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The bastion in Albenga

Albenga (Savona), il Fortino dopo il restauro
Albenga (Savona), il Fortino dopo il restauro

In 1586, the Republic of Genoa built a military bastion on the beach of Albenga: the official function was that of defending the town from Saracen incursions from the sea. But its construction also met the goal of better controlling the activities of the subject municipality.
The quadrangular bastion is set on a high sloped base, rusticated at the corners, and has four overhanging bartizans at the corners placed at the level of the flat roof. Due to the flooding of the Centa River, in later centuries the water line moved away from the edge of the building, leaving it isolated in the countryside, now a residential area of the city, around two hundred metres from the sea.
The building was recently subject to a renovation effort that created interior multimedia exposition spaces used by the Municipality of Albenga for various cultural events.

Piazza Europa
Albenga (Sv)