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The Biscotteria in Portoferraio

The palazzo that today serves as the seat of the Municipality of Portoferraio was built by Cosimo I in the second half of the sixteenth century and was the location of the Biscotteria (Biscuit Factory) for the production of bread for the garrisons and for the new Medici city, and later for the whole island. In the nineteenth century the Palazzo underwent some modifications that changed its appearance. During the period of French presence, the recruitment of soldiers by lot took place here, as did the operations of the municipal council.

A plaque mounted on the façade recalls that Napoleon was hosted in the Palazzo for a few days when he first arrived in 1814, waiting to move to the Palazzina dei Mulini. It tells that in order to make the rooms of the Palazzo welcoming, the notables of the island were called upon to lend their best furniture and furnishings.


Palazzo Comunale
Via Garibaldi 7
Portoferraio (Livorno)

Open 10 AM to 1:30 PM; Tuesday and Thursday 3 PM to 5 PM
Free admission

Tel. 0565 937111; fax 0565 916391