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Napoleonic itinerary: Massa Marittima, Prata, Montioni

The itinerary begins at the crossroad with the Aurelia state road (near Follonica) going toward Massa Marittima; it takes in the hillside with vineyards, olive groves and renovated rustic farmhouses that create a wonderful and charming setting.  

Massa Marittima, a city of art and a medieval village nestled between the Metalliferous Hills, is an important milestone for its historical and artistic heritage. The important municipal historical archives have cataloged, among other things, some interesting material from the period of Napoleonic rule; more information is available at the Municipal Library (0566 902 078).

Between 1799 and 1801, the territory between Massa Marittima and Prata was the scene of ambushes and anti-French guerrilla warfare, including the uprising of Prata.

From Massa  Marittima, returning in the direction of Follonica, we turn toward Montioni, going through the interprovincial Park, a protected area of ​​about 7,000 hectares (ha), whose historic, naturalistic and archaeological history is more than a millennium old. In the park, we can visit the remains of the village and the alum mining plants, founded by the entrepreneur Louis Porte under the government of Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister, the lands where she planted grapevines, built the thermal complex, and where, in the public square of Montioni, stands the commemorative column dedicated to her.