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Vittorio Porcile

Vittorio Porcile. Cagliari, Palazzo Viceregio
Vittorio Porcile. Cagliari, Palazzo Viceregio

Vittorio Porcile (Carloforte, 1756–5 November 1815) was the first Sardinian to hold the post of Admiral Major and was the protagonist of many undertakings often wrapped in the aura of legend: this is case with one of his most famous exploits, the driving back of the French fleet lead by Napoleon on 22 February 1793 in the waters of the Maddalena.
Of noble birth, he studied mathematics until he decided to join the Royal Navy at the age of twenty three. His career advanced quickly, culminating on 28 July 1811 at the command of the ship Aquila, when he and his crew were instrumental in the defeat of a Tunisian squadron superior in both numbers and arms.
After a lifetime at sea, he retired to his hometown of Carloforte until his death. His remains were placed in the little church of the Novelli Innocenti, which the Porcile family had itself restored and reopened for worship.