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The Cathedral of Santi Francesco e Pietro in Massa

Massa, Cattedrale dei Santi Francesco e Pietro
Massa, Cattedrale dei Santi Francesco e Pietro

The current cathedral of Massa was founded as a Franciscan conventual church in the territory of the diocese. Its origins were in fact linked to Pope Pius II, who in February 1460 conceded the marchesa Taddea Pico della Mirandola, consort of Jacopo Malaspina marchese of Massa, the right to build a monastery for the Minor Observant Friars. In 1629, the building was expanded by engineer Gian Francesco Bergamini of Carrara, who had to intervene considerably on the structure – almost completely rebuilding it – due to the major damage caused by an ordinary storm. After another collapse in 1672, the building was rebuilt on the same site and without any changes by architect Alessandro Bergamini who, with his son Giovan Francesco, also designed the interior, including its furnishings

In 1807, Élisa Baciocchi, having become princess of Massa and Carrara, had the old church of San Pietro demolished. The nearby church of San Francesco and the annexed monastery therefore had to accommodate the chapter of San Pietro, taking on the double title and at the same time becoming an abbey church. In 1821, with the institution of the Diocese of Massa, the church of Santi Francesco e Pietro was made a cathedral. With the “Papal Brief” of 18 November 1964, it was finally elevated to the title of Minor Basilica.



Cathedral of Santi Francesco e Pietro
piazza Duomo, 1

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