1945, Series D, IX, 671–676. 34 anti-aircraft guns (used as anti-tank guns) into that area. Général de brigade Marcel Deslaurens . In front of the strong points 11 mi (18 km) of anti-tank ditch was cleared out, 7,000 tripwire mines and 16,000 pressure mines laid. 21:10 RAI Storia. 1935 anti-tank guns, Sub-sector A, from the sea to Bir Junes to block the road from Bardia, with four strong points, Sub-sector A, in the desert to the South of Tobruk with four strong points, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 03:29. The Armistice site was demolished by the Germans on Hitler's orders three days later. Having lost contact with forces outside of Tobruk, Admiral Massimiliano Vietina organised the defence of the harbour with the few men at his disposal. Tutte le persone a cui era stato concesso l'asilo politico dovevano essere consegnate e tutti i costi di occupazione dovevano essere sostenuti dalla Francia, circa 400 milioni di franchi francesi al giorno. It did not come into effect until after midnight on 25 June. At the time, both French and Germans thought the occupation would be a provisional state of affairs and last only until Britain came to terms, which was believed to be imminent. Für die Geburtstagskinder aus dem Jahrgang 1940 ist das Jahr 2020 ein rundes Jubiläumsjahr. By 6 January the brigade had reached El Adem (now Tobruk Airport). The Armistice of 22 June 1940 was signed at 18:36 near Compiègne, France, by officials of Nazi Germany and the Third French Republic. The raid, Operation Compass, began on 9 December 1940 with the surprise Attack on Nibeiwa where the Italian brigade-sized Maletti Group, the only Italian armoured formation in Egypt, was annihilated. Come una delle poche concessioni di Hitler, la Marina francese doveva essere disarmata ma non arresa, perché Hitler si rese conto che spingere troppo la Francia poteva portare la Francia a combattere dall'impero coloniale francese . RAI Storia | ponedjeljak, 22. lipnja 2020. Vervielfältigung nur mit schriftlicher Genehmigung. Two Australian anti-tank guns and two tanks destroyed five of the seven M11/39s and when Australian infantry pushed forward the mobile reserve surrendered. Es war der 204. It is afire with scorn, anger, hate, revenge, triumph. He wanted to ensure that France did not continue to fight from French North Africa, and he wanted to ensure that the French Navy was taken out of the war. 14 heavy field howitzers and the 2nd Battery of the XV Group with 75/46 mod. Juli 1940: Der 22. des Monats Juli im Jahr 1940 war ein Montag (KW 30). When Adolf Hitler received word from the French government that they wished to negotiate an armistice, Hitler selected Compiègne Forest as the site for the negotiations. After listening to the reading of the preamble, Hitler – in a calculated gesture of disdain for the French delegates – left the carriage, as Foch had done in 1918, leaving the negotiations to his Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (High Command of the Armed Forces) Chief, General Wilhelm Keitel. [13][14], At 5:40 a.m. the British artillery opened fire along the entire line, concentrating on an area about 2,187 yd (2,000 m) by 766–875 yd (700–800 m) rectangle where the sub-sectors A and B of the Eastern Sector met. Juni 1940: Der 22. des Monats Juni im Jahr 1940 war ein Samstag (KW 25). Poi, nella stessa carrozza ferroviaria in cui era stato firmato l'armistizio del 1918 (rimosso da un edificio del museo e collocato esattamente dov'era nel 1918), il 21 giugno 1940, Hitler si sedette sulla stessa sedia su cui si era seduto il maresciallo Ferdinand Foch quando ha affrontato i rappresentanti dell'Impero tedesco sconfitto . Signatories for Germany included Wilhelm Keitel, a senior military officer,[1] the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht (the German armed forces), while those on the French side held lower ranks including General Charles Huntziger. By 22 June, the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) had losses of 27,000 dead, more than 111,000 wounded and 18,000 missing. The armistice did have some relative advantages for the French, compared to worse possible outcomes, such as keeping the colonial empire and the fleet, and, by avoiding full occupation and disarmament, the remaining French rump state in the unoccupied zone could enforce a certain de facto independence and neutrality vis-à-vis the Axis. Reasonator; PetScan; Scholia; Statistics; WikiShootMe; Search depicted; Subcategories. Am 22.06.1940 geborene Menschen sind dieses Jahr (2020) 80 Jahre alt geworden. 274 Squadron RAF had patrolled to the west. [21] XIII Corps (the new name of the WDF) suffered 400 casualties, 355 of them Australian. 22 giugno 1940, la resa francese. After the war, the site and memorials were restored by German POW labour. La delegazione francese, guidata dal generale Charles Huntziger, cercò di ammorbidire i termini più rigidi dell'armistizio, ma Keitel rispose che avrebbero dovuto accettare o rifiutare l'armistizio così com'era. [1], With the 63rd Infantry Division "Cirene", the last Italian division on Egyptian soil, retreating towards Libya, the 7th Armoured Division pressed on and by 15 December had cut the road between Bardia and Tobruk. 5 field guns and one 76/40 mod. Wochentag: Der 22. Shirer, William, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany, Simon & Schuster, 2011, a German occupation zone in Northern and Western France, French soldiers would remain prisoners of war, another armistice was signed between France and Italy,, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. 22 juin 1940: Service de l'aéronautique navale: Attaque aérienne [14] Général d'armée Gaston Billotte. [citation needed] For instance, none of the French delegation objected to the stipulation that French soldiers would remain prisoners of war until the cessation of all hostilities. Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. General Iven Mackay ordered a general advance for the morning of 22 January. Inoltre, lasciare un governo francese al suo posto solleverebbe la Germania dal considerevole fardello dell'amministrazione del territorio francese, in particolare perché rivolgeva le sue attenzioni alla Gran Bretagna. Général de corps d'armée Jean Bouffet. Poiché Compiègne era il luogo dell'armistizio del 1918 che pose fine alla prima guerra mondiale con la resa della Germania, Hitler usò questo luogo come un momento supremo di vendetta per la Germania sulla Francia. United States Department of State, Publication No. But today! They provided for German occupation of three-fifths of France north and west of a line through Geneva and Tours and extending to the Spanish border, so as to give Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine access to all French Channel and Atlantic ports. Per consentire a Verizon Media e ai suoi partner di trattare i tuoi dati, seleziona 'Accetto' oppure seleziona 'Gestisci impostazioni' per ulteriori informazioni e per gestire le tue preferenze in merito, tra cui negare ai partner di Verizon Media l'autorizzazione a trattare i tuoi dati personali per i loro legittimi interessi. [4] Keitel gave verbal assurances that this would apply mainly to those refugees who had "fomented the war", a euphemism for Jews, and especially German Jews who until then had enjoyed asylum in France. Armistice between France and Nazi Germany in World War II, Destruction of the armistice site in Compiègne.

22 giugno 1940

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